Smart Sensor AS803 Digital Light Lux Meter Review

Hi everyone, today I’m going to show you how
to use this digital lux meter. As you can see this digital lux meter is very small
and compact. Before I start I just like to point out that this sensor on top is rotatable
so you can actually measure light from any angles from where your’e standing. So lets
start, just press this on button and instantly you’ll get the readings as you can see up
top it is the lux values, so the light and the bottom ha;f actually is the temperature
so this comes with a built in thermometer. Let’s start with the first button here on
the right abd it says LUX and FC and this is basically the unit button for the light.
If you press that once it’ll go from lux to FC (foot-candles) and press that again and
you go back to LUX. The second button here on the bottom is the Celsius and Fahrenheit
button you just press that once and it’ll go from Celsius to Fahrenheit press that again
it’ll go back to Celsius. Also this button is the back-light key as you can see this
meter has an already pretty small screen but measuring in the dark areas, you just wanna
hold this button for a while and there you go, you get a very bright back-light and very
useful. to turn it off just hold that button again for a sec and there you go. the last
button actually serves three functions so if you press it the first time it’s just a
regular hold function which means everything on the screen is going to freeze so if the
numbers or anything fluctuating it’ll stop. If you press it the second time you’ll get
the MAX setting. the MAX function is basically anything above this current reading is going
to be shown, it’s going to show the maximum reading in real-time. Same thing if you press
it the third time, it’ll go to MIN. What minimum does is basically the opposite to maximum.
It’s going to show anything below this current value in real-time. So press it a fourth time
and you’re back to normal. to basically turn it off if you’re done, just hold this POWER
button for two seconds and you’re good to go. Hope you found this video useful and I’ll
see you guys next time. Thank you very much.

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