Slip down a 300 meter long never ending water slide! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.18]

– That’s so nice. / – The ocean! (Water park on the ocean, Korea’s biggest water park) It’s a waterfall. – We’re finally here. / – The sun and weather… Are so great! – Look at the palm trees. / – Oh, yeah, palm trees. This place is 17 times the size of a soccer field. – It’s really big. / – It’s gigantic. They built this with the South Pacific as the theme. – You studied a lot. / – You really looked into this. – I studied a lot. / – You seem intelligent. – Right? I’ll be your guide. / – That sounds great. – I studied a lot. / – We’ll trust SinB then. – Just follow me. / – She got all the tickets. GFRIEND’s LOL Park Tour! Go, go. It’s huge. (The first water park of the LOL Park Tour) (The biggest water park in Korea with Polynesian theme) ($55 to $74 depending on the season) We should go have fun at the wave pool. (Excited) They head for the wave pool. You shouldn’t run. It’s dangerous. (The maximum depth is 2.4m and it’s 135m long) (Very strong waves of 2.4m in height) Goodness, goodness, goodness. Right from the start. It seems like a sports drink commercial. (The intense heat goes away with the wave) It doesn’t seem like they’re enjoying it though. It seems like they’re enduring it. – We’re going to start enjoying it. / – We enjoyed it. We’ll start enjoying it. They chose the best rides of the water park. It must be so exciting. – It’s hot. / – There are so many things to ride. This place is so picturesque. Check that out. – Wait, that looks scary. / – Did you see it? Isn’t that a bigger version of sledding? A bigger version of sledding? – No. / – Those rides are fun. – That… / – That’s really fun. – Oh, my God. / – That’s so much fun. – So long… / – That looks fun. You come down and it goes up like the Viking. That’s so much fun. So fun. I really want to go. Remember our team name? LOL Park Tour. – We… / – We have to have fun. We agreed to keep laughing throughout our trip. So let’s not frown. – We shouldn’t frown. / – If we do… We’ll have to get punished by getting hit by a water bomb. That waterfall? And you have to buy snacks. – We just need to keep smiling? / – Yes. We have to keep smiling. ♪ Don’t frown ♪ Is she smiling even though it hurts? – Yes. / – Since it’s the LOL Park Tour. We shouldn’t frown. ♪ Don’t ever frown ♪ (No more smiling) – I think I’ll frown. / – You go upside down. Actually, I couldn’t go on rides before but I’m much better now. Are you okay with rides? I do because otherwise it’s a waste of money. – For me… / – I’m like that too but… I don’t really enjoy the thrill. You’re fine though, right? – She’s completely fine. / – I like those rides. She can probably stand up on those rides. My gosh. (I’m scared!) (This is nothing) (They get on) You need to check if any one of us frowns or not. – We made a bet. / – We made a bet. – Do not put your head down. / – I’m so scared. It’d be so fun with friends and family. It’s scary. (Make it speedy) (Let’s go) This isn’t too bad. – This is great. / – This is fun. I’m scared. Those kinds of rides are fun. My goodness. What is this? Did she just break her neck? Water kept going into my eyes but I tried not to frown. I’m so scared right now. (Can they keep the smile on?) I’m so scared. (Screaming) It looks so fun. My goodness. Someone’s screaming. It looks fun. Goodness. I’m so disoriented. I didn’t frown. – I didn’t frown either. / – No. – I definitely heard screaming. / – I was smiling… But I forgot how I was after a certain point. I’m a bit suspicious of SinB. – SinB’s camera lens is foggy. / – That’s right. I’m a bit suspicious of SinB. – It’s SinB. / – Wait a minute. SinB! I told you. I said I was suspicious of SinB. (Laughing) Well, I should get punished then. The camera was so heavy so it hit my face. Doesn’t that hurt? That must hurt a lot. My gosh, look at that. – I’m sure she’s not really smiling. / – It might… Look like a commercial since it’s SinB. SinB. – I’ll cheer for you. / – It’s 1.5 tons. – It’ll feel cool. / – It’ll feel refreshing. Shouldn’t we cheer for her? 