See The Emotional Transformation of a Woman Who Lost 180 Pounds — After Being Inspired by Rach!

Wow, you’ve done a lot of work, girl. You look amazing. My name’s Adriana. I’m from Orlando, Florida, and the Rachael Ray show inspired me to lose half my size. Weight has been an obstacle my entire life, and it’s something that I’ve always struggled with. At my heaviest weight I was 353 pounds. I was not watching what I ate. I ate whatever I wanted, whatever was convenient, and just didn’t care about my health at all. One day I had my a-ha moment, and that’s when after seeing pictures of myself I knew it was time to change my lifestyle. I add ground toasted nuts. Oh.
Yeah. Then one day I was watching Rachael Ray, and something flipped and I knew I could change my life. Ta da! Rachel’s always so positive, and she is actually a huge inspiration to me. I started my weight loss journey in May of 2017. I had to make a lot of changes. Not just my diet but my exercise and I would ultimately say my mindset. One of the major changes I made was I started cooking my own meals. Before I was eating fast food all of the time. It just blows my mind she uses Rachael’s recipes to cook, and she’s just, she’s lost a ton of weight. My mom has been a huge part of this. She has supported me along the way, encouraged me every single day just by shooting me a text to tell me, “Hey, you look amazing” or “You’re doing great.” Adriana has definitely inspired me. I’ve been tryin’ to cook healthier, I’ve been tryin’ to exercise ’cause you see her do it and you know you can do it yourself if she can do it. After losing over 180 pounds, I still do find myself wearing the same wardrobe. Currently I have on a shirt that’s a size 3X. I’m currently a size large, so I do feel like I’m swimming in my clothes. I haven’t even changed my hair since I’ve lost all of that weight. I have worked very hard for this new body and this new lifestyle, and I am ready for a new look. (audience applauds) Yeah, she is gonna be smoking hot. Yeah. Please welcome Adriana, live and in person. (audience cheers) How are you?
Good, how are you? Rachael.
You’re gonna be so hot. (audience applauds) All right. We gotta talk fast to get through this ’cause she needs to go get her smokin’ hotness together backstage. Her mom Heather’s in the front row. Hi, Heather. Hi.
Hi Heather. You look like sisters. I know.
Thank you. You both look adorable,
Thank you. So she’s your new inspiration. Isn’t that sweet?
Oh, it’s amazing. She has taught me so much. It’s supposed to be the other way around, but (laughs)
I know, right? But you could tell you feel good. Yeah.
180 pounds, that’s awesome, but you could tell you feel good on the inside. You’re standing up really straight, you got your dimple on. (laughs) You feel strong emotionally.
Yes, I definitely do. I feel like a whole new person. It’s amazing, right?
Isn’t it kinda surreal to be standing next to this woman that has inspired you so much?
Yes. (audience applauds)
Come on. I mean it’s proof. You have this opportunity to talk to Rachael right now. What do you wanna say to her? I just wanna thank you for all of your positive and inspiration, and you’ve just been, I mean, throughout this whole 11 months, almost a year, you’ve been so positive, so I think about–
It’s all about positive energy, baby. Don’t waste your life on negative. Her daughter lost 180 pounds. That’s a Bob. (audience cheers)
That is a Bob. That’s Bob’s weight.
It’s a Bob. So that was her before she lost 180 pounds. She’s smokin’ hot gorgeous before she even started this. How did it go, Greta? Amazing, unbelievable. You guys, seriously, get ready, your jaws are gonna drop. Mom, I’m holdin’ Mom up,
She is, Just in case. So Heather, you’re ready to see this, obviously.
Oh, I am so ready. (laughs) So she has not seen herself by the by. I mean, she can look down, we didn’t blind the poor girl. She’s like,
(all laugh) But she hasn’t seen herself head to toe in a mirror, is that true?
That’s right, we don’t show her, no hair or anything.
All right, come on out, girl. (audience cheers) Wow.
(excited chatter) Wow, unbelievable. Down, mom , down. You look like Jessica Simpson or something, smoking hot. You look like a movie star. Like Margot Robbie. I’m so excited.
What are you feeling? So excited. Turn around look at you. Oh my god. (upbeat music) I mean, beautiful, look how gorgeous. All on your own. Let her tell you how she– You look so pretty, you look so pretty. Oh don’t cry.
So good. So, I love that you just checked yourself out, and you’re like,” Wait, there’s no more of me.” (laughter) That’s exactly right. That’s all there is, I look good there. What are you feeling right now? So excited, so happy, it’s like, I do look like a different person. A really hot different person! (cheers)

66 thoughts on “See The Emotional Transformation of a Woman Who Lost 180 Pounds — After Being Inspired by Rach!

