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MATT FARAH: 30 seconds ago you
clicked on a link that said, SDHQ Ecoboost Raptor. And you got very excited. And yet here I am, in a turret
on top of an armored vehicle, holding a .50 caliber
sniper rifle. Now at this point, you’re
probably asking yourself, why am I in a turret, holding a
.50 caliber sniper rifle. The answer of course, one
simple word, Arizona. Today we are driving the
Ecoboost Raptor, right here on TUNED. This is what a pickup truck is
suppose to be, the exact opposite of the hilariously
useless excuses for sports trucks we’ve seen the past. The Ford Lightning, GMC Syclone,
and Dodge SRT Ram. No other truck comes this
prepared to play in the dirt. No other truck can show up at
the dunes, the trails, Home Depot, or Beverly Hills
valet equally ready for the task at hand. And for our purposes, no other
truck would make a better camera vehicle. It’s an all around win. But considering how sorted the
truck comes from the factory, we were always surprised at the
lack of engine choices. RYAN MARSELIS: Once Ford came
out with the new build list for the Raptor for 2012, we
noticed that the Ecoboost wasn’t an option. There was rumors that
it would be. Once we saw that, we knew
we had to build one. So last October we started with
a new 2012 F150 extra cab that come with a 6
and 1/2 foot bed. And we did a frame swap,
and a suspension swap, bed, things like that. And built the first Ecoboost
Raptor and debuted it at SEMA last year. It’ll definitely outperform a
Stock 6.2 Raptor, and even a Raptor that has chip intake
and exhaust done to it. It’s definitely a mover. MATT FARAH: I am envious
to say the least. I am really digging this
truck right now. And the 40 mile transit from
SDHQ’s shop to where we’re at right now, I have averaged
16.8 miles per gallon, compared to 11 and 1/2 in the
other Raptor that we’re using as a camera car, or what I’ve
been known to get in my personal Raptor. Doing that math for the 34,000
miles I’ve put on my Raptor would save me, $1,350
a year in gas. I would have spent $8,000 total
on gas over the life of my truck, versus the $12,000
I’ve actually spent. So there’s that. Then there’s the power, with the
intake, the exhaust, and the tune on the Ecoboost engine,
you’re making a little over 400 horsepower, probably
about 410 with the crank, but, like, 500 pounds of torque. And with the turbos, it
comes on really early. This thing’s scoots right
off the line. And it makes a really
cool sound. [ENGINE REVVING] MATT FARAH: It goes. This thing is quick. It’s definitely quicker then
my truck, no question. I might even argue that this
thing makes more than 410 horsepower, could be closer
to about 450. But it’s pretty effortless. I’m not surprised the Eco
Raptor is faster than my truck, since it’s lighter
and more powerful. But these are abusive conditions
for testing. And the most amazing thing is
that, for a modified truck, it feels as solid as if it just
left the factory floor. There’s no squeaks, no rattles,
and the fit in finish is flawless. And that’s because this thing
reads like a parts list from the SDHQ catalog. RYAN MARSELIS: It has our front
LED bumper, it has our upgraded skip plates. Up front it has, Icon coil-over
suspensions, their upper control arms. Out back we have Deaver rear
springs, we have our bump stop kit in the rear. We’re also running some Icon 3
inch diameter shocks out back. Running a custom rear bumper
that we built with a couple spare tires in it. Besides that, it has
a couple bolt-ons. As far as a performance goes,
it has an AFE intake kit, it has a Superchips tuner and it
has an AFE cat back exhaust. As far as adding on more
horsepower and torque and power, it’s there. You have plenty of tuners that
are available for it. There’s companies making
aftermarket inner coolers for it. The power gains are there, the
stock Ecoboost is great. But just with adding the Chip
intake and exhaust, you’re getting another 50 horses, 80-90
foot pounds of torque, which are huge gains
for a gas motor. MATT FARAH: Just cruising
right now at about 45. Ride’s nice. Rained yesterday, so we
get some mud going on. Probably the most interesting
thing about this truck, is that it’s not a Raptor with
an Ecoboost engine swap. It’s actually an Ecoboost
truck, with a Raptor frame and body swap. There’s a lot more involved
to that than you think. Because they have to switch
frames, they have to put a shorter bed. The entire front and rear
clip are different. And then you’ve got all the
Raptor parts plus the aftermarket stuff
they put on it. And that seems silly, you
might think why not just swap the motor. But the Ecoboost engine from
the factory cost $17,000. If you do out the math which
they’ve done, it is actually more economically feasible to
swap the body and frame, then to swap the engine. The bad news of course is that
you don’t get the Raptor seats or steering wheel,
which I like. But, such is life. I’m still in two wheel drive
right now, I haven’t even locked the diff. Truck is good. This suspension is
really nice. Unfortunately to get this
conversion from SDHQ, it is kind of expensive. Sarina the owner of this
truck, has over $80,000 dollars into it. Whoa, there we go, a little
washes, yeah. I am absolutely loving the
steering flow of this thing. I’ve got a little more
wide open space here. And it start’s to rain. Go a little faster and
see what happens. Whoa a tire all the
way out here. Take it up to about 50. Riding really smooth,
really nice. Whoa, yes. This does require a little bit
of attention, so if I’m talking less, that is why. I don’t have any idea where I’m
going, it doesn’t really matter because I’m
in a Raptor. How about this way. Whoa. Wow look at that Jeep coming
down that hill in reverse, well done sir. The only real downside is that
without a real original Raptor drive line, you can’t lock the
differential unless you’re in 4×4 mode, making drifting
more difficult. The stock Raptors two wheel
drive locking diff, makes for excellent roof protection. This truck is not only faster,
but it’s more nimble, it’s lighter, it’s more efficient. And with the upgraded
suspension, it’s better off road than my truck. And what happens is I’m annoyed,
because they have done such a good job
with their truck. And now I have to go home
and live with mine. So kudos to SDHQ for building
a bad-ass truck. And look for Craigslist Los
Angeles to see an orange 2010 Raptor up there, pretty soon. I’m Matt Farah, you’ve
been watching TUNED.