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ Bang, bang, bang, Hwang Eunbi ♪ You’re pretty. – She even had to buy snacks. / – I was really scared. You should smile when you’re getting punished. Try to look pretty. – Move your hand out of the way. / – It’s coming down. (All smiles since it’s not them) I hope her hair doesn’t come undone. My gosh. She’s getting hit by that? (3 seconds before getting hit by water) – It looks painful. / – My gosh. I thought my neck was going to break. She tied her hair so well. You tied your hair so well. That was natural. (Goodness) Hey, you still look pretty. You’re pretty. – Really? / – You’re pretty. It’s so strong. It’s like getting smacked on the head. It’s incredible. – I tried to walk out proudly. / – You did a good job. My voice is shaking. Why did I pick my nose? – She just touched the tip of her nose. / – An idol… She got hit in the back so the snot came out. So… I’ve never seen her doing that before. – Is that the water coaster? / – It’s 22m high. It’s really high and long. – It’s very long. / – It’s the nation’s tallest coaster. It’s 22m high. It’s 300m long. – It’s 300m long? / – This is… Not that scary though. It’s just fun. – It’s not that steep? / – Right. It’s something everyone can enjoy. – It’s still thrilling. / – It looks fun. It has a lot of slopes. It’s unfulfilling if it ends too quickly… – After waiting in line for so long. / – It’s unfulfilling. Isn’t this ride for two people? – It is, right? / – Then we should… – Split into two groups? / – It can’t be. – One of us has to ride it alone? / – No. I believe they have a tube for three. If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors. They love to play games. (Umji will ride the waterslide alone) – Umji said she was scared. / – Right. (Cry) Here we go. (SinB and Yuju go first) (Screaming) (Screaming) (Bump) The camera! (Screaming) (Shouting) It looks fun. It was really fun. – It’s very long. / – This is amazing. This is so much fun! – You can scream for 3 minutes. / – It’s worth the wait. (A steep slope appears whenever you calm down) It’s really long. This ride is so long. What’s this? It’s not ending. It’s like a train. – You’d feel bored… / – She says it’s like a train. After going about 200m. You’ll meet a steep slope whenever you’re bored… So it’s fun. (The 300m-long slide just never ends) (Her wet hair is fluttering) (Excited) She looks like she’s really having fun. – Thank you. / – Please get off the tube. I want to try it. – What? What’s wrong? / – Stumble. (Who are we? We are GFRIEND) – Who are you? / – She’s a little scary. – I didn’t have a choice. / – Where’s Umji? She’s not down yet. – Let’s watch Umji. / – She’s riding alone. That’s right. I should’ve gone with her. I get scared real easily. – She’s easily frightened. / – Is she riding it alone? – The safety guard is so lucky. / – The safety guard! The tube is for two people so she can’t ride it alone. Someone has to ride it with her. It needs to be balanced. Let’s take off. (She starts screaming as soon as it moves) Goodness. (Screaming) (She’s smiling with her eyes) – It must be fun. / – I know. – It must be thrilling. / – She seems to like it. She’s enjoying it the most. Mommy! – She’s so cute. / – It’s more fun in the front seat. (Screaming) – She’s like a pansori singer. / – It’s over, right? – Excuse me? / – Is it over? It’s really long. There’s still long to go. (Isn’t it over yet?) (Everyone finished the water coaster with a smile) Umji, you’re so cute. (Did you just call me?) – It was fun, right? / – It was fun. – I had fun. / – I screamed out of excitement. – But it didn’t end. / – Right. So I kept shouting again but it still didn’t end. – I like that feeling. / – Let’s ride it again. – I want to ride it again. / – No, no. Instead of riding this again, let’s ride something else. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – They should eat something. / – Yeah, let’s eat. They went to Yeosu to eat? – Yes, another water park. / – Lots to eat in Yeosu. The place was beautiful. – This place was so nice. / – There are… – Many delicious foods in Yeosu. / – So clear. The sea is so nice. (The sea is quiet and peaceful) Let’s eat something first. – I talked about it before. / – Right. Pike eel. Pike eel? Pike eels are in season from June to August. Let me look it up. Pike eel? As soon as I type in pike eel, it shows Yeosu pike eel shabu-shabu. Yeosu pike eel shabu-shabu. Shabu-shabu with pike eels? It’s right here. They cut pike eels like this. Once it is cooked, it looks like popcorn. – That’s amazing. / – It looks