Smart Meter Testing

At SaskPower safety is our priority. Since
we last installed smart meters in 2014 we’ve been going above and beyond to make sure they’re
quality we can stand behind. Today we’re doing more than 20 different industry standard tests,
so we know they’re accurate and function properly. On top of that, we’ve added rigorous safety
tests that we’ve developed ourselves. These exceed all industry standards. We’re making
sure these meters can withstand high voltage and fluctuating power current. We’re testing
extreme hot and cold temperatures in a controlled environment. We’ve been exposing small groups
of smart meters to Saskatchewan weather for more than a year and a half, and we’re getting
an independent testing company to verify our results, for your comfort and ours. We’re
committed to installing meters that work safely and efficiently. Smart meters and a smart
grid are in our future, and more accurate bills, shorter outages, and more control
of your power use are in yours. Learn more at

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