Standard Buffer Solution Calibration for EC Meter

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Subtitle: Grey Today, we’ll demonstrate how to calibrate the DFRobot electrical conductivity meter (EC meter) First, we need to upload the calibration sketch to the Arduino board. This sketch is used for the calibration and normal use This is the code “EC Calibration” Sketches and connection diagrams will be released on the product wiki page later EC meter connects to “A1” and DS18B20 temperature sensor connects to “D2” Select the right Arduino board and right COM port Oooops, looking for the right COM port… OK Got it. Now upload the sketch… Now, open the serial monitor Select “115200” and “Both NL & CR” Plug the probe in the 12.88 conductivity solution, if everything goes well, you will see the data in the serial monitor If you find the value incorrect, you can make a calibration Send “Calibration” to the serial port, and you’ll enter Calibration mode Enter “Confirm” to confirm the calibration result Enter “exit” to exit “Calibration Mode” DFRobot – Drive the Future

12 thoughts on “Standard Buffer Solution Calibration for EC Meter

  1. Hi, could you upload this calibration code at some website?
    Or send it to my email?
    And i have a question, every time that i poweroff Arduino Board, I need to Calibrate it?
    Thank you

  2. I have some doubts about EC Meter power supply, at dfrobot website advises to use +5.0v. I have two options of power supplies, one is Arduino board with 4.93v and external one with 5.46v. Which power supply is better to use? And I'll use this with mail 208dh.
    Sorry for my English and my doubts…
    Thank you

  3. i think i already followed all of the procedure using ec meter by wiki, but after it tested, the value isn't stable
    can't u help me?

  4. Please use an external stable power supply(such as 7.5V DC),and the voltage of MCU system as close as possible to the +5.00V. More accurate the voltage, higher the accuracy! where would i connect the 7.5 dc?

  5. I upload the same code and i used the same sensor but when i upload the code only the temperature has the reading. When it comes to ec the reading display "infms/cm". Can you help me to solve this problem? Thanks

  6. Hello! I uploaded the code from the product wiki to my Adafruit Feather Huzzah. The conductivity always reads as 0.0, even if the probe is in solution. I know the probe works and is plugged in correctly because I tested it with other programs. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

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