Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com I’m going for win #5 of the trip. Very, very excited! We are at Steak Restaurant in Edinburgh. I’m taking on their 92 oz Man vs. Steak Challenge! We’ve got a 92 oz steak, which is the biggest steak I’ll ever have taken on! Then I’ve got five delicious sides I got to pick. This is also the most expensive challenge that I’ve ever tried! £160 ($250). I’ve got one hour to finish and if I win I will get the £160 meal free, which I’m definitely going for that! And then I’ll be the very first because this challenge is undefeated. Lets get it started! Alright, this challenge is dedicated to my good friend Brant. Who we found out yesterday passed away this week and I can’t make the services. He was a big fan for many years. Followed all my stuff. This is for him. Lets get it going! One, two, three! Alright they gave me the sharpest knife, so lets get it cut! 7:20 – going very good! The steak’s delicious! Lets keep it going! Little over 14 minutes in. Still doing very good! Got all the steak done, all 92 ounces. Now we have all these sides, which isn’t going to be easy, but we still got room. . . and we got Coke. 44:00 in. Very good steak challenge. Awesome sides. Very, very unique! I’ve never had shellot mash and some of those other ones, would have been £160 if I lost, but it’s not gambling if you know you’re going to win!

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