Smart Meter Connected Devices – Customer Testimonials

So the big value proposition for me for
getting the smart meter connected device was really to get more control over my
energy usage. What it really does for you is it lets you understand how you’re
using electricity where you’re using electricity and how you can save money
and how you can manage the energy use in your own home
really very simply. The connected device does let me have an influence on the
environment it allows me to monitor my energy usage and it also gives me a
rough idea of what my bill might be so I’m not surprised. So my house is a
typical 2,400 square foot two-story suburban home. We use a significant
amount of computing equipment saving the environment saving saving energy all
those are important to me and this is giving me the set of tools to manage
that so I now know what my impact is what my footprint is. My children have
iPads and iPhones and you name it since I work in IT there’s a lot of stuff
going on Go online registration process to to sign up for the smart meter connected devices super quick it only
took me about two minutes and believe I’ve heard back from someone and about a
day or two I sparked devices several screens that I use to monitor energy
usage one of the real-time reading the other one is the history of yesterday
versus today. So it gives me a tool that I’ve never had before
it lets us know exactly what’s going on out so I can see what the power usage of
the home has been over time and what is it instantaneously so I know what what
you’re doing at the house and can control our usage and save money. After getting the device we’re able to determine like oh the light bulbs that
the developer put in our home were like hundred watt light bulbs. There were no
energy efficient light bulbs in the home today
let us down several paths to try to make our home more energy-efficient it will
show you what your current usage is and if you happen to notice on in the amber
region maybe I left those lights on downstairs they should turn them off or
I have some other equivalent of time that maybe doesn’t need to be on. I’ve
been able to take advantage of using the data that my smart meter connected
devices provided I can see what my energy usage is what they’re projecting
it into usage is which kind of helps go down how much energy we’re using or try
to change our behaviors a little bit to help things balance out. So you get a
good measurement you see what’s going on you see the effect of new appliance
purchases you see the effect of looking around and turning off lights unplugging
stuff destroying power all the time you see that effect and I feel good about
that. I would actually really recommend other homeowners get the smart meter connected device is a quite useful tool in your arsenal to help manage their
energy usage being able to get real-time stats will definitely help you see if
there’s ways you can change things to help your environment. It’s enlightened
us it lets us understand what our electric usage is how much power we’re
using at this moment how much power we’ve used over time and make
appropriate decisions on our energy use

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