Stature Meter | Height Measuring Scale | Item Code: WS045 | Manufacturer | Suppliers

This is a Stature Meter. Height is one of the most widely used indicators
for assessment of nutritional status and provides index of linear skeletal growth. NET Brand Stature Meter can be used to measure
the height of a person or a baby. NET Brand stature meter can measure up to
78 inches or 200 cm. It is ideal for measuring height at both – sitting
or standing position. It comes along with screws so that it can
be wall mounted which is optional. The division value of the Stature meter is
0.1 cm. The Self Weight of the product is 0.133 kg. Narang Medical Limited follows international
quality standards to offer the best quality product. While manufacturing the products every minor
technicality is taken into consideration. High technology machines are used for better
production and faster delivery.

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