Shimano Alfine 8 speed. 10,000 km on ATF

Today,we are going to be servicing this
bike with a ShimanoAlfine 8 speed hub Now this hub is at about ten
thousand kilometers. It’s been running on ATF_ lube since about three thousand
kilometers It’s had two treatments and this will be the third. So, we will be opening it up, inspecting it and doing a re-lube The owner of this bike reports that it is
working just great,no issues with it at all So we’ll see what the internal look like If you have not seen the previous video showing the oil bath lubrication click on the link showing at the top of your screen now. and watch that one first. Okay, welcome back. If you’ve gone and watched the linked video, you won’t have any question about
how we got to this stage. So now we have the internal assembly out and
we’re ready to disassemble and inspect it. So after about thirty five hundred kilometers since the last ATF lube, it looks like the oil is still getting in where it’s needed and it looks to be well lubed. We don’t see any sign of
excess wear or breakage Looks good Okay now it’s time to turn this over and take the drive side cone and bearing out. We have not done that with this hub
before so it’s time for it to be inspected and lubricated. For the next stage of disassembly it’s
very important that you not attempt this without the proper tools You need the actual Specific Shimano tools for this next operation Now we can lift the cone out, clean ,inspect and re-lube the bearings. I’ve removed the ring gear just so I can
inspect the internal assemblymore closely. It’s very important important if you do remove the ring gear that you do not get the timing marks misaligned. Each of the planetaries will have a blue line and those have to all be aligned perfectly outward (or inward) before you put the
ring gear back on. If you don’t understand the principle
of timing the planetaries, I’ll link you here to another video that demonstrates this principle So click on the link above and you can
learn all about timing planetaries. Okay, so the issue of timing the planetaries is critical enough that it bears repeating. Because if it’s assembled incorrectly you will break the
hub. It’s just that simple. So if for any reason you have taken the ring
gear off, There are blue marks on each of the planet shafts that goes all the way down the shaft on each set. You can align them without the special tool. I don’t have one, and you probably don’t either, but you can eyeball it If the blue mark aligns with the center of the pinion
shaft on each of the three inward in a line with the center, then you’ve got the alignment correct Again, it’s a crucial step, if you miss this step you’ll break your hub. Okay I’m not going to go into gory details of the reassembly of this
thing. I will provide a link at the top of the screen, and below in the description to a tech document that you can consult to be sure that you’ve got every thing together in the right order and
the right way. There are right ways and wrong ways to engage these parts together so be sure
to consult the tech document before you reassemble it. Once again the Proper Shimano tool is needed for this
operation If you don’t have it, don’t attempt it. The carrier unit is back on Now for the balance of the oil dunk and reassembly, please refer to the previously
linked video. I won’t bother running through it again. It’s all the same stuff Hopefully next year we will be back and this hub will have thirteen or fourteen thousand kilometers on it and hopefully it’ll still be ticking along just fine. Actually, this hub doesn’t tick, this hub is silent. Hopefully it will be humming along fine. Thanks for watching

10 thoughts on “Shimano Alfine 8 speed. 10,000 km on ATF

  1. No. Apparently that can be an issue if you try to disassemble it without the special Shimano tool. I attended a Shimano tech clinic a few years back where they did a demo of this, and the tech stressed the importance of using the correct tool for that very reason.

  2. You service hubs for other people, customers I assume. Have you come across one where the roller clutch had desintegrated? I recently bought a bike with an SG 8R30 that has that problem. There is a thin long spring that came out when I dropped the internals out of the casing. Would you know where this spring attaches?

    With the needle bearings loose the hub still operates fine but with out the spring I can't downshift. I'm not in a position to purchase a whole new hub or carrier unit even. TIA

  3. Hey Dan, say I put the ring gear back on with out timing the planetarys. how would I know if it is broken. It could not get it to shift properly so have taken it apart a few times since and now have it all together with the gears timed and done right according to all the info I can find but I only have gears 1 and 5, it wont shift into the other gears… any ideas? Thanks for the videos… – Matt

  4. Hello, My Alfine 8 has a "problem". The normal position for the yellon marks for adjustment is 4th gear but after last time i remove the wheel, i only can tune the shifting pulling more cable. The perfect adjustment is only with yellon marks separated by 2 mm. So in 8th gear sometimes the gear doenst engage properly. What do you think happened?

  5. Dan your voice sounds amazingly similar to the old 50's and 60's US military black and white films 😉 ps will be looking into changing from derailleur to the 11speed hub once I get to test ride one. Great insight videos bud

  6. Just a heads up. I had my alfine 8 for two years and started developing problems 6 months ago where certain gears in the higher rang (5,6,7,8) would not engage smoothly and where the 8th gear began continuously clicking. . Adjust was spot on. I just fixed the problem today by changing out the cable and it works perfectly. I opened the hub 8 months ago and everything inside was pristine and well greased. The reason why changing the cable worked so well is that once you get into the higher gears on the alfine the tension in the shifter cable increases causing it to stretch more and be less accurate in the higher gears. This is many alfine users a have issues in the higher gears. Cannot believe that the cable change was so simple, easy, cheap, and effective. Should be the second troubleshooting step after checking adjustment. Best of luck to everyone!!!

  7. Is the hub still working? I used ATF for my nexus 7 and 8 hubs and they are still working well, but do both not have run 10 000 km yet.

  8. You seem like a knowledgeable guy. I have a question for you. I have a new Nexus 8 red-stripe hub, which uses the same internals as the Alfine 8 if I understand correctly. Most of the time when I downshift from 5th to 4th, it will feel like it downshifted all the way to 1st, then 4th will engage with a loud clang sound. (I have the shifter assembly adjusted slightly off from the ideal position indicated by the markings, because otherwise it will never shift into 8th.) As I understand it, gears 1-4 rely on two sets of reduction gears, and it seems like one of the reduction gears isn't engaging until after I pedal several strokes. Is there something I need to adjust inside the hub to improve this, or do I have a factory-defective hub? I've already done the oil-bath procedure to try to loosen-up any parts that might've been overly-restricted by the factory grease.

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