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Hi! I am the Marriage Broker And my commission….. Is only 5%! Do you want to see the photos? You are Rammoorthy’s son aren’t you? Yes What if we match him to Viswanathan’s girl? The girl is like a parrot!
-Let’s poach it! Welcome to our matrimonial site So far… We have completed 1 lakh marriages! Yes! Including my marriage, and my wife’s marriage We get the alliances and arrange for the meetings
-Yes! And the rest is… Magical! Idiot! Tell the name of that website! www dot In matrimony, there are three kinds of men With more options… With less options With NO options Women, there are three kinds Family girl I’ll come to the office tomorrow, we will talk then OK
-The working athlete Confused Pre-meeting expectation, Women Dear god, my parents should really like him! Please, he has to go on-site And if you go, you should take me too Dear god! He should also be an Ajith fan He should be a CSK fan, I’m trusting you Don’t desert me Pre-meeting expectation
-MEN Dear god!
At least THIS girl should like me! Greeting each other Hey! Hello Sorry HI! Hmm sit down *He has no manners* Ehehehe After settling down and ordering the food Trying to impress That is, showing off *ahem* Sorry, something is poking New car! Tell me! Diamond Ring! My mothers! One Sweet lime juice! Without sugar! Dieting Actually I read a lot One pasta Alfredo With sun-dried tomatoes And black olives NO mushrooms And uh… little bit of extra cheese, thank you! *You are dead* Easiest way to impress any guy Grand Introduction My ancestral place is past Delhi, in Thanjavur Delhi?! Exactly! You can reach Delhi only if you cross Thanjavur.. Hahahahaha Ma, what is my native?
-Kapiagudi! Where is it? Where is it ma? Near Chidambaram You know Chidambaram right? I was born and brought up in Chennai In short… I am a Chennai Rhino There are 5 people in my house Mom dad, brother, sister-in-law and me! What, marriage is a little delayed Did the coffee go a little cold? Yes! Is he hinting that I’ve become old? My hometown is Bangalore Dad’s from Calcutta, Mom’s in Hyderabad Sister is in America, but we are all a joint family I’m the only girl Dad’s pet
-Hmm And then…. There’s Muffin dear! You know who Muffin is right? My dog! So cute! He is only this much Attention! In the conversation Attentive because of no other go Attentive elsewhere Sorry sorry, phone phone Hello! Who is talking? It is me!
You have been looking at the phone for too long
Look at me Oh it’s you only… I’m sorry
It is me!
You have been looking at the phone for too long
Look at me Oh it’s you only… I’m sorry Different level Attentive Very Attentive Very very attentive Extremely attentive Career Talks You see I have a good job Uh, I have a house, a car… Have a bike too, why I have a cycle also!
Hahahahaha I want to start a Production company What other job does an Engineering graduate have?
On site only! Hmmm I want to be a housewife PhD.
Abroad Actually I got a job in HP I love screen painting I should start a bakery Should study a lot Should help the needy Actually I don’t know You are very clear Cooking Mmmm…
I help my mom a lot! She will cook I will eat nicely!
But i can cook Maggi amazingly! But what to do? They banned that also Of course I know cooking Chinese, Lebanese, Indian, Thai Everything! Yes, what do you like? Vatha Kuzhambu and Appallam Vatha Kuzhambu and Appallam?
How do you do that? I make amazing sambar rice! Isn’t it tempting?
yes it will be Sports! Used to play cricket when young Then, I hurt my little finger If only I hadn’t hurt it I would have become
Virat Kohli is what my father claims! Hahahahaha! Didn’t you get the joke? Should I explain it?
Hahahahaha Angry Birds, Clash of Titans Candy Crush! Level 360! How about you? I play shuttle I am the champion of my flat Shuttle Badminton?! You mean that Saroja Devi game? Funny girl! I love cricket
