Schwalbe Big Apple review at 3600 miles (~5800 km)

I’d like to do a review on the Big
Apple tyre the Schwalbe Big Apple and you can see on this this is a brand new
one which I’ve just fitted to this bike which is my Dahon Cadenza folding bike
which is my main sort of exercise fun bike for riding roads and off-road
basically it’s a go anywhere bike and these tyres allow me to roll very very
quickly on the road and also perform beautifully cornering going in a
straight line and going off-road gravelling and I tend to ride dry tracks and the like I don’t tend to go in to muddy although I do you know
if it’s been raining or all so forth or I’ve been caught in the rain then I will
but I don’t ride during the winter when it’s extremely muddy mainly because I
don’t particularly like to clean the bike or the time it takes to clean the bike the
tyre that you see there as I said is a brand new one the original tyre came
with is this one here and this is the front tyre the original front tyre is
the identical it’s a 559 – 50 which is a two inch 26 will and the
tread pattern is identical that there is a kind of lip here which is one of the
the sort of points which is being released from the mould which you can
see you can just make it out on this it’s not quite so clear but the interesting thing is about this
this has done about 3,600 miles of 5,700 roughly kilometres if you’re into
kilometres as opposed to miles the tread depth on this is about 0.8 mm the tread depth on this is at the center is about 0.6 mm so is more about
0.2 mm wear in 3,600 miles which is pretty good going. It is deep at
the center than it is at the side which is I think it’s about 0.65mm
right right down back here on both of those so the wear I’ve had on the
front tyre is it’s pretty minimal I usually run these about 3 bar or
3.5 bar the harder you have it pumped up the much more jarred the
performance and as you can see with this particular bike there’s this suspension
is the suspension itself comes from the tyre and so you know you would you drop
it in and being aluminium forks it does seem to vibrate quite a lot and where
I’ve gone over you know particularly rough ground it can be so bad that it
does actually hurt my hands and wrists so they don’t mean that I tend to sit
back further in the seat and so I can unweight my my hands on the handlebars
and so I’m just pushing the handlebars as opposed to resting on them but anyway
let’s take a look at the back tyre but the back tyre is a little bit more
squared off but still after 3600 miles or 5700 km
still pretty good Nick you can see all the the tread albeit that this is a lot
shallower now and I can’t remember how deep it is but it’s you know you think
you can feel that it’s slightly squared off although I don’t know if it actually
shows in the video because it’s quite subtle because even though I pump these
up to 4.5 between 4 and 4.5 bar as opposed to 3
and 3.5 bar for the front which works to I think it’s about 60 psi for the back and about 40 psi for the front so anyway
the reason why I’ve put a new set onto this bike as opposed to leaving the old
set on was because I wanted to fit these onto another bike I have which is a
mountain bike which I’ve recently got I found that the tyre that it has is quite
slow so these are have inverted tread and I don’t know if I’ve pointed out that
the the new ones have a stripe that goes around which is reflective which means
you don’t need to put the reflective into your your wheel which i think is a
really nice thing the old ones didn’t have that reflective strip and the writing itself is a reflective either
the sidewalls on this feel quite thin but having said that i’ve ridden
probably about 600 miles roughly 1000 km of really quite
rough roads gravel tracks and also flint tracks I’ve never got a puncture on
these I have have a puncture and see if I can find it find it but it wasn’t due to the
anything that happened to these tires it was more due to the way I was filling it
with air and it damaged the filling valve right it is sort of caught between
the the actual rim and the valve and actually damaged the valve or the inner
tube at that point so wasn’t anything to do with the tyres or any problems with that
it was entirely down to user error as you would say so anyway this is the
tyre that these will be replacing and one of the things that you can say about
the tread is there’s an awful lot more tread on this that actually meet the
ground especially on when you’re riding on road then say for instance on this
one of the things that is true is fresh air offers no grip so the spaces in
between here don’t add anything to the performance of the tyre and because it’s
the combination with pressure and the surface contact area the deformation that
you have on this sort of tyre even though it’s wider because of the knobbly bits means that it’s slower because it’s deforming the tyre
more than these so you can get away with these sort of wide tyres they’re
about two inch wide tyres and this is about the same really except the knobbly
bits make it look even wider I’m not entirely sure I haven’t really
used this in a sort of mountain bike type way my other bike whilst I have
used this this particular bike cross country as I say I use it as a go
anywhere bike can I’ve ridden the Ridgeway several times the Barbary Castle, White
Horse (Uffington) and so forth which is relatively rough track and you
know you wouldn’t generally tackle that on a bike which you know wasn’t capable
of riding in fairly soft or you know rough ground and this performs
beautifully these tyres perform beautifully I’ve got no complaints at
all on the way these performed and the there’s been times where I’ve ridden
over rocks and the rocks have pinged out from underneath in such a way you know
I’ve sort of you know you can feel the bike sort of leave as it falls off this
this kind of stone and you think that that’s a guaranteed puncture and I
hasn’t it just hasn’t punctured and if you were and I have checks if you also
