SimpliFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits

We’re going to show you how to use the Fluke Networks SimpliFber Pro to take a loss measurement. We’ll use our SC interchangeable adapter and our multimode encircled flux test reference cords or TRCs, which we’ve already cleaned and inspected. Using our Encircled Flux TRC we’ve attached the light source to the power meter. We set reference using the one jumper method. Using a coupler we’ve attached the second TRC and we’ll run a test to verify they’re good. We should not get a loss greater than 0.15db. We are now ready to test. After cleaning and inspecting our fiber under test, we connected the light source and power meter, and are ready to take our measurement. You’ll notice the source is alternating between the 850 and 1300 nanometers giving you both wavelengths in one result. We can now save the result. Later we can import our test results into LinkWare PC, to review and print reports. SimpliFiber Pro from Fluke Networks

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  1. How can we calculate the loss is it based on Frequency of signal or distances of cable? another question is what is the maximun distance it can mesure ? and finally raftly how much does ot cost?

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