Smart Sensor AR820 Digital Formaldehyde Gas Meter Review

Hey guys , welcome to Meterics today we’ll
be having a look at this Smart Sensor Digital Formaldehyde gas meter. This is the AR820
model to be exact so it’s a very simple and very compact easy to use formaldehyde meter.
This formaldehyde meter doubles up in the fact that it measures
Relative Humidity as well as Temperature all in one so it’s a very simple and easy to use
meter that is quite practical and very efficient to have in the office, at home, in your garage
in the car, pretty much anywhere. We’ll just quickly go through it because its that simple
as you can se it’s got a four button layout and the first button we cannot fail to notice
is the POWER button, you simply push that and immediately it turns on you will have a 10 second
countdown in those 10 seconds it basically activates the sensors and it detects for formaldehyde.
Once it’s on you get the Formaldehyde, the Temperature reading then the Relative Humidity
right below. So those three readings are all clearly displayed on the same screen you do
not need to push any buttons to change whatever readings you’ll like. Everything is displayed
all at once making it very efficient. Right next to the Power button is the ALARM button,
this silences the Sound Alarm once it goes off when the formaldehyde levels are high,
the alarm goes off then you just push this button and it will silence the alarm. Next we have the UNIT button in which it changes the units for Formaldehyde as well as the temp. To change the
formaldehyde units you simply push it once and it changes it from ppm top mg/m3 and you
can do it again and again and again. To change the temperature readings you need to
hold in the UNIT button for about a second then it changes to Fahrenheit, again to Celsius
by holding it in once more. It’s very simple and very straight forward, UNIT changes the
units for formaldehyde and temperature, relative humidity is measures in percentage so
it doesn’t change. Then we have the back-light which once pushed provides a nice bright green
back-light making it very easy to see and to read during the night or in under-light
environment. So that’s it for today guys, I hope I’ll see you again next time when we’ll
be actually testing for formaldehyde and we’ll get to see the formaldehyde levels go up and also
get to test the alarm and see what happens to the meter once it detects really high formaldehyde
levels. Until next time guys, that’s all for today, we’ll simply turn it off by pushing
the power button and the meter is off.

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