Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing & Impressions After 5 Days!

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wireless carrier in the US. Stay tuned to find out more. I’m Andru Edwards, and
you’re watching Gear Live. (soothing instrumental music) Pre-orders for the brand new
Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are about to kick off with Samsung’s new smartphones
going on sale on March 6th. However, I just received my
S20 Ultra 5G unit from Samsung and in this episode I unbox it and give you my initial thoughts. What is going on TechSquad? Andru Edwards here,
editor-in-chief of and as I mentioned, today
we are taking a look at this guy right here,
this is the brand new not even released yet
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. And this is the 5G model that’s launching here in the United States so in this video we’re going to be opening this up, taking a look at what’s inside the box, what it comes with, what
it doesn’t come with along with an overview
of the phone itself. Of course aside from the
unboxing and initial impressions I do have the full review coming as well as a full camera review as well. So if you want to see those feel free to hit the subscribe button down below in order to stay notified
on all future videos on the channel but without any further ado let’s jump in to the unboxing. Again, this is the Samsung
Galaxy S20 Ultra in particular so I do not have the
regular S20 or the S20+, at least not yet so what
we’re taking a look at in particular is the S20 Ultra. This one retails at a
starting price of $1399.99 so it is the most expensive
Galaxy S20 of the bunch, and it’s also one of the most
expensive smartphones period that you’re gonna find
out there here in 2020. Opening up and removing the top cover from the Galaxy S20 Ultra
you’ll see right way you reveal the smartphone
first right there screen side, display side up. Picking it up you can instantly
feel not only how heavy it is but how large this phone is as well. This one just happens
to be the gray model. It does also come in a black
color, too if you prefer that. If you reach into the top cover you’ll actually be able to
pull out another smaller box. A lot of people miss this usually. Sometimes Samsung includes
some sort of case here which they did with that Galaxy Z Flip. Here with the S20 Ultra you’re gonna find a SIM injection tool in this area as well as your documentation,
so your “Quick Start Guide” your terms and conditions, et cetera. After moving the Galaxy S20 Ultra aside in the box you’re gonna
find the AC adapter. This is a 25-watt fast charging
adapter which is great. So it’ll be fast charging over USB-C. However the Galaxy S20 Ultra in particular does support 45-watt charging,
but if want that extra 20 watts you’re gonna have to purchase the 45-watt charger separately. And it should also be stated
that it does not charge at that full 45-watt
rate from zero to 100. You’ll basically get the full charge rate from about zero to 50%
so you’ll get a nice, super fast charge halfway
and then it’ll continue at a more normal pace. Also in the box is this
USB-C charging cable. This is what’s gonna connect
the AC adapter to your phone. The entire Samsung Galaxy
S20 line uses USB-C for charging, for
syncing, for accessories, and even for audio, there
is no headphone jack on any current modern
Samsung flagship device. Speaking of audio there is also a pair of USB-C AKG headphones in the box which is really nice to see. They plug directly into the USB-C port on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Now before we take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S20
Ultra itself I want to give a big shout out to this
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below, and again big shout out to Visible for sponsoring this video. Turning over to the phone itself the Galaxy S20, as I turn this on, this has a 6.9 inch display which of course is gonna look
fantastic on this device. Is should also be stated it
is a 120-hertz capable display if you choose to enable it and if you do the max resolution you
will get is Full HD+. If you want anything higher
than the refresh rate it’s gonna bump down to
60 hertz instead of 120. Being the largest phone
in the Galaxy S20 lineup it’s also got the largest battery. This is a 5,000 milliamp hour battery which is incredible to see. Super excited to see how long
this lasts on a given day. That’s something I’ll
definitely be testing and talking about in the full review. And the other major feature
here is gonna be the camera. As you see on the back this
camera module is massive and that’s because we’ve got
