SnookerNet – Millimeter 3D reconstruction accuracy

SnookerNet 3D Reconstuction Demonstration First the camera intrinsic parameters are found by calibration routines. Then the camera pose (Rotation and Translation) with respect to the Snooker table has precisely been inferred The Snooker Table becomes an Augmented Reality play zone. (Note the 3D cube) Here the position of the blue ball is inferred with millimetre precision (at the centre of the table) Next the black balls position is shown… Standard black spot is at 3251mm from the bottom cushion. Here we get to around 3254mm-3261mm for the black spot This specific table is 19mm longer than a standard table (3588mm vs 3569mm) … pretty precise! The 3D cube that hovers around has a side of length the diameter of a standard snooker ball (54mm) The top edge of the cushion is at 35mm above the table bed

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