Schnell Abnehmen? Isabell hat 17 kg abgenommen, Vorher & Nachher

I’m Isabell and I lost 17 kilos with YAZIO. The diets that I tried before were the typical diets you would generally think of. A lot of forbidden foods, replacements, like shakes. I really tried a lot of them. YAZIO showed me that my calorie needs, so to speak, were a lot lower than I thought. Balance, really this balance between meals and simply paying attention that I’m not starving myself, that I’m not eating too little, that’s the basics of what YAZIO showed me. The calorie goal: I didn’t have to give up anything. A lot has changed for me. Not just my own personal feelings about my body and my figure, but also my attitude towards food. What I eat, when I eat, and I enjoy eating a lot more. I don’t think things like, I have to avoid a certain food or I’ll gain weight, or because I have, or had, weight problems. Instead, I can eat it because I like it and I know that it’s good for my body to eat so and so much food in a healthy portion. Cooking with YAZIO has shown me a lot of possibilities and actually how good and healthy eating can be. This understanding of food, food can be really great and that doesn’t mean you have to give up a certain food and only eat salad. Instead, you can eat what you want. The motivation should always be the person themselves. Not only the person that they see in the mirror, but also the person that they want to become. I feel a lot fitter now, not just physically fitter and more active, but I also have more energy. I feel so much more comfortable in my own body. I’m finally the person that I wanted to be half a year ago.

4 thoughts on “Schnell Abnehmen? Isabell hat 17 kg abgenommen, Vorher & Nachher

  1. Die App hilft wirklich und hilft gut. Kann ich nur empfehlen. Aber auch ein eiserner Wille sollte da sein.

    Ich konnte so 90 Kilo in 11 Monaten abnehmen aus eigener Kraft. Ohne Pillen, Pulver, Therapie, Magenband oder sonstige Hilfsmittel. Wirklich klasse. Endlich Normalgewicht nach BMI und bin heute so sportlich und fit wie noch nie. Das ganze Leben hat sich geändert und es ist einfach ein tolles Gefühl.

    Mein Hauptfehler neben ungesunder Ernährung war besonders das unterschätzen von Lebensmitteln und ihrem Energiegehalt. Das habe ich mit der App gelernt und benutze sie seither zum Gewicht halten weiter.

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