Soil Moisture Meter – How To Use It

(light music) – Hi, did you know that
over-watering is the number one killer for potted indoor plant. It is not always easy to
determine if your plant is ready to be watered. Even though the topsoil
feels dry to the touch, lower part of the roots
might still be pretty moist. Since it is not possible to check the soil on the lower level, we
are making our decision based on the dryness of the
topsoil, and as a result, we often over-water our plants. How fast soil dries
depends on the airflow, temperature, and light. For example, during
Wintertime in colder climates where indoor heating is used,
temperature inside rises, and soil tends to dry faster. Or during Summertimes when a seed is used, and the temperature stays
cooler, and soil tends to dry slower. For all potted indoor
plants, we use and strongly recommend soil moisture meter. The small but very
beneficial tool will help you to understand when your
plant is ready for a drink. And no more guessing if you should or should not water your plants. This soil moisture meter
is very easy to use, and does not require batteries. Let me demonstrate how this tool works. Stick meter as deep as
you can into the soil without hitting the bottom of the pot. We recommend to test the soil in a few places around your plant. Note moisture level in the meter screen, and water your plant if reading
matches suggested number at which your plant should be watered. The list of common plants
and suggested reading for each plant tag are listed
on the back of the packaging. It is very important
not to keep meter in the soil at all times. Use it only to test the soil,
wipe it clean after each use, and put it aside. Soil moisture meter will make
your indoor plants happy, and your life taking
care of plants easier. Thank you for watching
and have a green day. (light music)

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