Seafoam–can’t believe what it did to my engine!!

work on. The injectors need cleaned out so I’m going to put a can of seafoam of the tank I have a sticking lifter so I’m going to put a can inside the the uhm crankcase see if that helps some and awesome of us try to clean out some of the carbon deposits on the cylinder so today’s going to be an experiment we’re going to try out sort of a triple c fellow treatment additionally after we do the seafoam i’m going to drain the world i’m going to try some lucas heavy-duty oil stabilizer to see if that will help quiet down the lifters. Ok so this seafoam says clean fuel injectors and carb debts due to deposit build-up control moisture in fuel so this stuff’s supposed to work on the injectors so i’m going to put a can of this inside the tank supposed to take one ounce per gallon and i have approximately 16 gallon this is a 16 ounce can I’m going to go ahead and start the engine so you can hear the amount of noise these lifters are making but the lifters do make a lot of noise and I think it’s probably due to a lot of we’re honest this engine has has about a hundred and sixty seven thousand miles you you so I changed this oil not long ago and according to the seafoam instructions I can add one ounce per quart of oil either before and after an oil change so I want to just see how dirty this world looks right now and then i’m going to put the sea foam in it and drive a few hours and see if there’s any difference in in coloration this doesn’t look too bad it’s sort of hard to tell but this doesn’t look like it’s a really black oil the cord be instructions I’m supposed to add one ounce per quart of oil so I’m going to go ahead and add five ounces to my measuring cup okay right at five ounces I’m go ahead and add my five ounces of seafoam into the crankcase the next step is to put the sea foam spray into the top of the engine and as it’s running and according to instructions I’m supposed to run the engine it’s already warmed up and I’m supposed to run it a little bit above the idol so somewhere around 1,500 rpms I’m supposed to spray the entire can until the can runs out and once the can runs out I’m supposed to shut it off and basically hot soak it for a while first thing I need to do is remove the intake hose hey the can is empty I noticed towards the end of spring the seafoam into the engine I was starting to get a lot of smoke out the exhaust so this is an oil-based product or petroleum based products a lot of us just oil burning off hopefully some of that was the carbon deposits on this on the Pistons that’s burn it off but soon we will find out one thing I want to point out is the throttle plate was extremely full of carbon deposits and the seafoam did a really good job of cleaning up the carbon deposits now the metal is not real shiny so there’s some traces of carbon left on the throttle plate but it really broke up a lot of carbon deposits during the time I was spraying it against the throttle plate it’s been right at about ten minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and start the truck it’s been about 24 hours since I treated the engine with seafoam and sort of recap what we’ve done we’ve added seafoam to the tank we may add a seafoam to the crankcase and also we’ve done the treatment for the intake for the day what I want to do is I want to pull the dipstick look at the oil and see what it looks like see how dark it is additionally I want to drain the oil and get a closer look at it so to me the oil looks a lot darker than did yesterday ok I’m going to give us send you to start again I haven’t decision has not been started in quite some time to the engine is the engine is very cold and it’s probably about 45 degrees in the shots go to make any noise it’s going to rattle you’re going to hear a lot quieter as far as the lifter I don’t hear the lifter at all there’s a little bit of a slight tick I hear inside the engine but very very slight this thing’s way better and I could tell after doing the treatment yesterday that I had a lot more low end power before it would stall out very easily as the standard shift and just trying to take off it just had very low end power so I’d have to really get the RPMs up this is the oil i just finished draining out of the crankcase I realized this is not a scientific way to look at this oil a scientific approach would be to send this off to an oil lab and have it analyzed for the chemical properties but what I will say is just look at the world it’s very dark this is well it only has three hours on it so my belief is that a lot of the sludge inside the engine has been freed up and has been drained out of the oil pan and also what I’ll say as I added about 5 ounces of the seafoam and one thing it did not do it did not destroy the thickness of the oil the oil still seems to flow so now I’m going to put in four quarts of oil and then of course one quart of the Lucas. Stuff is pretty thick! Wow look at that stuff, seems to really stick supposed to slow oil leaks it’s supposed to um, it has all kinds of things it’s supposed to do; reduces friction for less wear, higher fuel mileage and more power, and ensures against oil breakdown in case of overheating, extends life at least fifty percent slows blow by for less pollution and oil contamination, raises oil pressure or will not sludge or varnish. Alright, just finished adding the new oil and the Lucas, let’s see how this engine runs continue it is running a lot better i am really impressed with this Lucas oil treatment as well as Seafoam. If you’ve got an engine that you’ve just about given up on, I’d recommend you to throw a few dollars at those products and just to see if it helps. I honestly did not think it would work either one of these products and, as a disclaimer just so you know, I bought these products on my own. I am not receiving any commercial sponsorship from any any sort of company including I’m not receiving any sort of sponsorship from either Lucas or from the Seafoam manufacturers. So I just wanted to try this out on this old Ford Ranger and I am extremely impressed the engine is running much better so hey, thank you for joining today and I hope you will come back for more videos. Thank you

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  1. I use Seafoam in all of my vehicles. I add a can to about every five tanks of gas. I have a 2006 Honda Element with 140,000 miles on the clock. The emissions light used to come on quite often. Since I have been using Seafoam the emissions light rarely comes on. And the car runs great! I also use it in my two vintage Buicks and my 2012 Maxima. I get better mileage and smoother idle with every car that gets a can of Seafoam in the tank every so often.

