Spring Water

Hey I’m Logan Christopher, CEO of Lost Empire
Herbs and I wanted to take a moment today to talk about fresh spring water. Now, most people have never experienced fresh
spring water. They’re getting the water from their tap,
from a filter or from some bottles in the store and not going out to nature and actually
collecting the water. And let me say that this is not drinking from
a stream, or a lake, or a pond, or anything like that where something can die or defecate
upstream. You definitely want to avoid that, in most
cases, coz there can possibly be bacteria or other issues with that water. But fresh spring water, what that is, is where
the water is literally coming up out of the ground. The mountain, the hillside, wherever its coming
from, literally, that is the filter. If we think of size and, you know, you have
some sort of filtering unit likely at home, whether that is a breather filter, or a table
or a counter top type of filter, even a whole-house system, generally the bigger the filter the
better its gonna be, you can have multiple different materials in there. But a mountainside, imagine that size, that
amount of material, that is there to filter your water. In some areas, the water coming up from the
deep aqua first has not seen the light of day for decades or even longer than that. So fresh spring water, that’s water that wants
to come out the ground and there’s something really magical to it. Until you’ve tried it, you really cant understand
the difference and I guess you could say I’m a water snob but once you understand that
the quality of the water you drink is at least as important, probably even more so than the
quantity of water that you drink. Everyone focuses on diet and the food and
everything they wanna do there and trying to upgrade the quality and absolutely you
wanna do that. But you need to pay the same kind of attention
to your water source. So right over here, on the other side of the
road, is where I personally get my own water. And I do this over at the spring once or twice
a week filling up 5-gallon glass carboys and bringing that home and putting it on a counter
top unit where I can dispense that water. I have a good quality well at home so I could
be going with that water and in a pinch, I will, but I still like to come here to the
spring which is only about 15 minutes from my house. To find the spring near you, there’s a great
website called findaspring.com. This is a worldwide map, mostly in the U.S.
but definitely locations outside and you can see if there is a fresh spring from which
you can get drinking water around you as well. For some people, its gonna take a bit of a
trip and you may wanna stock up in your water supply. For others, if you’re lucky like me, you may
find one really close to you. Indigenous peoples all across the world would
often find these springs and use these springs as their water supply. Of course there wasn’t the same sort of pollution
in the water so they were able to drink from other bodies of water or collect rain water
and different things like that. But fresh spring water, I really do think
it is some of the most ideal water that you can drink and I would recommend you give it
a shot. One other thing I wanna mention is, for some
people herbs don’t seem to work, right? And there can be a whole bunch of different
reasons why this may be the case. One of those reasons is chronic dehydration. And because of our diet and lifestyle, I’d
say a large majority of people are chronically dehydrated on some level. Their cells just are not holding on to that
moisture like they should. Part of hydration has to do with the oil content
that we get as well as the minerals like salt or other minerals that are found in water. So that’s an important component of it too. But of course dehydration just from the water
itself. I actually mentioned the first time that I
drink from spring water, and this was at actually up at Mount Shasta, the head waters of the,
I believe its the Sacramento River. You can get some of the best tasting water
I’ve ever had over there, even better than my local spring I have right here. But it felt like, I had this tangible feeling
in my body that my cells exchange that old stagnant water they’ve been holding onto for
a long time and replaced it with this fresher, higher quality water. And now that the spring water is my regular
drinking water, I feel that’s one of the advantages I have for my own health and my performance. So a lot of people, like I said, chronically
dehydrated, it is gonna come down to the quantity of water as well as those other factors but
the quality of the water is important there too. So if you wanna get better result from your
herbs, I’d work on improving your hydration. Oh and if you happen to be in the Santa Cruz
area, this spring that I’m at, this is on Empire Grade, just past UCSC. You can come and find it here. It is just off the side of the road so you’re
gonna have to work out a little bit but I’ll have the coordinates and more information
for you in the post related to this video. So if you’re not watching it on LostEmpireHerbs,
you’ll find the link below in order to find that. If you want a lot more information on this,
I did a deep dive in my one of my eBooks, “Upgrade Your Water”. You can find a lot of information there. And also in my forth coming book “Powered
By Nature”. Head on over to LostEmpireHerbs.com, if you’re
not already there, find a bunch of great herbs that can support your health. But first and foremost, make sure you are
quality hydrated.

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