a bunch of technology here including a side-folding telephoto camera. The main camera is super high resolution on the Galaxy S20 Ultra in particular. You’re getting 108 megapixels. It’s also got an improved night mode which uses multiple image processing, and it actually does that with
twice the amount of images that Samsung uses on the Galaxy Note 10. Some of the flagship
features of this camera are gonna be Space Zoom
as you see right there, 100X Space Zoom, that allows
this camera to zoom in at 100X for digital zoom
and for optical zoom, still incredible, 30X. When you compare that to something like the iPhone 11 Pro that goes as high as 2X optical zoom so the Galaxy S20 Ultra is giving you 15 times better
optical zoom built in at 30X. The front camera’s also the
smallest that it’s ever been on any Samsung device which is impressive because this is also a
40-megapixel front camera. And on the video front
the Galaxy S20 Ultra is able to record 8K video
at 24 frames per second. And you can change that resolution if you’re sharing the video. So if you want to share
an 8K clip with a friend or on social media you can
bump down that resolution when you’re sharing, and
alternatively if you want to watch your 8K video and share that, if you have an 8K Samsung
TV all it takes is a tap or you can upload your
8K directly to YouTube and share it and watch it there. Of course another major
feature of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line is 5G support across the board. The entry level Samsung Galaxy S20 will support sub-6 5G while
the S20+ and S20 Ultra will support both sub-6
and millimeter wave. The one caveat there is if
you get an entry-level S20 on Verizon that one will
support both millimeter wave and sub-6 flavors of 5G. So there you have it guys,
that was the unboxing and a quick overview of the
new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. What do you think of this phone? Drop a comment down below and let me know. Are you excited about this one? Are you skipping this one? Are you getting the Ultra in particular? I wanna know all about your plans. A couple more things about
this if you wanna pick one up, pre-orders do start on
February 21st, that is tomorrow at the time that I’m recording this. I don’t know if you’re
gonna see this before then, but when you see this basically this phone will be available for pre-order. Pre-orders stop on March 5th and the phone goes on sale on March 6th. And again, the Galaxy S20
Ultra will be available in both gray and black
and it starts at $1399.99. So basically one penny short of $1400. Now, if you want to hear even more about the Galaxy S20 Ultra
we’ll be doing a deep dive on this phone on the Geared Up podcast. If you’re unaware, Geared
Up is the podcast I do each week with Jon Rettinger where we talk about the latest
in tech, gadgets, and games. If you wanna listen to
it all you have to do is search for Geared Up in
your favorite podcast player whether that’s iTunes, Google Podcasts, or anywhere else that you
listen to your favorite shows. Now, I know this camera
module is sticking out and is very obvious, if
you want to see the power that this camera has I
did two videos recently giving you a look at my two
favorite camera features from the S20 Ultra, if
you want to see those I’ll leave links down
in the description below and I’ll leave one up here as well. That is it for this one, guys. Thank you so much for watching. As always I appreciate your support. More content coming
soon, I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video. (energetic rock music)

23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing & Impressions After 5 Days!

  1. I pre ordered the 512 S20 ultra from Sprint. Unfortunately I'm flying home to Australia March 1st and won't be back till the 18th so I've got an even longer wait to use it. Andru you commented they device had a 30x optical. Everything I can find says 10x optical, upto 100x digital. Did Samsung upgrade the camera on the launch models ?

  2. I am so excited to get my s20 ultra. I pre ordered. Did the Buy 1 Get deal. So the average cost per phone is around $870 . Also coming over from Apple. YAY!!!

  3. I don't understand why these guys just don't do a full review of this phone? I mean, assuming he has the phone for 48 hours, he could do a full review? If this phone is as good as it boasts then the review should be good. Who cares about unbixing, I can see that in pictures. I don't get it?

  4. This is a great review! Looks cool, but I think I’ll wait until Apple shows off this year’s iPhone to make a decision.

  5. Again. You’re very informative and clear. In this case? Not interested. I’m an Apple iPhone person due to the anti-hacking protection that they come with! I didn’t hear anything mentioned about that re: Samsung anti-hacking on this video. Thanks. RC.

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