SI UNITS Quick Fire Questions – GCSE Science Revision – SCIENCE WITH HAZEL

Hi, guys. Let’s do a quick fire question on units. Units, unit, units: it’s the easiest way to lose marks in a physics exam, and you mustn’t do it. I’m going to read you out a value, and you need to provide the unit. And it’s the standard SI unit. Obviously, we’ve learnt there’s loads of different options, but there’s one preferred option unless they give you a different unit in the answer box. Let’s dive straight in. What is the unit for weight? That’s newtons. Mass? That’s kilograms. Force? Newtons again. Acceleration? Metres per second squared. Speed? Metres per second. Time? Seconds. Distance? Metres. What is the unit for momentum? That’s kilograms metres per second. Energy, and that could be gravitational potential energy or kinetic energy – any type of energy? That would be the joule. Power? Watts. Charge? Coulombs. Current? Amps. Voltage? Volts. Resistance? Ohms. Density? That’ll be kilograms per metres cubed. Wave speed? That will be metres per second. Frequency? That will be hertz. Moment? Newton metres. Pressure? Pascals, or newtons per metres squared. I hope that video was helpful to you, guys. It’s so important that you sort out your units. I’ll be back soon with another upload. Take care. Bye. (music)

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