look closely at these there’s no divots there’s no cuts there’s nothing to
indicate that these have been cycle on anything but the nicest of tarmac roads
which quite definitely they haven’t been I’ve taken them on some really really
rough tarmac roads and you know again because these are much
lower pressure than say for instance a road tyre would be a much smaller road
tyre but they’re still fairly high pressured went compared to say for
instance a mounted bike tyre so and I don’t change the pressure if I’m going
off-road if I know I’m going off-road for a long time then l usually will drop
these slightly because it’s just more comfortable as I say
that the punishment that you have to Your wrists is just something else when
these are pumped of hard, the rear seems to be okay the the legs seem to absorb a
lot of the vibration from the back but certainly as far as the front is
concerned my wrists I have had a few times where I’ve had my wrists they
have got so bad but you know I’ve had to have a day off, or a couple of days off
cycling because the wrists hurt which can’t be a good thing but a lot of the
people that have these tend to run a lot lower pressure
but I just like the fact that it’s fast and I can cycle quite quickly on it so
these aren’t quite comfortable at cycling about say 19~20 mph
and you know they can they can hold it and if the winds behind me I can do 25 mph quite happily as far as because the gearing on this particular bike which is
an 8 speed and it’s got a 38T front and a 16T rear on a alfine 8 speed hub the I
think that’s equivalent to top is a 38 / 10 and the bottom is a 38 / 30, I think and the you got 6 inbetween but it doesn’t mean that I pad
last about 31~32mph my feet again round so fast at that point that I can’t really
peddle anymore but unfortunately one of the problems with that sort of thing is
that you don’t really have a good top speed or top gear or bottom gear
but the mitigates it is a fact that I wear
cleats and SPD peddles as you can see there the amount stipend that basically saved
the whole situation as far as powers concerns and it means that all I have to
do is adjust my cadence to meet the gearing which is not optimal but it’s
good enough you know I’m not doing this for competition I’m just doing this for
fun and exercise so uh yeah I hope that kind of describes the the Big Apple Schwalbe it’s a fantastic tyre it corners basically it goes off road
I think fantastically although the reviews I’ve read people say that it’s not a particularly good off-road tyre I’m not an off-roader I’m not
someone who regularly rides a mountain bike in a kind of sort of competitive
manner so I don’t really know but for what I’ve done I think it’s fantastic
you know it hasn’t let me down on any situation the having a fairly high
pressure on loose ground you can feel a slight side to side that you you
sometimes get when you’re going over say for instance stones and they’re sort of
falling either side and and your you know your your tyre sinking in but as it
sinks in it goes to one side or goes and you get that that sort of general
movement but for some people I suppose it could be considered disconcerting but
to me it’s fine because it doesn’t affect the cycling all the balance at
all it’s just something that you feel and you you know you really can’t feel
everything when you’ve when you’ve got it pumped up and the kevlar guard which
you get with this gives me the confidence that I can cycle without it
causing problems let me see if I got the Schwalbe info yeah so this is the Schwalbe
information saying it’s got Kevlar guard that this particular thing says a
50 mm and 559 mm is the actual bead so it so if the
this bead and the 26″ is the outside diameter and the 2″ really of the
the 50 mm that is it’s talking about and that so yeah these go a lot wider
but because I’m running mudguards on this oh that’s another thing the mudguards that I have almost just as wide as the the tyre itself because the tyre is
slick and it’s just the sort of nice curve you don’t need mudguards wider than the tyre in fact you can probably have them
narrow of than the tyre quite considerably because the water tends to track up and
bend sort of so thrown up at an angle and this side is throwing up at that angle
and they kind of like meet and depending on how fast you go depending depends on
really how how sort of high up it it gets thrown before it sort of meets but
you know if you if you have the mud guards fairly close like so then yeah
you don’t have a problem and simile so if they’re much narrower but where you
have say for instance a knobbly tyre like this
the water tracks up and to say for instance one of these and these knobbly
bits and it can’t go anywhere they get flicked up at this point and with this
sort of tyre you must have mudguards minimum the width of the actual tyre
itself otherwise it will flick past it whilest this won’t so all in
all I really like these tires and I thoroughly recommend them

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  1. On the Schwable site they come in two compounds. The better puncture protected version (raceguard) uses the better compound, called "endurance", which is the same as their Marathon tyre. Schwalbe claim this results in better rolling. That version of the tyre is more expensive though. But most people are unaware you get more than just extra puncture protection for the money. Also the big ben is a minor mod of this tyre that goes better offroad. But still rolls well. Schwalbe claims the endurance version of the Big Ben rolls better than the cheaper compound version of the Big Apple.

  2. thread is bad, here:

  3. Sadly I got a puncture with them in probably first 50 kilometers after I bought them. A 3cm piece of bone pierced the tyre through the main thread (not the side) and actually got into the inner tube and rolled around inside. But that was just very bad luck, 3500km later and no problems, thread still good. Great tyres.

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