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The Sarlacc pit showdown Burn, baby Hi, guys. Welcome to Kid Matters plus TV, If this your first time watching one of our
videos… …and then, please subscribe Today, we’re playing…um… …something called…it’s called…it’s a Star Wars game as you can see it. Um, some of this light looks like the Death Star We are playing “Star Wars: The First-Order roleplay” So what this is…is like it’s a role play where you can create your own guy and stuff. Oh, and guys, this is the funny part… Look at my shirt My shirt’s Team Mystic It says on the back, Team Mystic Question is…why would a pokemon…why would a pokemon trainer being be in…be in the Death Star? It’s bizarre “It’s not as weird as it looks” “It’s still weird” I don’t even have a pokeball Where did all my pokeball go? Okay so let’s do this So, guys, this is…um…species they each have an icon Like here you can be Aayla, change your skin. And be, like, Plo Koon A Rodian… Some horns if you want to be Darth Maul This button Hair removed Oh, guys, I’ll tell you what I’m doing when I’m done I’m Captain Obvious So here are the robes These are Mandalorian armors Flame trooper Imperial officer, I mean a First Order officer and a First Order general Some robes Snow trooper Some storm trooper armors and then their helmets But I’m not going to do that. Oh, I forgot, x-wing…x-wing pilots and then x-wing helmets So what I’m going to do… …is to be this one…is to have this one Oh, and this is the weapon station As you can see this guy got a dual lightsaber They’ll try… They’ll try to attack me, but it doesn’t really hurt me Although, there is a mode where you can die…like this Blah And then there’s also arms crossed Meditate And then Mind Trick Choke and Push Doesn’t really do anything to the players And then you can kneel to show respect to the other players, that you want be their friends I’ll review all the lightsabers This is the dark saber which… …pretty cool pretty cool. It’s, like, has a dark blade This is the lightsaber that you hold in front of you like a Jedi Knight And this is a reverse grip so… the…the blade goes behind you, not in front of you And then double-bladed And then dual lightsabers, or two lightsabers, and then there’s a Pike There’s a pike And then a baton lightsaber, the lightsaber goes out of here And then the pike has a short blade but very long stick And this is Kylo Ren’s the cross guard I’m gonna get a double-bladed some other guns This is called access…this is the accessories well… Some of these are accessories, some of these make you Droids Jawa Ewoks Wookies and a protocol Droid face paint Bad [?] I look really bad with the cheesy
face on me Real bad, super bad So… …this is how you want your face to
look actually Oh this is a Mandalorian mask Armor…shoulder pads Some other stuff I’m already done So guys, before I show you how you can teleport to planets… Guess who I am I’m Darth Maul “I’m so….” “Awesome” “Awesome Awesome” “and handsome” “Awesome” “I’m so awesome” Okay, I just love it So, I’m going to show you how to… So, first I’m going to go to Tatooine… At…from A New Hope and Return of the
Jedi where Boba Fett fell in the pit Oh, I actually have this thing for you If you’re playing on a computer for this… Um…you hold…you hold shift. The shift over here And then you, like, super run The flash is the fastest man alive in comics In real life Usain Bolt is, but even he can’t top 27 miles per hour Woo Today scientists and engineers are
trying to imitate ostrich legs Ostriches exert the same amount of force humans do when they run but they can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour and use up half as much energy And of course they include the Pit of Carkoon Someone has a gun up there. And then that’s…inside there is Jabba’s palace. It’s very dark Hey you, I’m going to… Okay, guys, we’re going to get into battle Just going to run around for a bit Guys, just so you… …just a reminder… Um… Even though I am hitting them with a lightsaber… …and they might be attacking me… Um…it will not do any damage on me whatsoever because I have no health bar in this game Unless I want to reset my character. Or do the death pose. What