  2. That's the most gummed up throttle plate/ butterfly valve I've ever seen! Nonwonder it runs like sh1t. Why would you ever let it get that bad?

  3. would the straight Valvoline synthetic be better than mixed with Lucas?

  4. I love those square boy rangers. But man did the motors suck in those years. Glad it worked out so well for you. I also swear by Lucas products. They are legit.

  5. Don't waste your money on Seafoam. It was designed for 2 cycle boat engines and it doesn't contain P.E.A. which is the most potent detergent available for cleaning carbon deposits in fuel systems and the only cleaning agent that has been proven to clean the combustion chamber, piston tops and cylinder heads. P.E.A. also cleans ports, valves and GDI and port injectors and keeps them clean for up to 3,000 miles. Buy Gumout instead, it actually contains P.E.A.

  6. Pour seafoam in a glass and let the vacuum line from the brake booster suck up 8 oz. be careful not to let the motor die. When glass is empty shut off vehicle for 10 min. Restart vehicle and watch all the smoke. Works much better than spraying it in the intake.

  7. For noisy lifters, I have had the most success with changing the oil and using 1qt of Marvel Mystery Oil to substitute 1qt of oil, and run it the entire interval (3k miles)

  8. I own a Vrod. The fuel sensor becomes inaccurate after a few months. Just added Seafoam to the tank and the gauge works great again. It isn’t a float time sensor, I believe the ethanol collects water and the water sticks to the probe. Seafoam might be cleaning it off.

  9. Will this work on a Diesel engine? I have a old international 454 tractor that has a lot of issues and it has lost a lot of its power. As far as I know it has never had anything like this done to it. Would it at least be worth a try? Thanks in advance.

  10. I swear by Seafoam additives.
    If only they had one for wives.
    Add an ounce to her drink and the b***h straightens right up. ☝
    You could mark me down for a couple cases immediately.

  11. Well what a pisser. I had a ranger that I loved it was the perfect size etc. The problem is the lifters started making noise just like that. I sold it to a mechanic. Had I known that I would still be driving that truck.

  12. I Would like to see you clean up duramax lb7 injectors with otc fuel cleaning cylinder and anything recomended era 2001-2004

  13. Did you know you can make your own additive? First, look up the Seafoam MSDS; this will tell you what is in the stuff. Then, google "homemade seafoam". That will tell you how to make your own by the gallon, much cheaper than buying the stuff. In fact, prior to using ANY additive, look up the MSDS, then decide if you really want that in your engine.

  14. I work at a Walmart and just about every day I get asked if Seafoam is any good. And my response is always the same.. "I usually marinate my steaks in it so I'd say so."

  15. This is what keeps my 2002 Jeep TJ from suffering from valve-lifter tick. Seafoam just before an oil change to flush it out and drive it hard.

  16. IMHO SeaFoam for Oil, is essentially "Kerosene" the ol timers fix for cleaning an engine, but they said drain it after short mins and replace with (if an older engine) a heavier oil or it will cause other problems like lifter/valve tapping… thats what happened to me, SeaFoam made the oil thinner, very loud tapping from valve/lifter, changed the oil for heavier straight 30 wt or 20-50 , now it the tapping is barely noticeable. Other says similar, heavy oil makes a better lubricant IF its an older higher mileage engine, and the heavier oil make oil leaks slower, and collapsed lifters work better again. se la vie. (or just buy some kerosene and add a quart ? then replace with heavier oil , LOL )

  17. The main ingredient in the product is kerosene, and not just a little bit, I'm talking almost 100% Kerosene, careful if adding to oil or transmission, it makes the oil lighter and in older higher mileage cars it can make things noisy again.: Old times just bought kerosene.
    Ever wonder whats in SEAFOAM? – Mustang Boards › Mustang Madness › General Tech Forum
    Jan 9, 2007 – 11 posts – ‎7 authors
    The main ingredient in the product is kerosene, and not just a little bit, I'm talking almost 100% Kerosene. If you have seen kerosene burn, you will notice that it is not a very clean burning fluid. It actually is very dirty. The reason the product smokes so much is because of the high kerosene content.

  18. I thought seafoam will eat your seals up fast. It may help but in the long run Ive heard its bad.. that and the full synthetic oil is really bad and will wear the hell out of your gaskets in the engine.

  19. Marvel Mystery Oil will do damn near same things as seafoam. Add it to your engine oil and will completely de-sludge your engine. Works good in fuel tank too. Both are good products! ✌️

  20. thank you for sharing this, much appreciated. That throttle body is nasty, I'd take i off and clean it well, scrub with a brush and spray it down.

