Smart meters explained –

Smart meters will do away with having to
submit manual meter readings i.e you yourself reading your meter and submitting that to your energy supplier and instead send those over the
airwaves to help give you accurate bills. We’ll get an in-home display. That means a useful and interactive way of seeing how much you’re spending on a daily basis or even live in real time. Everyone will be offered an energy smart
meter between now and 2020 You don’t have to accept this offer — it is entirely optional and up to you as to whether you take the opportunity to have a
smart meter installed. There is no direct cost to having a smart meter installed. What that means is that over time, the cost of the installation program has been factored into your bill already. Not everyone is currently eligible to have a smart meter installed. That may be down to the type of property you live in, or whereabouts in the country you are. It depends entirely upon your supplier and
as they roll them out. The first generation of smart meters are currently being rolled out. These are the meters that when you switch supplier, you don’t necessarily keep the smart functionality, when you join your new supplier. From January 2019,
the second generation of smart meters are being installed. With these meters
you’ll be able to switch supplier whilst also keeping your smart functionality. There is also the suggestion that the first generation of smart meters will be
upgraded over the airwaves to behave and act just like the second generation — in
other words, you’ll be able to switch and keep your smart functionality. However, we’re yet
to see any evidence of this is successfully working on any scale.

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