Scary Dry Ice Explosion at 62,000 FPS | Slow Mo Lab

Dima: what’s up everybody! Welcome to Slow
Mo Laboratory Taras: today we are going to do a dry ice
explosion with a bottle we got here dry ice over here, you know… super cold, minus 78 we are going to put in a small plastic bottle tie it up, and BOOM, and we are going to film
it in super slow motion Dima: you think it will explode though?
Taras: yeah, it will…let’s do it? Dima: Let’s check it out Taras: so we are going to chop out the dry
ice. So it will fit into the bottle. We just need a couple pieces. We are throwing a couple pieces in there. Dima: what the hack?! Taras: no, no, no, ph it’s about to pop, you
see. Dima: Oh my gosh… Taras: look at that expand BOOM, AAAAHHHHH, Dima: guguguguh, wow, let’s check it out
Taras: oh my goodness, look at this. It’s melted. Look. It’s melted. Isn’t it insane?!
Do not try this at home. Let’s check it out in slow motion. SCIENCE!!! Dima: they tore you out (Finishing Together)
INTO PIECESES!!! Alright guys, safety first. Ok, we got good
smoke there.Then we are going to do the same. Close this.
Set it down right here. Dima: ooo, Taras: Oh my goodness, look at
that. Dima: the label is tearing out. Taras: wow, Taras: this is insane look how thick it is. Dima: this is a tough bottle. Taras: oh my
goodness. Cameraman: I am a tough bottle (lolz). Taras: wow, this is so thick. Dima: I am so
not going to scream… AUUAHAHAH (screams likea little girl) GAGA Taras. This is so awesome. DO NOT TRY THIS
AT HOME. Dima: This was insane, I have never seen anything
like that. Taras: Look, it’s pretty much melted out. It’s not even a cut it looks like it’s
melted. Dima: How is it even possible, that is crazy!
THat is just insane… Taras: well, you know like, too much pressure
inside=BOOM! Dima: I mean it’s just water and ice can tear
out this plastic. It’s pretty durable. Taras: But it builds the pressure inside,
common.. Dima: That’s, that is amazing. Taras: awesome,
well let us know what do you think and give us suggestions what we should do next …and maybe will do a video of your suggestion.
Dima: just maybe. Taras: pretty sure we will. Dima and we’ll see you next time! Taras: next

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    ::: /:::|____|::: /:::/ ::/ /::: ::/ /::/ |::|~~~|~~~~~
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    ::::/ / :::____ :::____ ::| |
    ::/____/ ::/ / ::/ / 😐 |
    ~~ /____/ /____/ |___|

  2. The shock wave was so intense that it looks like, in the slow motion version, that it created a small area of low pressure, or a small area where the actual air has been evacuated…like a small momentary vacuum which thus created the audible explosion…or vice versa. Ie. The shock wave created a momentary vacuum…cool content…love the slow motion videos….

  3. When you see the  "Crazy Russian Hacker" with plastic bottles and dry ice, you know it's going to be good.

  4. I have made many of these using all different sized bottles from the little one's they serve on airplanes to big 2 litre bottles. Oh yeah, I've also had some go off in my hand; not cool! With the larger 1.5 and 2 litre bottles, if they go off on pavement such as in a parking lot, you will find a perfect impression of the bumps on the pieces that were on the bottom side. Once I was able to match the plastic to the pavement. It fit perfectly.

  5. before i turned 18 and was able to buy dry ice we used to make Drano bombs using a 2 liter bottles wrapped with tape and teflon tape on the threads. put a couple inches of water in the bottle, then cover the surface of the water with crumpled up aluminium foil balls, then add Drano crystals. put the cap on tight and get very far away and wait. very loud and energetic. can do some damage. do not try at home, try it at a friends house.

  6. to bad we didnt have youtube in the 50s. the 'red scare' would have been much less intense. i cant belive anyone took these people seriously.

  7. if you put nails or glass or other small sharp objects inside the bottle, will it spread and can hurt anyone near it ? not that I want to hurt people,, just curious, and for note-to-self if seeing a bottle suddenly fattening itself on the road xD

  8. Question, what happens with dry ice in a corked glass bottle? Will cork just pop off, or will glass break due to cold temperature?

  9. Yeah don't try it at home. Do it at someone else's home coz it really pisses off the neighbours and sometimes they even call the cops hahahaha

  10. My cousin did this but with a stronger bottle. He was even kicking it around and stuff. Shrapnel hit his brow.he's OK though. Just some hospital time.

  11. I like how guys with accents will explain everything in detail. Your typical white American would be like "we're going to put dry ice in a bottle" and your typical black American would be like "we're going to put dry ice in a bottle nigga"

  12. I smack these as a kid back in the nineties all the time had about 10 15 more seconds cuz we have thicker plastic bottles back then but it sounds just like a shotgun

  13. It works better with carbonated soda bottles. They are designed to hold pressure. A 3 liter coke bottle makes one hell of a boom.

  14. This is right after I watched a video of a kid in AMeRiCa getting charged with 2 felony accounts because he made these

  15. I wonder if you can decrease the interval of time between detonation and explosion by using a water bottle, that being because soda bottles are made to maintain more pressure due to the carbonation while water bottles aren't.
    Edit: noticed I put increased instead of decreased

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