Smartphone light meter for photo & video, Cine Meter II

Hi this is Bruce with BSVP On-Site we’re
here at NAB 2017 with Adam Wilt who has a great new app, actually it’s not a new
app. it’s been around for a couple years. It has been updated recently called
Cine Meter II. Why is the app useful for most camera people in production and on site? It’s a reflective and incident light meter and color meter that runs on the iPhone. It has spot metering built in. It has a waveform monitor. Both luma only and RGB. Very handy for looking
at chroma key backgrounds to see if you’ve got good color separation. It has a color
meter built-in with correction calculator so you can take readings of
your light and match it to a given temperature target or find out how to
match, you know, the ambient light back to your target light so it has both the
source to target and target source modes. So most people just kind of point their
camera and just start shooting and they don’t really understand the reason for
white balance or how to white balance and it varies across all cameras. But
let’s take a look at the unit and show what they actually does and how you can
actually dial in your temperature. You would use light near not just when
you’re going there to shoot but in the scouting of location. And I can do this
even before the camera setups so I can do this on the pre-light day where I’m not paying full rate for a set and I haven’t rented the
camera yet. But I can go in with the lighting crew and start rigging lights and
knowing what my light values are and how they’re going to relate back to the
camera. So I come in on a shoot day I can set the camera on sticks. I can set the
aperture and start rolling straight away. It has usually some controls for example
I can come up here to ISO, Vary that. See how my aperture changes. I don’t also
have just a in aperture variable mode, I can come in and set it. So I pre-set my aperture now and see how my shutter speed changes. So for example if
I know I want to shoot to at T4, I can come in and set that up
and see what effective aperture or what shutter speed I’m going to need as a
result. I have a waveform monitor built-in. It can either be in pure luma mode or
RGB which is very handy for color separation. For example, to long see how
that that t-shirt would separate for green against an orange background I can
see my red channel is quite a bit higher than my green or blue channels. They’re
useful for checking that sort of thing. Also for examining the evenness of
lighting on a green screen or a background. So it is a fully zoomable
spot meter out to 15 times. I do have color temperature up here. I can actually
come in also to a color calibration panel. where I can set a target value and
see what my current light reading is and get my color correction gels for it, as
appropriate. In both correcting to a given target setting or correcting from
the target setting to ambient. Based on whether I need to correct my camera or I
need to correct my lights to match my ambient environment. I can do it both
ways. There’s also an incident mode where I can take a photo sphere this is a $30
add-on from Extra Sensory Devices. It’s available directly from them or off of
B&H or Amazon. Snd now I can take incident readings and walk around the
set and capture information that way. And again all the color temperature
information is available at all the various settings they’re there as well.
One thing I didn’t mention before is there’s also a false color mode. So I can
turn that on and now I can set my levels for false color and use that as a
visualization technique to see where levels are really hot where they’re down
on the shadows and where my gray scale is. So I can lock an exposure and keep
that and then walk around my set and see how my lighting level varies. Excellent. For more information and how to download this where do you go? It’s on the App Store it’s Cine Meter II – that’s the Roman numeral two. And the full information
is on my website Thank you very much. This is
Bruce at BSVP On-Site

7 thoughts on “Smartphone light meter for photo & video, Cine Meter II

  1. I love this app, it’s affordable and really useful but some constructive feedback. The intro music is too loud and just stops, the white balance and camera profile changes during the review. Thanks again for a great app!

  2. I like the BSVP logo, in the information was good, but as others commented, the music at the beginning was so loud, and distracting, it made the whole segment seem very amateurish. My advice is to use music during the logo intro or outro only, if you like, but once the interview starts, don't put anything on the audio tracks other than the voices of the people talking, especially when you already have significant ambience noise like you do during a convention.

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