Smart Sensor AS823 Digital Light Lux Meter Review

Hi everyone, today I’ll be showing you how
to use this digital lux meter, its from Smart Sensor and the model number is AS823. Before
we start as you can see it has a removable sensor, this is the sensor and you basically
plug it in on top of the meter here. Let’s the meter on, just click that once and as
you can see straight away you get readings. The top part we have the lux measuring the
light and the bottom half is the temperature so basically this meter actually comes with
a built in thermometer. The first button is the HOLD button, if you press that as you
can see the numbers are actually fluctuating right now so if you hold that it’s basically
going to hold all the readings and they’ll stop jumping around. Press that again and
it’s going to keep jumping. On the left and right we have the MIN and MAX. If you press
that you’ll see MAX on top there and that means its only going to show anything above
this so basically the maximum reading for each session. Same thing with the MIN if you
press that you’ll get the minimum reading in real time so press that once again and
your back to normal. The forth button is the FC and LUX these are the light units which
you can select from. Right now it;s actually on Lux if you prefer Foot Candles (FC) just
press that once and it’ll go to FC. Also the last two buttons here are very straightforward,
this once shows Fahrenheit and Celsius, this is basically the unit button for temperature
depending on if you prefer Celsius or Fahrenheit you just press that to switch between those
two and Last but not least it comes with a back-light. It’s a very green and bright back-light
so perfect if you are measuring in darker surroundings or during night times just press
that and there you go. Once your done and you wanna turn it off just press this Red
button again and your good to go! Hope you found this video useful and I’ll see you guys
again next time. Thank you.

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