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okay Scarlett Scarlett this was too
annoying yeah can I just ask you to do something yeah can you stop going into
all these kind of weird ad-libs that everything else and let me just hear
your voice straight thank you yeah can I hear the Android a song please yes okay
no thank you your organ donor Tiger leave it I wanna
merry go around to them fighting fight but I’ve seeded okay got it
thank you to call a police and a fireman to bow down girls hit your hallelujah
girls hit your hallelujah cause uptown funk gon give it up yourself a funk gon
give it up Saturday night a win don’t believe me just watch don’t believe me
just watch oh stop just let me fill my cup of some
liquor in it okay so look I’m gonna sum this up but I
think we’re all thinking when you are doing gigs yes you have to do what you
consider to be a performance and an entertainer that’s not what we’re
looking for okay what we’re looking for is somebody who has a incredible voice
where we’re trying to move things along this year is to find more originality
Porsche government of the song but if you don’t if you’d allow me to sing –
which is yeah I want to sing change is gonna come please
and because it me it really shows me for you soft it’s a great song okay so look all the bad habits you’ve
got you’ve got thrown out the window now yeah that’s the challenge was by the
river a little to him and just like never river
yeah I’ll be running ever since it’s been a long long time coming and I know
what you it’s gotta come yes–you we then I go to
my brother that’s it brother
hey buddy wander now give me knocking me back there’s been a time now I think I’m able
to care it’s been a long long time coming
no Jay it’s got a cow yeah shoot I wasn’t expecting that
you got the voice thank you very much I told was fantastic I really did and it
was so effortless I think you got an amazing voice
I don’t class myself as a great singer i cost meself was against it Tina
why do you think that I think my song choice in the way I like to perform is I
like to be bounced around I’m a but you know what sorry this is absolutely wrong
no I don’t think you’re that kind of person
he does he Sam Smith bouncing around it’s very hard because you come in here
and I’m thinking here we go another coup singer and
you’re not you are so much more than that I just wanted to say that you have
a real gift I think the only thing that I’m missing from it is the real emotion
and meaning behind it once you connect the two then you
actually have it I think that was good advice I think that you are actually way
way better than even you know yes yeah I think it’s because you’ve been asked to
do stupid things for the sake of entertainment okay we’re gonna vote Lily
Gary Barker absolutely the biggest guest today sheriff you have personally surprised me
I love you and it’s a yes
it’s a yes from me okay you go full exs yes Latika daddy’s got the xbox I’d go five
years what I can’t celebrate there thank you very much about what we said right
please he has something so special and that is
really no one’s ever talked with me that today we’re singing beggin by Mike
on why did you choose that song it’s got loads of energy and it gives us both an
opportunity to shine a perform and I think the audience a liver all right
let’s go are you that’s interesting I wouldn’t have thought they were gonna
choose this song back in thank you for your loving hand
out baby baby boy you’re loving hot dog guys guys this was my least favorite
performance of yours I didn’t like the song I didn’t like the
way you had to push your vocal on it so much why did you choose that retard oh
just a good upbeat a good song that we can feed off
at cred you never need to force the crowd into anything because it’s your
talent that’s all you have to rely on it’s a horrible it was December third
grade yeah but you know what that rapid nap for me it didn’t work any of them do
it a little bit of something else yeah yeah boys do you have something else
that you could share with us that’s sing by edge here okay oh hey
guys just one of those the bad guys pull it up back it’s late evening I’m lost to
this side I’ve been set by you stop tonight baby we can disappear
baby we can get down tonight I watched you be my baby oh you step in
the not mine all along is that I bet even you I need you guys if you feel you’re falling won’t you
laugh let it go to the row of the changes see
a we found love and the local won’t you let me know
Oh that sunny day can I hear a different song what else we
got I’m feeding you which is something that
we’ve written ourselves right okay take your wager that who’s that girl from the she’s just
bought for these I won’t make my heart burn scar is what you say cuz you look
so hot and I’m peachy girl because of what you do on my kitchen then the next part is a true story we
miss girlfriends I know Anna she’s just bored and that’s
Anna legs a pretty face I’ve gotta find a match either one of us
shall go to bed so I had to step back for a couple
okay yeah your vagina for sure I love that you
came in with an original and I feel like there’s a lot of heart in there thank
you very much look I don’t think you would have got them through this
audition based on that first so on okay maybe it’s because it wasn’t your own
material it’s only recently that people have started to do their original songs
on this show and that’s what I’m looking for and I like the fact that you’re
quirky I like the fact that you’re friends and we haven’t had a good group
here since Little Mix on live show maybe it could be you
fingers crossed and guys I thought was really good I mean I like the hook in
the song I have to say I really do like the hook oh yeah Louie I’m feeling yeah I really like to learn it’s a yes from
me it’s a yes thanks for watching ex-factory global
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100 thoughts on “Second Song Sensations On X Factor UK! | X Factor Global

  1. Love Simon but… after the second person was done with their other song, Simon bobbed his head around like the hyenas from the lion king

  2. The first girl could sing but whoever told her that spray tan was cute 😳 she better go return that stuff to the dollars store 😬

  3. Simon is the best judge….He is the boss. He knows what's bad and cannot be improvised and he perfectly knows the person's calibre even if they chose a wrong song for themselves and he gives them a second chance. Love you Simon for your insults, your understanding, your insights. You are awesome…best judge I have ever seen !

  4. Most would of probably been staged. This isn't even their first audition, they got to go through a prior behind the scenes. No way are the panel going through 100k+ people a year.

  5. that uptown funk guy. who is this guy with irish accent? i love the roughness in his voice. simon is very right, hes a serious soul singer. he doesnt know himself. i love him.

  6. That Gary Barker guy gave me chills all over my body. Great performance, defenitely looking up for him and the song

  7. Aqui , no Brasil , é extremamente necessário um jurado , sòmente , como Simon , sensato e extremamente profissional. Bom pensarem NiSSO brasileiros .

  8. Skylar, literally Simon told her to stop doing being so dramatic and annoying… Homegirl kept being dramatic and honestly I just couldn't enjoy it when she decided to start sounding like a broken record, literally.

  9. You know,these people are good bcs of their attidute.
    If simon say:ITS BAD.
    they say:okay. And focus to be better in next song
    they don't throw the microphone, bang and insult judges
    Im sorry for my bad English.

  10. The second guy don’t have that much swag for uptown funk that’s why it doesn’t suit him but damn his second song is 🔥

  11. Simon cannot appreciate the guys.. Who say "let's be different and try something new".

    Always Expecting the same old, already proven stuff.

  12. Omg thise four guys group song…. I want to download it. They are ready to release their own album. What hell they are waiting on?

  13. That first girls was just terrible in both songs. Do her lips not touch or something? I couldn't understand one word she sang. Volume and hitting every note on every word does not make you a singer.

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