Scientists Voted on Metric Makeover

[SOUND OF CHATTER] Our home. We’ve come so far. But how did we get here? Measurements. [MUSIC] As humans, we learned how to
measure before we learned to write. Through measurement, we learned to count. We used the sun to tell time,
and based units of length and weight on other earthly objects. Measurements helped us
to be come merchants, builders, astronomers, navigators, engineers, and scientists. [MUSIC] The need for better measurements
grew with each invention. [MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS] With the adoption of
standardized measurements, we created the global economy. Today, we have reached a pivotal point for
humanity. We no longer have to rely on physical
objects for precision measurements. The rules of nature operate smoothly,
from the invisible quantum world, to the far reaches of the universe. And so should our measurements. For the first time,
all of the worlds measurement units will be accurately defined
by natures fundamental laws. [NATURE SOUNDS] In 2018, the world science community
will come together at Versailles, to advance measurement science for
generations to come. Anyone, anywhere, will now be
able to precisely measure mass, temperature, electrical current,
and amount of substance, just as accurately as we already
measure time and distance. We’ve come so far, and if history
is any indication of the future, our new measurements will take us
further than we have ever imagined. [MUSIC]

5 thoughts on “Scientists Voted on Metric Makeover

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  2. That transmission has been announced so mysteriously and long in advance, and title and schedule changed several times. And now, there's absolutely no scientific content.
    That's been very disappointing.
    You could've explained in much more details, what will happen next week and on May 20th 2019!
    Btw: A better title would've been : ' on S.I. makeover'.
    Now one might assume, that the U.S. will really adopt the metric system…

  3. I am still not convinced that the laws of nature are constant in space and time. It's not varying a lot, but I don't yet believe it's always and everywhere the same.

  4. +National Institute of Standards and Technology



    Қуат(P) пен үдеудің(a) өлшем бірлігі бірдей(метр/(секунд^2)).Айырмашылығы-қуат айналуға(h,v=c/LP) тура пропорция орын ауыстыруға(LP) кері пропорция,үдеу орын ауыстыруға(c) тура пропорция,айналуға(h) кері пропорция.

    LP(Планк толқын ұзындығы)-орын ауыстыру,өлшем бірлігі(6,49*10^(-74)Джоуль*секунд=1,004*10^(-54)метр=9,082*10^(-66)Фарад),айналудың бір цикліндегі уақытта жарық(орын ауыстыру) жылдамдығының жүрген жолы.

    h(Планк тұрақтысы)-айналудың шеңбер ұзындығы,өлшем бірлігі(2*π*r=1,026*10^(-14)метр=h=6,63*10^(-34)Джоуль*секунд=8,887*10^(-26)Фарад),айналудың бір цикіліндегі жүрген жолы немесе әсерлесуші күштердің ара қашықтығына байланысты айналудың шеңбер ұзындығы.

    c(жарық жылдамдығы)-орын ауыстыру жылдамдығы,өлшем бірлігі(3*10^8метр/секунд=1,939*10^(-11)Джоуль),бір секундта орын ауыстырудың жүрген жолы.






    E(3,066*10^48метр/секунд=1,982*10^29Джоуль)=(h*c/LP)+c немесе ((((h*c/LP)^2)+(c^2))^0,5)








    Энергия-айналу(h*c/LP) мен(+) орын ауыстыру(c) жылдамдығы

  5. Road to the Revised SI

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