100 thoughts on “SDHQ’s Twin-Turbo Eco-Raptor – /TUNED

  1. Theres nothing Eco about a 6.2L full sized truck… no matter how many badges you put on it saying "Eco"….

    These fuckin americans…

  2. $17k for a V6? What fucking planet is Ford on? You can get an LS9 (supercharged, 640HP with potential for way more, forged internals and titanium for crying out loud) for the low 20's. You could even just throw some bolt-ons on the 6.2 and make ridiculous power for a lot less. This just doesn't make any sense.

  3. Hey +Drive I think your audio might need balancing in this video. It's coming out of the right side loud and clear, but only very slightly out of the left side.

  4. This is bullshit , I get 16.3 mpg in my 2011 Raptor with the 6.2 …. the last thing you want is turbo lag when you are offroading … NOT an eco-raptor fan , but guess what … we'll see that damn engine in the 2017 Raptor anyway —

  5. I don't think that they realize that the ford lightning and gmc syclone weren't made for off road. they are very capable trucks, but for on road. This truck is more capable for off road, so i don't see the comparison at the beginning. not trying to hate, just saying…

  6. The 6.2 is a damn good motor, I'm not on this whole ecoboost bandwagon. Count me out on the new raptor, not driving a V6. Now if they come out with a 5.0 ecoboost i'll be in on that…..

  7. I always talk crap on V6 engines, but i love the 3.5 eco, its got more power and torque than the 6.2L. Dont get me wrong that 6.2 is a beast when supercharged, but to have a more powerful V6… i never thought the day would come

  8. Nice truck & all but +$80k is absurd! You can get the best lariat ecoboost for $40k. That's +$40k worth of custom suspension, fiberglass & motor mods. This chick got bent over!

  9. You can install the Raptor transfer case control module and the raptor 4wd selector switch for less than 200 total and gain the ability to lock the rear in 2wd , atleast below ~20 or 30 mph

  10. I don't get why they even bothered with the 6.2. The aftermarket for the 5.0 is huge… It had both the Mustang, the F-150, and all the people who bought Coyotes for swaps. Honestly, if I was going to own a Raptor and had all the engine choices Ford makes to choose from, I'd pick the 5.0. It just makes more sense.

    Like the TheHardcoreLife posted, an 5.0 Ecoboost would have probably been a better choice. Especially when you look at the performance numbers on the 6.2 it really makes you scratch your head.

