SRAM RED® AXS™ Power Meter

SRAM RED AXS Power Meter The RED AXS power meter crankset is
the lightest power meter equipped crankset we’ve ever made. The chainrings are
machined from a single block of aluminum to keep them as light and stiff as
possible for the most consistent shifting. And the Quarq DZero power
meter is machined right into the rings to keep the whole assembly lightweight. The power meter is accurate to within plus or minus 1.5% so you can trust your
power data to help you do repeatable training efforts and accurately track
race performance. There are three ringset options that are all made to work without ten tooth start, X-Range Road Cassettes. 50/37 48/35 and 46/33 All three use the same close ratio 13 tooth difference between the two ring sizes. This makes shifting smooth and requires fewer rear compensating shifts to maintain your pedaling cadence
after making a front shift. Getting the right type of crank spindle for your bike is easy The RED AXS power meter crankset uses our DUB bottom bracket spindle to fit just about any bike. All you need is the bottom bracket bearings
your application and you’re all set.

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