Southern regions to see rain, sunny on Chuseok_091119

good morning the heavy rain that pounded
the seoul metropolitan area earlier has led up but certain parts of the country
are forecast to see showers from this afternoon into tonight so those planning
to hit the road tonight to head your hometown should take the weather into
account let’s to the holiday starts tomorrow and West Coast regions in parts
of gangwon-do provinces as well as jeju island could see five to ten millimeters
of showers for the first half of Thursday meanwhile the day of Chuseok on
Friday is looking bright so wherever you are you will be able to see the clearer
moon at night and today’s daily highs will be similar or a touch lower than
yesterday southern regions will have lower daily
highs compared to yesterday rain dough is in the forecast for this weekend
while temperatures will remain higher than seasonal norms that’s Korea for you
and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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