Soda Bottle Watering System For Growing Plants In Containers

We grow peppers and eggplant in these half
barrels and it works really well except in the summer when it gets hot and dry. It takes
a long time if you’re running a sprinkler to get these things to get enough water and
because I drilled drainage holes in the bottom, I should have what time about 4 inches from
the bottom on the side of barrel, I’ve mentioned that before. So I was looking different watering systems
and Donald over on webcajun did a video on how he waters his plants using a piece of PVC pipe
and he mentioned he got the idea from a guy named Jeff over at Bologna ringRanch and I
watched both videos and this is my version for watering these half barrels. First remove the cap from a 2 liter soda bottle
then take a flat screwdriver and stick under the collar that remains on the bottleneck
and twist it till it snaps off. Then take the soda bottle stick it upside down in a
vice and take a 2 inch hole saw and cut a hole in the bottom, start with the side going
forward until the drill bit goes through the bottle and then put it in reverse to finish
the hole. Take some 1 inch PVC and cut it into 12 inch
long pieces, stick one end of it in the vice, then take a heat gun and shoot it down through
the center of the pipe. I’m going to let the video run here in full time because it doesn’t
take that long to soften the pipe, just so you get an idea of how long it takes to soften
the pipe with the heat gun on high. When the pipe is soft enough use two hands push down
firmly on the bottle and screw the bottle into the pipe until the whole neck of the
bottle is seated in the pipe and then let it cool. You can’t push on the bottle to put these
into the dirt it will either crush the bottle or separate it from the pipe so take another
piece of pipe make a hole part of the distance you want the thing in the dirt, if you want
it 9 inches on the ground push a piece of pipe 6 inches into the ground first then insert
the bottle and take the other piece of pipe slide it inside the bottle and use that to
push it 3 more inches into the dirt and then fill it with water. The first time I used them about a third to
about a quarter of the water drained out between a half an hour and an hour it took over night
for the rest of the water to drain out of the bottles. I don’t know how they’d work just stuck into
the ground in a regular garden but it might be worth a shot to try one and if you let
me know how it works out for you. Well I hope this works for you so far I like
it and if you like it please comment, rate and subscribe thanks for watching, bye. Chrome VoiceNote 8/17/2015, 8:41:38 PM

99 thoughts on “Soda Bottle Watering System For Growing Plants In Containers

  1. Nice simple system. Thanks. Similar to what I did with my grow tower last year but I used tubing and no bottle. Like yours better and will be trying it next year. Tried to make it a wicking container this year but it won't wick high enough.

  2. It's a sound idea.I'm wondering if caping the bottom and drilling drain holes would stretch the water use.basicly ottom feeding the plants at any rate there for makeing the roots dig and develop. Nice concept.I have a similar set up on a wick type hydroponic box.realy watering at the root is optimal,regardless of how its the end these plant will be very healthy

  3. i like this idea but i have a idea use the pvc pipe but get a T piece with two more T pieces and make like a H on the bottom of barrel drill holes in the H pieces so the water can drain slowly once the soil is moist basicly the same idea with a sturdier pipe system foundation.

  4. You state that the water "drained" out overnight…. how is this a watering system, it's not much different from standing there and pouring it in the plant yourself?

  5. Hi guys, I'm working on a senior project that is similar to this. If you could take a 2-min survey to tell me about the things you grow and your experience with gardening, that would be awesome! Link is below:

  6. Have you guys thought about making a central system instead? For instance… have a big 50 gallon barrel up maybe… 10 feet with a large collector collar around it to get more rain water… then have hoses (or pvc) coming from the bottom of the rain barrel to each one of your plant buckets that feed into your pvc that go into your feeder… Might be interesting. If it can collect and store enough rain water it would really be a self watering system… (not to mention free if you aren't on well water)

  7. I have tried this but the water goes right throught my plant. I have put trays underneath to stop the water from making a mess. Is there something Im doing wrong or do my plants need to be transferred to a bigger pot????

  8. I doubt this is good for your plants. For this thing to work your soil has to be wet enough to seal the air from coming into the tube from beneath. Very few plants like much water in the soil. It has to be wet, but plant roots also need air, not just water.