the heck is wrong with you? Why won’t you die? I’m crossing my arms. Why won’t you die? “See, now, what we have here…” “…is a failure to communicate” Okay, but why can’t I defeat you? Gosh, you have Force lightning. Where did you get that from? So… …it’s like a Minecraft Jam. It’s like “he just won’t die…he just won’t die” “…die…He just won’t die” “I keep on hitting him and he won’t die” “It ain’t no lie, it makes me cry” “He’s such a Hacker and he just won’t die” I am flash Now what are they doing? What happened? Oh, guys, that is not the…death pose That is the sleep pose because see I am putting my arm on…like on…like her So that is not the death pose This is the death pose I stand… That’s how that happens Ooo, and I forgot to show you how you combat with your bare hands Where did she get a dual lightsaber? okay I’m…I’m going to practice combat you So, guys, check this out This…so… Um…oh, wait…uh… Solas [ planet ] Oh, it’s a Tie Fighter cool Just so you know, guys, I wish I could show you how to fly a ship, but… me and my brother do not know Tragen does not know. Me…I don’t know. Roxy probably doesn’t even know But, I am in a First Order Tie Fighter Let’s teleport… Let’s teleport to Jakku with it. No no, I did not expect that Hoth? Ugh Thank you, so… Where the heck are we now? Where are we? There’s a Y-wing here Oh, yeah. Guys, this is Coruscant, from the Clone Wars and from Star Wars 1, The Phantom Menace Okay, enough with that Actually, I wonder if I can go inside the Jedi Temple Um…this…this is not my first time
playing this, guys, so just so you know Um… Oh yeah, you can’t go in here, that’s cool [inaudible] Well… We’ll use…I’m going to… This lightsaber is good by using light for it. It’s…it’s good at using it for a light. Agh uh Argh ah agh This for an astromech? or…this just a random hole in the Y-wing? There’s the TIE fighter that I crashed Just so you know guys, if…like… watch this I want to teleport to Hoth because I’m on it, but then I can’t I remember this Slave 1 I… I… I used to be a…I used to decorate my own Mandalorian I remember this place. There was a girl here who really wanted to kill me I remember this thing …same color but… Pretty cool. I want to create another guy, guys. This time it’s going to be a Mandalorian Got to have no face I’m going to be the world’s best bounty hunter ever. nope nope, unchanged. There we go. Now grab…this pistol Oh, guys… by the way, these colored buttons replicate on what color your blaster’s going to be Since I’m going to…a bounty hunter is on the dark side, I’m grabbing two pistols A red. I might grab, like, a sniper. I’ll grab. Ooo. Minigun Okay, so what I’m doing is that I’m getting a scar And then when you run into the face, like I
did with my face… …turned brand-new Scar right there now Ooo, a wrist flamethrower. Ooo, jetpack. Likey so… …and so… …and also when you went into the face… Ta-da! You get your helm that you created metal Oh, and guys… This is what popped up, it’s called a jetpack tool. I believe I can fly “I believe I can fly” “I believe I can touch the sky” “I think about it every night and day” “Spread my wings and fly away” and makes a lot of noise if I’m wearing the headphones okay, going to do this I want this Awesome. Everything is awesome… Okay, enough singing I sang [too] much I’m gonna go on…Yavin Oh God, who are you? This doesn’t… P.S. guys, I’m Jango Fett I love him “My backpack’s got jets. Well, I’m Boba the Fett.” “Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my ‘Vette.” “Well I chill in deep space, a mask is over my face.” “Well I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes” “Because my time I don’t like to waste. Get down!” The part that I hate is that mace windu…um…defeated him on a planet called Geonosis Oh, and just in fact…I think, they put in Geonosis right here Who put an X-wing here? And who are you? “Who are you?” “Who am I?” “Who am I!?” “I am the Guardian of Lost Souls” “I am the Powerful…” “The Indestructible Mushu” Probably a kid, because you’re small So guys, this is known as the Genesis arena “I believe I can soar” “I see me running through that open door” “I believe I can fly” “I believe I can fly” Jet pack’s great because