SiTime High-Temperature MEMS Oscillators | Digi-Key Daily

SiTime presents a family of MEMS oscillators
designed for high-temperature ruggedized applications. These oscillators are field programmable,
offered in a wide range of frequencies, and are available with options for package types
as small as 2 millimeters by 1.6 millimeters. Also, their footprint compatibility to quartz
allows for simple interchangeability. They are available in both industrial and
automotive temperatures grades, and accept input voltages ranging from 1.8 volts up to
3.63 volts. These low-power consumption devices also feature
vibration sensitivity as well as shock and vibration resistance. Their SOT-23 package devices allow for board-level
solder joint reliability and low-cost, optical-only board-level inspection. Ideal applications include automotive cameras,
infotainment systems, oil exploration drilling, industrial motors, aerospace equipment, radar,
and more.

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