Siêu Hành Tinh Với Chiều Rộng 4,4 km Sẽ Bay Qua Gần Trái Đất

Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen! Here are some really interesting
things going on right now that you should know about so lets get started. First…you may not know it, but today, right
now, there is a massive astroid nearly 3 miles wide that is making a close encounter with
earth. According to NASA, this is the closest to earth an asteroid of this size has come since it first began tracking near-Earth objects. The asteroid is so close you can even see it with certain binoculars and just a back-yard telescope and the best time to see it is late evening. So make sure you take a look at fForence, yes
it has a name. The giant space rock will pass 4.4 million
miles from earth, which is about 18 times the distance between earrh and the moon. Now it is not the closest a NEO or Near Earth Object has passed by our planet but it is by far the largest. And if it would have hit earth
then…well lets just say, you wont have to- worry about going to work on Monday, or Tuesday if you’re in the US. Anyway, the asteroid, Florence is named after Florence
Nightinggale and was first discovered in 1981 by Schelte J Bus at the Siding Spring observatory in Australia. It orbits the Sun every 859 days and won’t come this close to us again for about another 500 years. Unless we all become robots in
the near future, this will be the last time to take a look at this monster. And speaking of monster asrroids possibly hitting
and ending all life on earth. You know we do living in a universe where random space objects are really just flying around every which way, so the chances that a big
one will eventually hit us is probbaly pretty good. And this could happen become of some random asteroid or when a large star could come close enough to the Sun and nudge some comets out of orbit and send it crashing towards earth. So according to Researchers from the Max
Planck Institute for Astronomy that very well may happen because there are about a couple
of dozen stars that will creep very close to the sun and possibly send some comets our way. Now the good thing is, it most likly won’t happen for over a million years. Anyway, researchers using data from the Gaia Space Telescope predicts that within any one million year period between 490 and 600 stars will come within 16.3 light-years
of us. Now that may still seem pretty far but in the
grandness of space that can still be close enough for their gravity to pull on objects in our solar system and pull them out of orbit. And what scientits are scared of is the disturbance of the oort cloud which is basically an extended shell of icy objects that exist in the outermost
reaches of the solar system. And it probably will be disturbed, because approximatly 19-24 stars are expected to get as close as 3.26 light year and may drastically disturb the
object flying in space and maybe pitch one our way. And the closest is a dwarf star called Gliese
710 that could crash through the cloud itself, but again that wont happen for at least
1 million years. Finally accoridng to popular science and basically every other science publication out there. Last Saturaday, astronomers hunting for signs
of intelligent alien life in the universe have recorded 15 mysterious radio signals coming from a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away. And I’ve talked about FRBs before, they stand for ‘Fast Radio Bursts’ and are basically short pulses of radio emission, just milliseconds long, believed to be coming from rapidly spinning neutron stars or black holes in distant galaxies or from powerful spaceships from alien civilizations. And a particular FRB named FRB 121102, is really interesting because it’s repeating and thats something scientists cannot explain. And then last week, researchers from the Breakthrogh and Listen project which was a project set up by Stephen Hawking and russian billianare Yuri Milner to basically find aliens. And they found new activitly from FRB 121102 Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue? And acoording to Emily Petroff, a post-doctoral researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. “The repeating FRB source is an anomaly in
the population right now; it’s the only one of its kind,” “We’re trying hard to find more, either by checking to see if other FRBs repeat, or trying to find more FRBs and monitor them),” “Keep in mind that the population is still
really small. Only 30 FRB sources have been found, from 29 of those we’ve only seen one burst, from one of them we’ve seen over 200!” Basically to see 15 burst from one source
in a short amount of time is really rare, well, it’s never happened before. And a press release put out by the Breakthrough
Listen organization, said: “Possible explanations
for FRBs range from outbursts from rotating neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic fields, to more speculative ideas that they are directed energy sources used by extraterrestrial
civilizations to power spacecraft. But whatever the sources are, everybody is really excited about this. Because, again like I said, it never happen before. So if anything, reasearchers are learning more about FRBs. But I’m really poll for aliens here. So to recap, don’t forget to check out that asteroid, or we’re gonna die in about a million years. And ET is phoning us. Alright guys, thank you all so much for watching. Have a great weekend And unless an asteroid hit us, I’ll see you next week.

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