Side Bend Exercise With Dumbbell – Love Handles, Abdominal

Hi i am Rekha Ganguly. I am a fitness trainer.
i’ll show you how to do a dumbbell side bend. Start with your knees shoulder width apart.
Use a dumbbell weight that is not too heavy for you. I’m using 5 kg dumbbell. Place
one hand on your waist and stretch in the opposite direction, come up and contract.
Inhale stretching down to the left, exhale contracting to the right. Once done on this
side. You can change side. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Do hit
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10 thoughts on “Side Bend Exercise With Dumbbell – Love Handles, Abdominal

  1. It's wrong way..
    If you dumbbell hold it right arm you should be also turn left side .. and dumbbell hold left side should be turn right side…. you have Fucking knowledge.. please stop it this nonsense

  2. Dis is actually effective ….
    I try and seeing results positive and fast tysm 😊😊😊 sister

  3. Great space saver!>>> Depending on the exercise you are doing, they may be a little bulky, but I love just having one set to go to.

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