South Korea on typhoon alert

now let’s connect to our Michelle park
at the Weather Center for more details on the Typhoon’s path
Michelle how far has a typhoon come up the peninsula
well the typhoon lingling is currently in the West sea keeping a strong
intensity and moving north at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour now as the
typhoon has picked up as speed is now expected to pass near Seoul an hour
faster than we’ve previously expected now having the greatest impact by around
2 p.m. now at this rate the typhoon should make its way into North Korea
around 5 p.m. and dissipate tomorrow afternoon
somewhere over in Russia now as a result the typhoon alerts are in effect
throughout the country especially in the West now where warnings are issued now
so we advise people to stay indoors as much as possible and take the necessary
precautions to be safe until the storm has completely passed and accompanied by
very strong winds blowing at about 110 to 180 kilometers per hour total the
province and jeju will receive up to 60 millimeters of precipitation and up to
40 and the rest of the regions now rain is expected until Tuesday as it spreads
nationwide back to you

2 thoughts on “South Korea on typhoon alert

  1. These presentations are very primitive compared to how the Americans and Canadians present Hurricanes. For instance. Where is the eye of the storm on the map in real time? What is its path of the typhoon in real time? and other details. Even your maps are not illustrative and attractive.

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