you can fly all the way up to heaven …or all the way down to… Because in Roblox, when you fall too…when you fall off a world… Um…if you go too far down…um…you’ll get me reset automatically Oh, and… …this…and if you click the mouse… It creates fire Burn, baby. Burn, baby “I heard somebody say” “Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!” “Burn baby burn! Burn that mama down” Next world, Hoth “God it’s cold” “Ugh, it’s Hoth cold” “Move around, make more Star Wars references it helps to stay warm” This is the… Mmm…what’s it called? What’s it called? Like… It’s like base, but something before base Oh, yeah. I got it. It’s called the Echo Base from uh…Star Wars Episode… I don’t remember the episode number, guys. I’m sorry. But it was from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back There’s supposed to be a Star Destroyer up there from the…from their AT-AT assault And… This is where…um… There’s also supposed to be a Wampa cave around here. I want to see a Wampa cave. Where’s a Wampa cave? I want to see a Wampa cave. So, guys, there’s was no Wampa cave Well, it’s pretty explainable…well, I’m on the ceiling of the Echo Base Super Speed What’s this? Ooo, Slave 1 Oh, this is the Slave 1 I saw as Darth Maul. And, it’s upside down uh argh ah, I can’t get out Just took a little Super Speed So, guys, this is the planet…um…Jakku, from where Rey lives It’s from Star Wars: The Force Awakens Where Finn crash-landed in a force…First
Order TIE fighter… with Poe lost in the sand …or so Finn thought But he was…but Finn was…but Poe was actually at the Resistance base Which I don’t think they added that in, unless I want to believe that Yavin was their base Because Rebellion X-wings have red stripes…um… Resistance X-wings…um…have blue
stripes Just so you can tell them apart No one’s here Oh, I like the detail of the TIE fighter Go in it? Ooo, yes, I can go in it Um…first person…Ooo, there’s a
little sand in here Okay Uh This says “Reset ship” There’s a ship on each planet Well, most of the planets And it spawns in a ship But sometimes it has a color icon, so you can color it But I can’t color the Millennium Falcon This is the only entrance, by jumping inside its window, of the driver’s seat and then you can actually walk inside the Millennium Falcon. A bit dark in here Very dark in here! I’m sitting in the Falcon Oh yeah This is as far as I can [?] out so, I’m going to…um… Mandalore, the home planet of Jango Well, this is Mandalore during the
Clone Wars. They rebuilt it and stuff But on… But when Jango Fett was born, as a
baby, he was on, like…he was a farm boy yep There we go, a new and improved Slave 1…Slave 2 Just so you know, guys, there’s not…there’s no such thing as a Slave 3 or… or is there? Tattoine. Ah. Argh. Ugh. What’s happening? Uh. Jump up what? Okay, guys, the reason why I stopped and
was like that…is because I heard something like [ weird noises ] I think that was a Jawa or something Because, yes, you can be a Jawa. Oh. it’s a little robot. It says on its nametag. And someone has a rainbow lightsaber my ship glitched in the sand and got stuck in another Slave 1 Where’s all the action? Where’s all the action? I want to see action. Oop, the Sarlacc pit showdown Burn, baby Okay Gargh, bleh No, wait Watch this. I get hit… And then I try to drive forward I go spinning I actually spin Guys, I spin See, look at it It’s pretty glichy It’s pretty glichy, that’s all So, this is my last guy of the day, I’m not going to play with him. Going to show you that I can… Just going to show you who he is. So, guys, I’m not going to play with him… but if I wanted to play him…it would give me a couple minutes But this is Mace Windu Though I didn’t think I could make him but I just did because I could memorize some of this parts Wow, it’s really loud So this is going to be the end of the video Thank you for watching Please subscribe Leave a like And if you want to see my…more videos based on this category of Star Wars… Please leave in the comments if you want us…if you want us to do more of that or no and we are…we will see you next time and may the force be with you Bye “All Engines running”

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