58 thoughts on “Starve.io *NEW* Update! – *FASTEST* Score Maker! 30 Mil in Under 30 Minutes! (Private Server)

  1. IRU: i suck at pvp

    also IRU: wins majority of the pvp's

    me: yhhh not so convincing my dude

  2. you can also put on the camand that gives more drops and each lava drag is like 50k points and gives like 10 lava hearts

  3. Song drops harder than my heart beating. Also love your video! 🙂

    Here's a free muffin! (Just pretend it's real)
    gives free muffin

  4. If only I had a chance at the right time to be in one of these videos , I would more than delighted to be in at least one video , I tried when there wasent a lava update and we killed that savager on 5th place , idk if you remember but you forgot to record that part , but yeah ermm.. umm.. I have nothing else to say to make this comment even longer just someone reading this pls click the like button on IRAIDYOU'S / Blissfuls video and on my comment , thank you and (love you all) (shout out to all my anti-savagers out there) love you all <333

  5. IRU stop you sort of sound like a fat ass talking about muffins
    It's just well talking about muffins and well :/ muffin fetish…

  6. first time i see iru s pvp: :ok_hand:

    second i see iru s pvp but knowing theres aimbot available: X Doubt

  7. It's like the hackers but it's private server also
    I bought it and I felt like a hacker
    Nice video respect from Israel, Egypt, France, UK and the USA

  8. Please youtube don't remove monetization afor this cannel only because for Muffins ;P`p l z don't reduce monetization

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