  1. STUNNING woman! her and her mom! she looks like a hotter Jessica simpson! congratulations on the incredibly hard work!

  2. oh My goodness she looks amazing hair and make-up and her weight loss wow. BUTTTTTTT — come on RR show – You should have put her in a Herve Leger or really nice sleek dress and a feminine shoe. The Clunky black shoe and Candy Cane Dress are just not up to par – so dissappointed because this lovely girl deserves so much better. Come you guys:)

  3. Such a great accomplishment! I am on the Keto Diet; have lost 28 pounds in 4 months; as soon as an old item of clothing is too big on me, it goes in a Salvation Army box downstairs…I refuse to wear a size larger than I need to wear! I walk funny in heels too!

  4. She's a gorgeous girl, but I agree with everyone else on the COLOR of the dress. The fit is very flattering though…we have to remember she probably has a lot of excess skin with that massive weight loss. I think the dress should have been black with a fun red or leopard print shoe! I wish one of the Stylists I watch on YouTube could have styled her, but it's too late now and she still looks amazing! Now she needs to inspire the beautiful RR to shed a few pounds. I'm sure it's hard though when you're a chef!

  5. Sometimes that's what it takes ; seeing yourself in pictures ……. ugh 😑
    You did great , congratulations on this fantastic transformation ! You should be very proud !!

  6. After all the hard work she put in you would they would put her in an amazing dress, whatever stylist did this should be taken outside and shot!

  7. what were they thinking putting her in those shoes with that dress ???!!! And the dress would have been so much better without that extra length in the back. This was a really important ' reveal' for this beautiful girl. I really don't think the choices they made except possibly the hair and makeup, were in her best interest. And its my.opinion that she didn't much think so either. She did a lot of hard work losing the weight and while she looked 'nice', she could have and should have looked stunning.

  8. She is gorgeous, but who picked the dress and the shoes? And the BARE legs? Good grief. Shoes should NOT have the strap up by the ankle. Cuts the leg look and makes the legs look chunky. Bare legs? Ugh. Pantyhose in a taupe or light grey, absolutely, and particularly if you have some excess skin and/or weight on your legs. The dress? What can I say? It looks like a picnic tablecloth. Adrianna is a beautiful woman who got stuck in a really ugly dress and shoes. Let me do the makeover!

  9. Makeup clothes ..cut at least 1cm of the hair and call it a makeover…come on guys 😐😐 the girl if u reading this u are amazing ❤❤ impressive effort 😍

  10. She is amazing and so desciplined to lose all that weight.. I dont know if I’m imagining it , but her tummy looks large. Maybe because of a lot of loose skin?
    Hope she can get surgery to remove it.
    The stylist surely could have picked a prettier outfit!

  11. Doesn't like her wardrobe because all her clothes are too big and baggy but then you but her in something big and loss fitting..

  12. she a beautiful looking girl but the stripped dress no way yes she's done well losing all that weight the dress is not for her

  13. The dress awful..seriously, is that the best they can do?she is beautiful and this candy stripe dress does not match her look

  14. That girl is beautiful but that dress looks like a candy freaking cane. Nobody should where neon stripes like that. The girl looks wonderful.

  15. They did nothing to enhance her look except for the hair, same over size clothes n old ass looking shoes, nothing jaw dropping about what they did

  16. I don't know if they still have candy stripes volunteers at hospitals anymore but that's what I thought. I'd have cried too! All that work in getting healthy. Robbed I say.

  17. That fat cow Rachel is not inspiring at all! She’s a disgusting beast! I hope she took advice from this girl on weight loss!

  18. What the heck was this stylist thinking? This young woman must have been shocked when she turned around to the mirror.

  19. Beautiful girl, dress should go in the rubbish bin, she will look stunning in some flattering clothes, well done to her!!

  20. A plain colour dress without the tail & nude slinky stilettos without the ankle strap & shoulder length hair would have added more class to this beautiful young woman

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