one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to talk about, where’s your
power steering fluid, now in most older cars, you just find the power steering
pump belt, there’s a power steering pump is down there, and the reservoir
somewhere near it, here it is, and the fluids inside there, this one was easy to
find because the power steering reservoir will you check the fluid is
right on top of the power steering pump, now some cars have what’s called a
remote reservoir, the pump will be where the belt is, and then if you follow the
top of the power steering pump, there will be a long hose, then that’ll go to a
remote reservoir usually somewhere near the fender or the firewall, but it’s
still pretty easy to figure out, and the older ones are real easy to check,
they had a dipstick and it’s cold here because it’s cold outside, and if you
check it when it’s hot, the other side had a hot side, and it could be between the top
and the bottom when it’s full, and the old ones are also cool, because they even
told you what kind of fluid, here it says use Dextron type automatic transmission
fluid, fill the proper level, told you everything you needed to know, now over the
years people have asked me, hey should I change my power steering fluid, and the
answer is, if you keep your cars for decades like I do, yes, and here’s why,
power steering pumps are hydraulic pumps, some of these things will put out
fifteen sixteen hundred pounds per square inch pressure, that’s an awful lot
of pressure, so over the years the fluids going to get dirty, dirty fluid has more
friction, it actually becomes somewhat abrasive, it can ruin the seals in the
pump, on the rack, and those things can cost a lot of money to replace, but I’ve
been a good boy and I changed my power steering fluid out every four or five years on
my old Celica and look, it’s got two hundred and thirty nine thousand miles and has the
original power steering pump, rack, and hoses, and in most cases the fluid is
pretty cheap, you can just do it yourself with a turkey baster, suck it out of the
reservoir, and drive around the block and then suck it out again, and change the
fluid five or six times in a row like that, and you’ll get most of the dirty stuff
out, but in many really modern cars, you can have a really hard time finding
where to put the power steering fluid in, because in some modern cars like this
Mustang, they no longer have hydraulic power steering pumps, and if
you look at the front of the engine, you’ll see there’s a fan belt, it runs
the water pump, it runs the alternator, and it runs the air conditioner, but
there’s no power steering pump, and that’s because it has electric power
steering, that further gets you better gas mileage and more power, as you can see in
this diagram, electronic power steering, you still turn the wheel and it goes to
the steering rack that turns the wheels, but the assist is done by an electric
motor assembly, and the picture is right here, it uses an electronic motor to give you
extra power, so you don’t have to turn the wheel so hard, and can you make steering feel
normal, sport, or comfort since it has electric power steering, the computer can
adjust it lots of ways, so before you lose your mind looking for your power
steering fluid, check to see if you got electronic power steering first, because
you might not have any fluid, but if you do have fluid, now you know how to check
it, how to change it, so your system won’t break down and cost you a fortune and
repairs, and remember if you’ve got any car questions, just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel, before it’s too late!

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