SHOW MY VILLAGE ep03 PAL PARK #SHOWMAVILLE #SMV 쇼 마이 빌리지 (미주한인로컬토크쇼) 쇼마빌 뉴저지팰팍 파킹Smart Parking Meter

Pal Park is actually a town where Koreans’ memories (happy or sad) are kept It’s a town where lots of people come and go but it’s very quiet nowadays – Yeah
– I think these smart meters have a great influence on it – It is definitely linked to what Jennifer said – I was the 15th president of Palisades Park’s Chamber of Commerce – when you listen to all those who run small businesses They complain that because of these smart meters their business has been very slow recently One of my friends paid with a credit card So since the minimum charge is a dollar, he had 1 hour of parking time But he successfully ran errands in 30 min and came back
so he was gonna leave Pal Park in a good mood But there was a ticket on his windshield So he took it out and read it
– they are definitely bullies, like I said – Although he had an hour, the violation time was written in the midst of an hour and there was a violation ticket so yeah he paid so this is absolutely the malfunctioning of the machine so he brings this and goes to Pal Park City hall’s Violation Bureau and he shows this to them and says I paid for an hour with a credit card But I looked at this and this ticket was issued although I had 30 min left
This is unfair Then Pal Park’s Violation Bureau tells him to go to the Police Department So he goes to the Police department and tries to talk to them but they don’t listen and just say go to the court so he got offended I mean we are trying to talk to them about this
but they just say go to the court go to the court – But pastor. It’s okay for the people who are fluent in English
– Yeah – for the elderly ones, it would be so difficult
– so when they try to explain with broken English – They say Okay and give you the phone number
This means that you have to call the company that supervises these meters and complain to them directly – Just because of a dollar?
– Because of the parking, yeah. So you try to call them but they are in Minneapolis – Minneapolis?
– And when you try to call, as you all know, you have to struggle with the machine – A whole day isn’t enough
– And not only that but you need to prove that you paid for an hour at the time the ticket was issued so you have to go to a bank
and talk to the bank manager or a representative and explain to them that I purchased an hour with a dollar So basically the solution is to Go to the court There are people who got divorced because of this – Really
– For real?
– No I’m joking – But you get offended because of it – So
– When you go to eat with your friend, spending your own money and time – and you know shopping is important too
when you try to buy clothes it takes time to ask them about the clothes or the products but you have to be nervous every time you go
and if you get a ticket, can you be nice to others? You just go into the store and uses ##$%^#% words An old man goes to get a cheap haircut which costs
only about 14 dollars but if he gets a ticket which costs him 40 dollars he will complain to the store manager that he got a ticket then the store manager won’t be nice to the employees This is definitely a vicious cycle It means that Pal Park is regarding
Koreans as Redfish testicles – What?
– Redfish testicles – What is that?
– Beep
– Redfish testicles are pushovers This is because the redfish has two testicles so they don’t need one
– Beep – lol really?
– You didn’t know. Did you?
– Yeah I didn’t – You didn’t?
– No.
– So there’s a saying that
the redfish testicles are pushovers – Edit this out later, please – But in the merchants’ perspectives, the customers need to come in, look around and ask about the stuff but
– they are busy and annoyed – the customers just leave quickly because they are afraid of the tickets Yeah that happened to me too
When I go to a clothing store in Pal Park – You bought Hanbok there, didn’t you
– How did you know – Yeah you only wear Hanbok
– You need to wear it even when you sleep – You wear Hanbok even at night! – The store manager told me this was not a one-time thing – After these smart meters, the business has been really slow – Even if all of the store managers do not talk about these kinds of complaints they will all have one, won’t they?
– Yeah, a lot. Even these 4 of us have so many complaints
– Yeah – Pal Park’s visitors, residents, and the store managers will have A LOT of complaints – Yeah, this is not effective
– Yes.
– We have to tell them that we don’t want to use the smart meters Please put a subtitle below So we need to hear their voices here
– Then we need to gather them – We need to gather, gather, gather up the viewers’ thoughts/opinions/voices – Let’s do it all together – How?
– Gather, gather gather up the cases – We need to once again gather, gather, gather up our power – Yeah, so where should we gather them up? – Um.. there are lots of organizations – No pastor, we can gather them up here: My Village Pal Park – It’s a good idea – Subscribe us
– Do you believe in God
– Amen – Let’s gather them up and show our power – Yeah so that the problems can be fixed There is this thing called “the communicating with the residents” where he listens to the residents’ opinions but – Don’t trust his words. They are all lies – Before we reach that, we should first gather up others’ thoughts on smart meters It would be nice to gather them up here – What will be our next episode about, pastor? – Is Pal Park, Palisades Park or Duplex Park? – Yeah yeah. Pal Park’s really I mean Fort Lee has a lot of them too but it seems like Pal Park has no houses other than the duplexes – Yeah
– Has it become like 20 years since they built them like this? – Yeah, and duplexes are still being built…

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