Setting Units in SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

Before getting started, I want to point out
a couple of options for the simulation. I’ll click the options button in the task
pane, and from here can choose which units to use for the test, independent of the units
used in the SOLIDWORKS document. Material properties, which I’ll talk about
next, are automatically converted to either SI or English. Keep in mind you can always come back to this
after you’ve completed the simulation to change your units. In the “results location” field, you can specify
where on your computer the results from your analysis will be saved, if you choose to save
them. Finally, this checkbox will allow you to see
the maximum and minimum results from the analysis. When you get to the results, SimulationXpress
will automatically color code the model to show areas of maximum and minimum stress and
displacement, but this checkbox turns on flags that point to the exact locations on the part
for the maximum and minimum values. I can either click OK to accept the settings,
or hit cancel to revert back to the previous settings.

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