  9. I grow scotch bonnet peppers in containers in Oregon where we are very temperate usually, but this past summer we were so hot it was hard to keep a correct balance for these tropical peppers. I found a fitting that went onto the pvc that that the soda bottle fit into nicely. I don't have a heat gun. I also drilled holes into my pvc pipe that went into the soil and in the early mornings I would put frozen pop bottles on top of my pipe which melted as the day went on. Made watering so much easier! Very similar to your DYI – Thank you!

  10. I think this totally solves my problem: I love gardening and growing my own produce but I have moved into a house that had large black walnut trees in the back yard. Well, you know what that means..can't grow tomatoes and many things that I want. Even in the raised beds, eventually the juglone eventually gets to the roots of the plants. So, I am so going to grow my tomatoes, raspberries…an everything that I want in these. I like the idea of the incredible self watering gutter gardens, but it is too much work to get built. Thanks for the great vid.

  11. saw this method used by farmers in south east thailand , at first I could never understand why all these bottles were upside down in fields until I asked a local , mystery solved ,,, and yes it works as any thai farmer will tell u 🙂

  12. My grampa used milk jugs with a hole poked in the cap and bottom cut off to fill through with the hose. For his tomato plants. They can get a fungus if the leaves get wet too often. So it must work.

  13. tnks for trying to make a positive difference n the garden experience! gd job like yuh video will try soon' wen I redo my herb' garden ..

  14. I'd like to use this watering system to water my 55 gallon garden towers. Each unit has a 6" perforated PVC tube in the middle where the composting worms live. Is the 1" PVC tube that's attached to the soda bottle also perforated? I am thinking to drill holes in the sides of the PVC down the length of it so I can position the tube right on the inside of the barrel so the holes will be next to the plant ports so each plant will be watered. Would that let out too much water, or do you think it would work well as an inexpensive alternative to a pump and drip system?

  15. I use pop bottles in my containers with a store bought tip to fit the end of the bottle. Fill it up replace the special tip and waters your plant; especially if you leave for a short vacation. Will do it again. However I will use your method also. Happy gardening. Thanks for the watering tip. 🐞

  16. Errrr, why not just dump the water that your putting in the bottle, into the soil?
    For all that effort, you could have made a drip irrigation system.

  17. my dad had invented the plantpot reservoir not even kidding he has the blueprint and everything that he made in the 1990's 1980's
    his idea got stolen from him before he could even publish it

  18. I thought ur not supposed to water the plants in the mid day r at night.if I do that the plants get watered in the mid day & at night!

  19. Hi Mr. Mojoe! Thanks for the video 🙂 I have some tomato plants in containers on my patio and just made my watering systems yesterday. The water drained out so quickly. (Less than 5 mins) The pots are not as deep as yours. Could this be the reason why? How often do you water? *I'm new at gardening

  20. I live in central FL, and have used bottle much the same way except I don't stick them into a pvc pipe. I use a ice pick and make holes around the neck of the bottle, leaving the cap on and sticking it top down in the dirt. I cut out the bottom of the soda bottle giving a wide opening to water thru.  The punched holes around the neck of the bottle that is down in the dirt allow the water to seep out at root level slowly. (2) In my 5 gal buckets I add a pvc pipe and water into the pipe so the water gets down to the root section of the plant.  (3)  I also have drilled holes in the bottom and lower sides of a 5 gal bucket and sit the bucket into a plastic pan used for changing oil I found for sale in the automotive section at the Dollar Tree Store ($1.00) in USA  that is just the right size to set the bucket into and I put water in the pan watering the plants in the bucket from the bottom only.   These are the 3 ways I have found to get water to the roots faster.

  21. Don't use plastic to grow plants and veggies.
    Why don't you people understand that using plastic bottles for growing food and veggies will only increase the concentration of harmful chemicals in plants. Plastic start releasing toxic chemicals after certain time. And these chemicals will get in food cycles.

    Its only a temporary solution, which has a much harmful effect in long term.