    I know the Raptor is bigger than life, and has sold accordingly… But I think people have been throwing their money away. You can get so much more performance if you go the tuning route with a Silverado or F-150 from a couple years ago.

  11. wow pal…. lmfao. youre obviously a rookie and still wet behind the ears to be calling an SVT Lightning "hilarious". although i will admit these trucks are no comparison to the hp of these days…whether you like them or not- Lightnings and SRT 10 trucks were legends of their time and you sound like a poser that is new the world of high performance trucks and have no clue what the fck youre talking about regarding the history of these machines. Until you do shut the fuck up. Edmonton AB Can.

  12. you call an SVT Lightning, SRT ram and GMC cyclone hilarious? are u fckn retarded? do you realize all of three of them in factory trim and plus 15 -20 years older are faster than your modified raptor? complete jackass….this guy is a mainstream bitch trying to make a paycheck

  13. I can't get past the horrible sound it makes…. sounds lIke a Honda civic with a 10 inch diameter tailpipe. Very disappointed in ford.

  14. have you ever drived 2000 KM straight at the speed of 200 KMPH only stop for refueling ? well i did with My Toyota Tundra 5.7 V8.. once you did the same i have done you wont be able to post raptor video any more

  15. pretty sure raptors are a hilariously worthless excuse for a sport truck i know many people that have owned them and they all hated them and they all broke

  16. eco boost is a fine engine!!!! But were driving a raptor! we don't want to sound like a fairy driving down the road! speed don't mean shit if it sounds like a prius going down the road!

  17. why not just slap some turbos on a normal raptor and a louder exhaust then you get a eco velociraptor v8

  18. This truck sounds REALLY good

    btw. I thought eco truck would be diesel powered- in my opinion, diesel is meant for real cars like this.

  19. How is it not an engine swap? Just because you want to say you kept an engine and did a complete vehicle swap?

  20. I dont like the v6 idea, v8 just sounds way better, besides v6 are not that fuel economic, trucks are meant to go do some offroading to do some heavy work to tow to carry stuff, if you want something fuel economic or dont want to spend money on fuel then just go and buy a prius or an electric car

  21. I love my Eco boost. Iv raced all of my buddies (Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan) and none of their trucks even come close to the power of mine. Not to mention, it pulls like a diesel. Ford did really good with these motors.

  22. i had a 5.4 06 f150 and i loveeed it and now i drive the new ecoboost. I wasnt a fan at first but now i wouldnt go back to the v8. The new ecoboosts are mean

  23. Try running a Raptor in the UK. A BMW X5 with half the size of engine will cost £100 plus to fill up from empty. Be thankful your fuel prices in the US being so cheap.

  24. So Matt, what do you enjoy more this or the velociraptor? Not whats best, what did you like, if you could say why would be great as well.

  25. the new 2017 ford raptor is coming out with the 3.5 v6 ecoboost its going to have more power than the 6.2 v8 and and its also coming out with bigger fox suspension and the reason why they put the v6 it saves gas and it's way lighter than the v8 and there off roading truck when you jump on a v8 the front always hits the ground first but with the v6 its going to jump and come down with all the tires at about the same time it makes it more fun plus it has more power then the v8 so no disrespect to the v8 fans because i am one myself but i do see what there trying to do here and i believe its best

  26. The GMC Syclone is far from useless, what's not to love about an AWD, turbo 4.3? Power to weight on those is ridiculous, I sense a GM hater..

  27. You can get a 2017 Eco Raptor for under 70k loaded with the Raptor Technology Package and the Luxury Package. The only thing it doesn't have that you would get in the Platinum is the massage seat. . What would be cool is converting a King Ranch to an off Road beast. I don't need the Raptor body shape, just the suspension. Massage seats too. ha

  28. Honestly I wasn't asking that at all. I just wanted to know why you parked the armoured truck in a handicap spot?

  29. complains about 1800$ gas when driving a raptor WOW. base twin turbo 6.2 is around 650 horse so why not do a real comparison

  30. meh didn't see much that my Subaru Forester couldn't do at those speeds.. 300 HP and a slight lift with a similar weight/hp ratio don't matter alot unlesss your towing.

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