Smart Meter Installation

we are upgrading to smart meters in
every customers home over the next few years for free. They talked to a simple
to use a smart in-home display that gives you control of your energy in real time
so you can see how much energy you are using and how much it’s costing. Anything that helps you understand how much energy you’re using is a good thing in
my book. Once you’ve booked an appointment to have your smart meter
installed we will confirm your appointment and a couple of days before will send
you a reminder. On the day we’ll give you a phone call to let you know that we’re
on our way. We can also set up a password we take every care whilst we’re in your home
we’ll carry out a few checks to make sure that we can install your meter for
you will then remove your old meter and taking it for recycling when we leave.
We’ll install your new meter either your electricity supply your gas
supply or both. it usually takes an hour to set up just
your electricity or just your gas and about two hours for both. Your supply
will be off for around 30 minutes from each fuel once installed the meter will
start to send your readings directly to us
meaning that you’ll get accurate bills without the need for a meter reader to
visit we then set up the smart in-home display and we run through how we use it.
It has been created to be simple to use and it gives you an idea of how much
your energy use costs. The smart in-home display allows you to access a huge
variety of real-time and historic information from how much energy you’re
using now into how much you use last month. You can even set up a budget to
help you to control the amount of energy you’re using. Smart meters put you
in control of your energy allowing you to make decisions about your energy use
that could save you money.

3 thoughts on “Smart Meter Installation

  1. WARNING TO EVERYONE. Eon and Smart meter's are a scam. I have a HEAT WISE meter DOMESTIC E7, eon is my energy supplier and my electric bill is £361.00 a year, ( i don't use a lot of energy ). Recently they sent me a letter informing me my tariffs will be increasing by a few pennies not a problem i thought but they still insist on changing my current meter to a smart meter Economy 10 to save me money, OK i thought and asked how much would my electric be per year on a smart meter, they calculated my current usage for a smart meter and told me my energy per year would be £479.00, how strange i said as my current energy cost per year with my heat wise meter is £361.00, how is a smart meter going to save me money when it's costing £118.00 more then what I'm now paying, eon didn't have an answer to that question. Eon has now informed me if i don't have a smart meter installed, they will put me on the higher rate tariff, Complaint was sent 31 May 2019 to Ofgem Regulators reporting the facts.

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