[SES] Electronic Smart Water Meter with No Damage from Korea

SES electronic water meters sense variables in the fluid and measure shaking interval of water changes in proportion to the amount of water passing through a fluid vibration screen frame. Using a tendency of fluid flow along easy walls, SES electronic water meters have a special structure called “the fluid vibrating screen” where fluid shakes from side to side at regular intervals. Therefore, there is no moving impeller; and the key component is essentially an empty tube. A common Water meter has a minimum measurement value of approximately 6cc per second in flow rate. SES electronic Water meters have a minimum value of 3cc per a second, giving more precise measurement. In other words, despite lower fluid speed, SES electronic water meters make accurate measurements. They can measure minute leaks from small cracks and irrational use of water, like in the case of illegal use. The structure of the SES electronic water meter doesn’t have a driver Impeller the section where the water flows is essentially an empty tube. This avoids problems that affect most of the current mechanical water meters, such as contamination and low measurement accuracy. The SES electronic water meter uses eco-friendly reinforced plastic instead of metal. Its low thermal conductivity prevents easy freezing and avoids breakage even in sub-zero temperatures. The SES electronic water meter has a dustproof / waterproof design. It is rated IP68, an international standard, which means it is completely waterproof despite harsh climates. This advantage makes it ideal for regions with heavy rainfall and frequent flooding. The SES electronic water meter provides wired and wireless communication functionality. Water usage can be checked at a location where the product is installed in real time using a smartphone. Fees can be collected and real-time water usage can be checked through a remote viewing device. Changing rates depending on water supply conditions can be measured in real time. All of this provides a high level of service regarding water supply / management. For example, the SES electronic water meter has an ability to detect if water is inside it or not. If there is a rupture in a water pipe, the water in the water meter will be emptied. In such a case, our product automatically notifies a utility authority of a water pipe burst, which enables users to prepare for a possible accident in advance, such as an accident at night.

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  1. Awesome awesome… Wish I had financial power to advertise and sell your products. Let alone learn and understand your technology.

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