SHURflo Flow Meter Repair

Just like any other part, sometimes SHURflo flow meters need repairs. FarmChem carries SHURflo meter replacement parts and… while we won’t replace any parts in this video, we have a step-by-step walkthrough on how to disassemble and reassemble your SHURflo flow meter. First. release the latch on the outer cover, then twist the cover to expose the inner parts of the meter. The part with the LED screen, motherboard and battery is the electronics kit. If you don’t need to replace that, put it aside. Remove the six screws that hold the meter housing cover. Take out the housing seal cover kit and the o-ring wrapping around it. Below that is the nutating chamber with an o-ring around it. Remove the chamber by popping it out with a screwdriver. At this point the meter is disassembled. To reassemble, first take note of where the discharge arrow is on the back of the housing kit. Take the nutating chamber, check the o-ring at the discharge end of it… and, with the hole facing the discharge port, place the chamber in the housing. Follow that by properly installing the o-ring around the chamber. Take the meter housing seal cover and line up the knob on the underside of it with the divot in the housing. Use the screws to secure the housing seal in place. Finally, twist the cover back on and your meter is ready for use. For more information on SHURflo flow meters or to order SHURflo replacement parts, call us at 800-247-1854… or visit

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