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  1. You got a marine tank in the background and you talking about freshwater planted aquarium?
    Next need "very bright light"? you missed CO2 and for what type of plants? if you have ferns and Nana, you will be have algae (green spot) for sure.
    Then 80-90% water change a week? with plants absorbing nutrient, I would be worrying about nutrient deficit. why more water change is needed compare to fish only tank.
    Finally Fish waste burn holes? where you get that idea?

  2. To stop algae get catfish! It gives you the easy way to cleaning and having live plants. Ive not had to empty my tank and scrub anything, not had to change 80% of my water. Have had NO ALGAE anywhere except inside my filter. My fish are so happy, you only need to do a 30% water change every 5 – 7 days and its the secret to keeping HAPPY FISH!

  3. Doing a 70/80% water change a week is going to be very very bad for maintaining your healthy bacteria required for maintaining a healthy tank. It's recommended that you do a 25% water change every week, works much better

  4. Misinformation rules in this presentation. @ADU Aquascaping is where I'd go for informed, correct information, and Tom Barr's forum as well.

  5. Let me tell you how to care for live plants. Get LED lights and natural sunlight boom. Been working for me for years.

  6. Bait and switch… the beautiful live planted tank used as a Youtube icon for this video is NOWHERE in the video. I call BS!

  7. You're a really good speaker brotha! This was one of the better videos I've seen when someone has to explain something.

  8. I had a regular fish tank and now I wanted to start over and make a freshwater tank with live plants and this video made everything so confusing and 2x as hard. If a real beginner saw this video first I bet that they would give up on the tank.

  9. Live plants:

    I used live plants in my tank, my fish were 20 years old, the live plants left the water cloudy and the ornaments sticky, but I said to myself that the pros know what they’re talking about, two days later my beloved fish died!! Don’t say it’s a coincidence, it’s totally down to the live plants, that’s what I get for listening to professionals!!

  10. I’m not knocking this video but I’m just saying if you’re asked to put live plants in your tank after having your fish for years, don’t!! Just do why you’ve always done. I made the mistake of listening to my local pet store attendant who claimed that live plants will help, my fish were 20 Hera old and the next day they died. The water was so cloudy and there was a sticky residue on the ornaments too! All I’m saying is don’t change the routine and the surroundings your fish are used to!!!

  11. Far too difficult, costly…..not necessary. Gradually introduce new plants and fish. Aerate well, Change water gradually keep measured nitrate down. Start with Elodea. This will lower the nitrate at first then stop growing and you can replace it with other plants. Filter to keep water clear. Gradually introduce new plants and fish. Patience. Try to make it interesting – snails, pecos, shrimps, water louse – balanced system. The kids will love it and learn. 🙂

  12. That is false, you do not want most your nutrients in the gravel or substrate. Most exotic plants feed from the water column. Also false that you should change 70-80% of the water with R/O water. It depends where you live, depends on what natural nutrients like Iron, Potassium, etc are in your tap water, also depends on what you’re dosing. There’s so many things you did not explain on this video…

  13. Are we to change 70-80% of the water each week? 70-80% each week? Ok. 70-80% water change each week. Got it! 70-80% change. If he had repeated that one more time, I would have lost it.

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