like a flower. It tastes so good. But pike eel shabu-shabu could be unfamiliar. – It’s cooked in clear broth. / – Blooming flower. (This is pike eel shabu-shabu) We can see the sea from here. – The view was very beautiful. / – You have to eat… While enjoying the ocean view. – So I heard. / – Pike eels are impatient… So you can only eat them here since they die. – Because they’re impatient? / – Yes. Now that we’re here… – We should try it. / – We can eat it only in Yeosu. Yes, only in Yeosu. – It’s $130 for 3 people. / – $130? – For 3 people? / – It’s $100 for 2 people. – The side dishes were so good. / – The dishes… That looks amazing. Was that an octopus stick? We tried all of them. – I want to try it. / – It’s cockle. Is that your happy look? – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. – Is this skate? / – Yes, it is. Let’s try skate, everyone. – I like skate. / – We should try it. Dip it into salt… – And eat it with kimchi. / – With mustard leaf kimchi? Yes. No way. – I’m scared. / – Me too. You should try it. We’re in Yeosu now. We should try it. (Umji tastes skate for the first time) – You should eat the whole thing. / – That’s right. – You shouldn’t bite into it. / – Right. Oh, no. Try it. It’s good. It’s good. – It’s really good. / – I’m nervous. – What do you think? / – Keep chewing. – Your nose will be cleared up. / – With a bang. Was that your first time? – Yes. I’d only smelled it before. / – But she… Ate it all. (Yuju takes a bite) It’s good, right? She’s a little… It’s her first time. That’s an honest reaction. I know how it feels. (Her nose is all cleared up from the skate) You should try this. It looks good. – The cockles were really good. / – They are big. – It was really big. / – Why is it so big? It’s called a big cockle. It was really good. It looks salty… – But it tasted just right. / – You’d be full after two. It’s perfect with rice. The cockles. I’ve never had cockle this big. – Isn’t it good? / – It’s good, right? Great cockle. Great cockle. Great cockle. Right. It’s really good. – You have to chomp on that. / – That’s not free, right? Cheers! – Is it included in the menu? / – It’s included. The red sauce here… They say it’s their special sauce. This is good. – The broth was amazing. / – It’s boiling. They make the broth with the bones and heads of pike eels. They’re not just delicious. These are all healthy food. Let me tell you how to eat this. You should blanch the vegetables slightly, except onions. – Eat the onions raw? / – Raw? Yes, you should eat them raw. Onions are in season from July to September. – The onions are sweet. / – They’re real sweet. So you can just eat them raw like that. Many people eat raw onions. – I’ll put in the vegetables. / – Okay. Plop, plop. – Boil for 5 to 8 seconds. / – I thought… They’d have pizza and beer. It feels kind of new as they’re eating pike eels. Right. – It is also fun. / – 1, 2, 3… – How long? / – 4, 5. It’s done? That’s it. – It’s pretty. / – She said it’s pretty. – I’ll try it in a wrap. / – It looks like a snowflake. I’ll eat it with a perilla leaf in one bite. – It looks so good. / – I’m curious about the taste. You must be curious. – It must be so good. / – It’s good for your health. – What do you think? / – Is it good? (The eel) The eel… – The texture. / – The texture. – Is fascinating. / – It’s fascinating? The pike eel is in season now. You can taste it in Seoul but it costs double. (Let’s try it) – It’s good, right? / – It has fine bones… But it’s not dangerous. – It’s not dangerous? / – They sliced it up. This is very chewy. Let’s start. – Let’s make a wish. / – 1, 2… – 3, 4, 5. / – 3, 4, 5. It shrinks in the broth. That’s interesting. – With onions… / – You’re supposed to eat it like this. I see why people eat it with raw onions. The onions make the eel less greasy. You should eat eels to play at a water park. To really have fun. Our mouths are too… They eat really well. – You’re supposed to open up wide. / – That’s the way. Girl groups should eat health foods like that. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food.

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  5. when i go on scary rides i laugh at my friends face or family members face and that's what makes me happy about scary rides becuz i forget the scary bit?

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