Spanish American Dream Burger Challenge w/ Magic Mitch!!

Hola torros! Me number is Randy Santel
“Atlas” estoy muy muy contento de estar aqui con Raina,
our friend Lydia, Magic Mitch estamos in the center of Spain, we are at The American Dream
we’re taking on their American Dream Burger Challenge, the base burger for the
challenge there’s about 2.3 kilos, you can do it
solo or as a team rather than solo which you have 30 minutes to do we’ve got four
people here two teams each going to do it as the team challenge, so we’ve
got Raina up on a team with our friend Lydia, who is from the trip and then it’s
going to be Magic Mitch and I. Each team has 15 minutes to finish the
entire thing, and the thing with this challenge is you can only finish your
side, so it’s split into two, one person can finish all the fries, but each person
has to finish their own individual half, and the 15 minutes if the team fails the
burgers cost 30 euros but if we win we’ll get the burgers for free, we will
get sweet t-shirts and we will get on their Wall of Fame! Are you guys ready? oh
yeah let’s get this challenge started! Two individuals have beaten the solo
challenge here at the American dream and then five teams of Raina, myself, and Magic Mitchi we all did a burger challenge earlier in
northern Spain today so we’re doing it as a team at plus we wanted to involve
our friend Lydia, so we appreciate her doing the challenge with us but I’m
going for overall win number 631 we don’t know what the record is but let’s
dominate! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Just over eight minutes in Raina
finished her half in seven minutes and 45 seconds,
great job right in there, but we still have a little under seven minutes let’s
keep going! I am eating like a Maori posa! Magic Mitch dominated his half and then I
finished mine our time was 11:27 I don’t know if it’s the
official record but a very good job to Magic Mitch we got the victory now we’ve
just got a little over three minutes left, let’s go Lydia! We’re at 14 minutes we got one minute
left let’s go! What we’re
doing right now is waiting for the official review the restaurant staff is
convening on whether or not she had all the food in her mouth at 15 minutes but
it took her a full minute to swallow so we’re waiting on the official review to
decide whether it was a win or not so we’ll be back in a second!
All right they did call it a victory so big thank you to the American Dream and
great job to Lydia she put it all in her mouth right in 15 minutes and they gave
her the win very very good job for winning each team is going to get the
30 euro burgers for free we are all going to get sweet t-shirts which these
are very very cool just like this each of us will get one they do not have a
wall of fame but I got overall win number 631 thank you guys all for
watching, adios! sois la poya

100 thoughts on “Spanish American Dream Burger Challenge w/ Magic Mitch!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! It was great to eat with Magic Mitch, Raina, and Lydia!! This challenge happened a few hours after Mitch, Raina, and I all finished the Machete Burger Challenge up in Noja, Cantabria, Spain!! Big thanks to The American Dream staff for their final decision and thank you all for watching the video!! Many more Spain videos upcoming!! It is Magic Mitch's 30th birthday today (1/23/19) so be sure to check out his channel and wish him happy bday!!

  2. The challenges with you and your other 'clean' eating friends are great to watch and the appeal for most is because you don't eat like an animal. Unfortunately, you have been doing more and more challenges with friends who have less than desirable techniques which actually make me feel sick watching. Such a shame as I've loved your channel for years now and watch regularly but enough is enough. I feel an unsubscribe coming 🙁

  3. Raina was way cleaner than other times I've seen her. I used to think she was hot, then I found her to be repulsive, now she's kinda hot again. Although ,I still can't watch while I'm eating.

  4. Hi Randy. Been following you for many years now and always enjoy your videos and respect you for your work ethic and apparent honesty and dedication. I am sure she is a great gal BUT……..stop with the Raina videos PLEASE – For the Love of God. She makes me ill watching her. Am gone but will be back when you finish your tour with her.

  5. Raina is really nice n funny. But watching her eat is disgusting. Not what im tryin spend my free time watchin. But like i said much love for all!

  6. quit hating on raina even if it might be gross u dont have to go on randys video shittalking about her just watch a diff video

  7. I can't watch that girl that mushes her food every time she eats. It's nasty, her food is all over the table, and she doesn't even try to clean her face… i'm sorry for saying something, because you're probably friends with her. The thing is, i've watched a lot of your videos and have seen many of yours and joel hansen's food challenges.. you guys are not messy, nor do you turn your food into mush. Maybe you should talk to that girl on the left. It's borderline repulsive to watch her eat. Again, i'm sorry, but I felt like I needed to say something. And i didn't want to directly offend her by saying it on her channel.. go Randy! Sorry for edit. Misspelled Joel's last name. Sorry Joel!!!

  8. You are a big dude. You eat lots of food. Why don’t you have the balls to do a liquor challenge? Like drinking a liter of Jack in 60 seconds????? Apparently you are scared of liquor. That makes you a bitch

  9. Randy if your not smashing that lil Asian pussy, you should! Otherwise sack her from ur videos. It’s like watching a pig roll around in mud

  10. I LOVE RAINA and all you haters out there are soft!! She's a proper competitor and an amazing eater. You can't deny that. GO RAINA. STICK TO YOUR MANNERS RANDY LMAO

  11. so many cultured people here watching an eating competition video and complaining how disgusting it is, no 1 force a gun to your head to watch it.

  12. She is disgusting! You should let her read the comments about her self maybe she will eat better! Wonderful Job Randy I love watching you and Mitch!

  13. Why is Raina in front and not you?? Im here to watch you do these challenges not watch her PIGOUT while blocking you.

  14. The last girl to finish, took so long because she was probably holding back throw up from having to stare down someone as they are basically eating what looks like puke. Every challenge you do with this girl, she has to speed eat like y’all got a side bet. Slow down so people don’t feel the need to vomit when watching.

  15. Come on, folks. For fucks sake. Different competitive eaters have different styles. Riana is a bit more on the gross side, I know, but many in this business are, whereas Randy is in fact the exception being very clean and gentleman-like
    It may have crossed your mind that they flew to Spain together and therefore she is in the current vids? Calm down and … eat a banana or something.

  16. Idiots harping on Raina…lol..yea Matt Stonie, Joey Chestnut, Molly Schuyler eats clean to…you men are just jealous she is a woman…plain and simple

  17. Thank heavens no more videos with that piece of shit Raina Huang! LOL Now to get her booted off the rest of youtube LOL

  18. I just love how you kill them all with kindness as they say the same old things about Raina. They all sheepishly apologize after you comment their posts 😁 Cant wait until the same comments end up on your Wayne collab vids🙄..but don't worry I got that one covered for ya👍 I wont ever let anyone insult Wayne.💗 He is the man and a good friend and a super amazing person. ❤ Thanks for all the great vids and unlike eveyone else..I like all the different eating styles of your guests. Gives me a better idea how to tackle my own food challenges!👍

  19. Raina da asco verla comer es logico que va ganar desmenusando la comida de esa manera tan fea de todas maneras buen video Randy the best saludos desde Ecuador

  20. Guys stop those hating comment against raina ! This is a food challenge it’s not made to be enjoyable and clean

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