  21. That’s exactly what products like stp and Lucas oil treatments do. They stick to the bottom of your oil pan and jut sit there.

  22. Yeah, the noise is muffled, but the problem is still there. That engine won’t last. The mechanical oscillations coming from the tailpipe don’t sound good

  23. I believe in lucus oil stabilizer. Always used it with every oil change in my farm equipment , 18 wheelers, logging equipment, and service trucks. I had an engine sit in shop for 6 years and the heads were still slick w lucus and that’s something I hadn’t seen w other engines that always had only engine oil

  24. How does it sound a year later? I did the same thing but as soon as I stopped using the sea foam the problem came back ?

  25. I had about 500k on my engine before it started making lots of noise. Always changed the oil 3-months or 3000 miles on the old 1998 Ford 4.0. I added the seafoam and the lifters (Actually Rocker noise) almost stopped tapping but eventually I replaced all the rocker arms, push rods, intake valve springs, and it runs like new again. I bought lifters but didn't need to replace them. Mileage went from 15mpg back up to 20.8 and settled into 20.3mpg.

    I only add the seafoam into a cold engine (so it works before burning off) on the day I plan to change the oil. Then just drive normal all day and change it out. The oil always comes out dirty even after 3000 miles – this confirms that the engine is staying cleaner this next 20 years 🙂

    I also treat the engine oil with Teflon or now Cerflon, and has over 640K on it. Lastly, it is very important to clear the carbon off the pistons to prevent "the knock" during idle. Mine was really bad and neglected and it took a few months of careful treatment to clear it all out. It's nice to have it idle at the stop lights and barely feel the engine running, so smooth.

  26. I used cataclean to blow out my cat because I was afraid to use too much lacquer thinner and then after a couple doses of sea foam, the engine light hasn't been on since

  27. Thanks for the video. Is that 30 year old truck still running? How many more miles did it get before sounding like a diesel again?

  28. How has the long term effects of the Lucas oil and seafoam?
    Would you do it again?
    Or did it just work for a few miles before breaking down?😁😁
    I was just about to add seafoam to my gas tank. (93 ford escort wagon)😁 when I saw this .

  29. The fact you don't take monetary gifts from any companies really has me watching all of your videos. I really love the unbiased reviews, even have seen a few products which I've now replaced. I appreciate your channel

  30. So, I think the lifters were sticking. Got worse as it got hot. Seafoam freed the lifters. Trans oil worked for me in the past, but this stuff is pretty cool. Lucas synthetic every change. Works! And, they charge lots-o-monies to drip treat your fuel system. Like he just did ..

  31. SeaFoam is great. Use it right and you will be amazed. By no means does it fix the issue it helps you get through a hard fix or rough time. Great for maintenance also. Wonderful stuff!!.. I use it all the time. I used to use marvel. Edit: man do ever take care of your vehicles?. This proves it works. I would take off the throttle body and soak it never scrub the brass doors on a throttle body unless it says otherwise. Some bodies have a treated film on the doors for corrective running. Lucas is also great. Subbed

  32. Didn't read all the comments, but, if I remember correctly, those 2.9 Ford's are solid lifter cams. A little noisy. Might be wrong but that's the memory.

  33. Haha I used to drive a 87 Ford Ranger and I call him diabetic. I used to carry a very large syringe and gave it it's weekly shot of seafoam😂 it does quite down all the noise and I swear it's why it's still alive lol

  34. Worked pretty well in my 94 22re did what you did and it’s running smoother than ever and has more power. It’s a little scary because of all the smoke but it definitely does work!

  35. Add 1 ounce of tungsten disulfide (ws2) to a fresh oil change and it will solve your problems and make the engine run great and last much longer.

  36. I have a 2000 F150 (4.6L) with 225,000 miles on it that sounds better than yours. I think it really has a lot to do with the oil (synthetic vs conventional) and how often it’s changed.

  37. 91 s10 almost 400k on it. Travel 43 miles each way to work everyday. Payed 400. For it 4 yrs ago. Oil belt and 1 tire were the only changes I've had to make. Lol. Looks like it's been dropped off a 10 story building. My neighbor laughing at me the first month I got it. While his 05, only works 2 days a week. Not laughing any more and trying to give me a grand for it.

  38. Hey just a curiosity on somthing I know ya shouldnt do this but in case of emergency could you add 2 stroke oil in place of moter oil .i wouldnt do it but just curiouse if ya could use it let me know if ya tried it or will thx

  39. 2.9 liter v-6. I had that engine in my 1989 Ford Bronco 2 and in my 1991 Ford Ranger. You talking about an engine that had no power. One of the weakest engines i've had in a vehicle. I'm trying 2 find me another Bronco 2. Don't really care if the engine is good or not cause the first thing I do is pull it and put a 4.0 liter v-6 in it from an Explorer. While the 4.0 is still not a speed demon by no means, it's better than the 2.9

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