No chance! Exactly, no chance, that’s why I dropped it Unghhh Dowry How do I seem to you? I am very Forward Thinking Oh no, don’t shooot your mouth You stay in your own house only right? You will wear a saree right? What?! No, if you come with the tied saree it is enough But of course All marriage costs you will take care I want my hubby to have A 6 figure salary And a Volkswagen car One 4 bedroom house That’s all Hm Is this alone not Dowry? Food Pure Non-Veg! But on Saturdays alone…. I’m a pure vegetarian Very rarely I will eat chicken But only when drinking It’s become 36 years Will simply have to eat whatever I get now Habits So… you are a social drinker I am a geographical drinker’ What is that? If I ever go out of town… now and then No no He doesn’t seem the type who will smoke or drink right? It’s a good thing I didn’t drink last night Would have flopped Expectation Mismatch It said 80 KGs on the profile Looks like he is 100 Said she was Family-oriented Doesn’t look like that It said 10 lakhs and above salary You can’t get so much without going on-site Perhaps… He is lying He keeps saying mother now and then Maybe he smokes too Random Conversations Rajnikanth Kamal Hasan Chennai Super Kings Mumbai Indians I love dresses I love watches Dad!
-Mom My best friend is Prithvi
-Cookie is my best friend I love cuppy cakes! What cuppy uh?! Anushan starsign Moola Starsign I am *** caste I’m ****
-What’s your favourite Ice Cream? Scotch!
-Butter Scotch MGR! -Sivaji!
-Rajini -Kamal! Bugle! Bigle! Ah sevalu avulu All shows house fullu!
Peta rap! Sorry Sorry! Danger Zone Previous Relationships That is Don’t say it To be honest with you In 8th standard In 11th standard College 1st year… Last year! I’m being honest with you ok? Yes! For a small time How many? Mmm. 5 years She left She died? No! She got married! hahahahaha! One guy cannot even stand up… Go man! No… Even if you say you have no one is going to believe you Say whatever you want I studied in a girls school, went to a girls college… Why, the movie I saw last week was also 36 Vayadhinile Looks like a stooge, tell him the matter Yes There was a guy
-Who is it? No
-I don’t wanna talk about it
Ok What’s your favourite colour? So I am the only full story or what? The bill arrives If the girl likes the boy That’s OK I’ll pay If the boy likes the girl If both of them are confused They delay And finally… The boy only pays… Hmph! The decision! Bye! Mom! I think I found my girl ma You said he is a production engineer It seems he is going to start a production COMPANY Media boys won’t work out for me What happens to My dreams? MY career? MY ambition? dad! Hello! Appa he is so cute pa! I think he is going to say a yes The only problem is he is not straight-minded like me he is very confused dad! Bro! This won’t work out bro! She must do everything, AND get married it seems My ex-girlfriend itself is better for that! Soothsayer? The girl is very good! Moola starsign I’m Anushyan What?! It doesn’t match? *oh no* ok I’ll tell her In the end Nice guys get nice girls There is noone for me And noone for you I found someone I only didn’t like anyone OK, I’ll agree Can we both once again…. Then the horoscope? That astrologer screwed up His wife left him and went And he tried matching the city Maybe I can talk to you dad My dad passed away 2 years back Ayayo, I shot my mouth Sorry! Don’t cry! Then maybe we can married now itself? If you guys had taken this decision before your child would have gone to Pre KG now

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  1. wtf… At the end that pallu erukum bodhae pakkoda sapadanum…. While tat was screened….. I was actually eating pakkoda??
    Well nice script and screenplay?# keep rocking

  2. Guys… it's really a nice one… u make my day fun after a long gap… i just surfing the YouTube all over time for watching jokes… U just said amazingly what s happening n the real life ,… don't think that am saying lie… it's really a fun to watch … i subscribed ur channel and put like on this video… make lot more like this…

  3. In south india Telugu food is superb. And spicy too. You never eat that much spicy any where in India and also in the world

  4. Kadaisi punch… Sema…. பல் இருக்கும் போதே பக்கோடா சாப்பிடவும்… ☺️???

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