    Wake up please

  22. when I first watched this video I was going to ask about if you had any problems with algae groth but after reading the comments it seems that it drains fast enough to keep that to a minimum. I use grow barrels with drip sustem as well as B A Kratky no pump hydroponics systems in our new greenhouse, as we habe had to gight black walnut treee as well as creeping Charlie and very alkaline city water. I had also seen my elders who gardened in their day use this system you have here, but they said it was to get the water down into the ground deeper to alow the upper roots to take up air in the first couple inches of the soil. this was news toe as at that time I thought plants got their air from leaves or something. this is also why the B A Kraky no pump hydroponics systems we use work so well. interesting idea here.

  23. instead of using plastic bottles use terracotta pots with small opening hurried inside and plants around it. ur idea had one side effect of plastics being getting dissolved and spoiling both plants and soil.

  24. your mistake was cutting a hole in the top that allows too much air to come in and push the water down it's best not to it will drain as it dries

  25. 🤠you just gave me an idea! Use your same system but add another bottle so it is a little higher. Punch holes in the bottle Cato and screw it into the other bottle, then if you are growing tomatoes — use the sides around the half barrel to make supports for the vines or use circled wire. I would like to try it if I can find me some old barrels.

  26. I don't understand why the bottle is used. Cant you just use the PVC pipe, but have it wider, or taller if you need more volume of water. Assuming the container is big, and pipe can be supported.

  27. are you not worried about the sun's heat beating on the plastic–allowing chemicals to leach into the food you are growing? BPA?

  28. for sanded soil it need cloth to warp that hole and make cloth spread away so water can distribute well. i use it on my onion garden soil. sanded soil is best for onion.

  29. Would this work for plants that are in the ground, without a pot? I am trying to find a way to keep the flowers on my dad's grave in the best shape possible and thought it would be a nice idea with Father's Day coming up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to post this video.

  30. ̶̷̸ ̶̷̸B̶̷̸ɪ̶̷̸ʟ̶̷̸ɪ̶̷̸ ̶̷̸G̶̷̸ᴀ̶̷̸ʀ̶̷̸ᴍ̶̷̸ᴀ̶̷̸ɴ̶̷̸ ̶̷̸ ̶̷̸ says:

    Use Ceramic watering tips,,,they use no electricity, easy to set up straight from the package~ set&forget it, no more over/under waterings!

  31. It is a simple and easy to make but very effective system! For a few days away from home, works miraculously !

  32. what happens if the water gets too hot? I mean, is that a problem to look out for? I live in a tropical climate where our average day and night temp is 30C with humidity at a constant 65%. Will the water get too hot?

  33. We had a horrible wet summer that destroyed our peppers. I am growing in the buckets like I did in the past. Tomatoes got hit by blight,so they are going in buckets too. The only issue I face is water while I.m away on vacation. Need to have a self watering system. I giving that study. Great video and great advice. Thank You Rob from Eastern,Ontario PS. I tried the soda bottle and it got me through ok, while I was away camping

  34. hello – just came across your video and after a buit more research found what I am going with . Thx.

  35. People have been making self watering planters long before some companies started making them…what infringment did you make that made youtube unhappy, Mojoe?

  36. I would suggest when using this method to take a box cutter and cut an X in the bottom and not make a whole as you've done. In my area that would be the perfect breading ground for mosquito and other insects.

  37. Thanks for sharing this idea mojoe60. Do you think a similar set up but using single serving water/soda bottles could be used efficiently for smaller sized containers? For when I go away for a long weekend?

  38. Thanks for sharing the vid but may i suggest placing a fine mesh over the exposed opening to prevent mosquito infestation plus what about all the concern of chemicsls in the plastic bottles leaching out when exposed to high temperatures into the water soil & veggies

  39. Thanks but i use long neck glass bottles in 11/4" pvc pipes no need for heat gun. But i also fill the pieces of pvc pipes with a sand or fine gravel then strapon with a cabletie a 83 / 90% shadecloth at the bottom end which is inserted in the soil & this works for me. The heat from the sun & water in those plastic bottles is a risk a the chemicals leaching out into the soil i dont know how if any danger this uptake by the plant poses to our health but why take the chance. Plus you should put some fine mesh over the opening of the pep bottle against mosquito infestation.

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