SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong

Let’s make a gravity bong It’s a really simple thing you just need a couple things are probably already laying around your house; an empty 2-liter soda bottle and then a larger bottle container bucket. To start off We’re gonna cut the bottom off of this bottle right [here]. Which is cut all the way around [I’ve] been bad at this since preschool And now what we need is our water container. I want this guy, to fit in there with a little bit of slack I’m gonna use my scissors to cut all the way around and There we have it our water bucket and our chamber. Now that our water container is Miraculously suddenly filled up the only other [item] you need is a tiny bit of tinfoil It’s probably not healthy to use tin foil as a bowl piece, but you know what once in a while [hell] I just crumpled the tin foil, and I’m gonna put it into the top of our smoke chamber here And what I’m gonna do is press down the ends of it around the rim of the bottle [I’m] just gonna puncture a couple of holes Into this tin foil. I’m Gonna be real gentle And what I’m gonna do now. I’m gonna lower that in there Take some of this shake right here and put it in there I mean, I guess to made just about a nice fat pinch so that’s what I’ve [got] here when you’re taking a regular bong hit You’re just pretty much pulling. That’s the force that’s Bringing you know you’re inhaling you’re just breathing in this just packs the smoke into your lungs very often It’ll make even a veteran smoker cough, so now comes the only sort of hard part I got a light this bowl and lift up this bottle at the same time Let’s go That’s a nice fat hit It’s a lot of smoke to go in at once I’m gonna get about there, and I’m going to remove this I’m gonna put my mouth over top of this and just push down I got a little water in my mouth either way So that’s how you do a gravity bong hit it’s a whole lot of smoke at once Probably not the kind of thing you want to do all the time, but it gets you stoned really quick I need some water

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  1. "probably not the kind of thing you would want to smoke all the time " said no stoner ever. didn't even hit it right plus you could have just used a socket in the cap but i think you know that

  2. Расходимся! нас наебали! тут обычный водник, и ещё лайф хак, чтоб не снимать фальгу (крышку) надо сделать дырочку и вверху бутылку и вдыхать через неё

  3. In Russia and Ukraine it wery popular because u can be super high with just 0,5-0.7 g weed
    We call it wodnik or wodnyy.

  4. Easier to just burn a hole in the bottom of the 2 litre bottle, cover it, fill it with water then do as shown in the video but instead of pulling the bottle up, let go of the hole and let the water flow out and pull the smoke into the bottle. No need for two bottles, just the one (it’s easier if you’re out and about and don’t have a table to do the one in the video)

  5. nice of him to show it off, but he’s and amateur in gb’s. if you were in Slovakia, you’d put much more of the good stuff in there and take it in one hit, no matter how much you’d cough afterwards xd

  6. In new Zealand we call that a buckie . Instead of your tinfoil try using a a cone piece of your pipe and melt it into your bottle lid works way better

  7. All you need is the two-liter bro.

    I used to make them from 2-liter coke bottles, with a bottle cap that I dremel'd and then I cut the bottom off a .45 bullet casing, and wedged it into the hole in the bottle cap, this gave me a long term removable "bowl". Finish it off with a simple brass screen shoved into the bullet casing. Works great.

    My only big problem with it is that you gotta stare down every time you take a hit and if yer a heavy smoker who wants to do that, you wanna be toking while watching a movie or nature or whatever. Small beakers can be had for like $30 and are probably a better idea if yer not completely broke lol

  8. The most popular method of smoking in Poland, it's called bucket (wiadro). It's the most harmful smoking method btw.

  9. we all know how to make a gravity bong… i just wanted to see ur face after taking a hit from that weed taste killer, its disgusting!

  10. this is the russian sub culture of weed smoking. and of there are eny real street art in novosibirsk I need to see such bong on some central street wall.

  11. Instead of the foil use the 2 liter cap and a socket that has a thinner bottom. Either heat or cut the cap so you can fit the socket it. If you heat it it will last 10x longer

  12. wtf, is this amateur hour? keep the cap on the bottle and put a hole in it big enough for a small socket (stolen from dad’s tool kit). use the socket as a bowl piece so you don’t get alzheimers from using tin foil like a dumbass

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