Shimano XT y SLX de 12 velocidades

Today we gut the new Mammoth World
12-speed SHIMANO SLX and XT groups. After the launch of the XTR, Shimano gives
one more twist at 12 speeds in the mountains, presenting two cassette options
with different developments and, something that many we were surprised: the option to mount monoplate
and two course option, thus getting 2×12 transmissions, with a range of developments
vast. An important goal for development
of the 12 speeds was to be able to ride the Small 10-tooth sprocket, instead of
of 11 that until now was the usual one in Shimano. To do this, they developed a new core
with the XTR group, called MicroSpline, which it also joins the new groups now
XT and SLX. If you want to know more about the world of
Cores, click on this card! In both groups, we will find two options
of 12-speed cassettes, a 10/51 for greater range of developments, and a 10/45 that
offers us a smaller jump between crowns, ideal For rally lovers. GRAPHISM While in the option of a single-rod connecting rod
we can mount any of the two cassettes, depending on our needs, for
its use with double plate cranks we can only mount the cassette 10/45. The new cassettes have the technology
HyperGlide PLUS that, in addition to facilitating the rise of crowns, opens a new carving
in the teeth that also facilitates the descent chain between pinions, with gear changes
very fast and a very quiet transmission and soft. The new chain and its design also contributes
So be it. The differences between XT and SLX cassettes
resides in the materials in which they are manufactured. While the XT rides the two crowns more
large in aluminum and the other 10 in steel, the SLX mounts only the large crown in aluminum
and the rest in steel, which makes the cassette XT is a few grams lighter than the SLX. The spiders of both are manufactured in
aluminum. In both groups there is a change option with
long box, designed for transmissions monoplate, and short box designed for
Two course option. The new changes have the system
Shimano Shadow RD + retention, which maintains always tension in the chain preventing
this hit the bike pods on the ground bumpy and guarantees us greater accuracy
exchange. Its low profile design also leaves the
change, less exposed to possible blows with stones or branches And in all the options roldanas are mounted
13 teeth to minimize friction and optimize the smoothness of the transmission. Regarding the cranks, Shimano remains faithful
to its 24mm bottom bracket and, both in the XT as in the SLX we find the technology
Hollowtech II hollow rod and bottom bracket integrated in the right crank. And an interesting novelty is that it disappears
the spider and the plates are anchored to the cranks directly with the Direct Mount system,
which allows the cranks to be interchangeable between the three groups XTR, XT and SLX, and that
are compatible for single plate and double plate. In the monoplate option we will find teeth
of 28, 30, 32 and 34 teeth, and on the connecting rods double plate we will have the option
36/26, which we can only combine with the cassette 10/45, maintaining a high range of combinations,
but with short walking steps for a cadence consistent. And everyone has the new profile called
Dynamic Chain Engagement, with different teeth width that facilitate better retention of
chain and a smoother and quieter transmission. We will find the connecting rods with widths of, 142
mm and Boost 148 mm. and in lengths of 165, 170, 175 and 180 mm. For the rear derailleur controls, Shimano
it presents two options, one of direct anchorage to the handlebar and another, directly mounted to the
brake lever, called I Spec-EV, and allows us to play with 20 degrees of adjustment
rotational and 14 mm lateral adjustment. The changeover command has several functions. In both XT and SLX we can upload several
crowns of the same pulsation. At the time of lowering crowns we have the
Two Way Release function, which allows us lower crowns by pressing the lever both
with the thumb, forward, as with the index finger back. In the case of the XT it also has the function
Multi Release, which allows us to lower two crowns With just one press. As for ergonomics, only the XT has
of some rubber pads on each of the buttons, which give it better
touch and grip Another novelty is, for those who opt for
a 2X12, two-course transmission, Shimano It has a new control with single lever
that allows us, to raise and lower plate, pushing said lever forward. Available for both XT and SLX. Derailleurs for 2X12 transmissions
They are SideSwing type, which makes the cable make a tour with hardly any curve,
which translates into a change of dishes very fast and that requires very little force of
push from the handle. But if your painting is not adapted for
This assembly is also available for Type D, E and M anchors And for normal widths and BOOST. Do not forget to keep an eye on this video to
remember types of diverters The new 12-speed chains have been
redesigned with a much inner plate more elaborate that improves the retention of
the chain and contributes to the smoothness of the descent of crowns. Both chains have quick link
Quick Link To stop, in both cases we will find
a single type of handle, contrary to what happens with the XTR, which has specific handles
for Rally and Trail / Enduro. The new XT and SLX brake levers inherit
the design of the Rally XTRs, which seat with much more firmness on the handlebars thanks
to a new support that is very close to the internal part of the handlebar grips. In the brake calipers we can choose between
2 and 4 piston options, depending on the braking power we need. In the case of 2-piston brake calipers
its design has not been changed, they are the same than the current ones, but in the case of
the 4-piston design is completely new, and is directly inspired by the
from the top group of Shimano range, the XTR. The brake levers of the new XT have
In addition to the Free Stroke adjustment, which allows us adjust the contact point of the pads
brake with the disc, and also have the Servo Wave system for a drive
faster and improved power, and also of a textured handle that gives us better
grab As for brake discs, there is only
the Center Lock mounting option and are available in diameters of 140, 160, 180
and 203 millimeters, all with Ice technology Technology for better cooling,
that in the XT is reinforced even more with the Freeza tencology, for greater dissipation
of heat and more powerful and effective braking. And, to complete these groups, Shimano has
developed a catalog of wheels and hubs with MicroSpline core. In SLX, Shimano offers us front hubs
in measures of 100×15 and Boost 110×15 mm. And rear 142, 148 and 157 x 12 mm. In XT, we will find complete wheels in the
diameters of 29 ”and 27.5” and specific for both Rally and Trail / Enduro. Rally ones have an internal tire width
24 mm, which allows mounting tires of up to 2.35 ”and, in those of Trail / Enduro, the
rim width is 30 mm and we can mount tires up to 2.6 ”. In all cases the wheels are made of aluminum
and compatible with Tubeless. And with Boost hub width and through axles. Today a long video but that certainly deserved
worth to show you all the news of the new Shimano XT and SLX group. We thank you for being there every Sunday,
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