Stop the Meter on Your Internet Use

Have you heard about this he CRTC’s decision
to allow big telecom companies like Bell and SHAW to impose usage based billing on independent
internet service providers? I don’t own shares in big telecom why should i care about this?
do you use the internet? Who doesn’t? Well those telecom companies have their way you will no longer be able to enjoy unlimited
usage but instead you will pay by the bite. Wait a minute, It’s not like him one of those dudes we downloads
movies and music all day. This decision not only affects downloads, but all kinds of streaming
entertainment and information, especially audio and video Don’t you listen to internet radio?
Yes, I listen religiously to the big hair report
that streams on follicle radio every Monday and Thursday. I’m also a fan of the all-Elvis network.
And how about video? Don’t you stream video online? Yes I do. In fact I just signed up for Netflix and i’d like to watch old Starsky and Hutch
reruns – Paul Michael Glazer had fantastic curly hair. Well now thanks to this latest CRTC decision
granting big telecom companies the right to bill internet users by usage you can expect to pay a lot more for your
monthly internet bill. Well if we are shifting to the internet for our entertainment maybe
we should be paying more.. But don’t you think that’s a little like being billed by the mileage on your cars
odometer after you’ve already paid for the gas? This analogy confounds me. The real point here is that big telecom providers like Bell, SHAW
and Rogers intend to restrict the open internet with the application of financial premiums
and broadband traffic regulations. This is a serious threat to net neutrality
and to the open and accessible internet as we know it. Usage based billing limit web innovation to
only those who can afford it, it helps to establish a tiered system of access
that privileges those who can afford it and denies those who can’t. With the CRTC’s blessing, the self-appointed
grand gatekeepers of our open and powerful internet are shaping and limiting and taxing access
to an infrastructure there is in fact subsidized by our taxes and should really be declared
a public domain. Are you finished? And mark my words if they have it their way they’ll be charging
you postage on every e-mail you sent your mom. And what makes you such an expert on these
matters? I’m a senior communications policy analyst
and a legal adviser to several large internet firms. I’ve written two books and countless articles
regarding democracy in the role of the internet and I’m the love child of Tim Berners-Lee. Still, don’t you think those telecom companies have
a right to make a buck? In the second quarter of 2010, Bell’s parent company reported
improved financial performance with net earnings applicable to common shares growing by
seventy point five percent of five hundred ninety million dollars and that suggest earnings for a single quarter
of the year. It’s not too late to save the internet, there’s time to appeal the CRTC’s decision but we have to act fast. A good place to start is the campaign
to stop the metering. Visit a for more information Do it now.

100 thoughts on “Stop the Meter on Your Internet Use

  1. @biafran75 the problem isn't even the idea of charging per gigabyte, it's that the charge per gigabyte ($1 – $4) is INSANELY HIGH. How would you like to pay $2 / kWh for your electricity?? The insane pricing is anti-competitive, and effectively makes Canadian Internet access the shittiest among all developed nations.

  2. To summarize this argument: Have the government use threat of violent coercion to stop a merchant from exercising their natural right to set a price on their goods and services they provide, because *you* would like it to be cheaper.

    Why is no one talking about the root causes: Lack of competitive billing plans as a result of state-legislated historical monopolies in the industry?

  3. @vonkruel . How much one would iike to pay for anything is irrelevant. I would like to pay a nickel per year for whatever service you provide. Can I send armed gunman to your house to ensure it? Then why is it okay for you and everyone else to demand the government force others to set a price on their own services to your liking?
    Canadian internet is poor among developed nations *precisely* because of the states historical involvement passing legislation to create artificial monopolies.

  4. @rbairos1 congratulations, you totally fail to understand the issue here. If you had a clue what it cost to provide Internet service, then you would know that charging $1/GB up to $4/GB is SEVERE PRICE GOUGING.

    most likely you're trolling.

  5. @vonkruel 'gouging' is a socialist synonym for 'not as cheap as I would prefer'. Whether its $1 per GB or $1 per byte is entirely irrelevant. I have a coffee table in my living room Id be happy to sell you for $20,000. You going to point a government gun to my head as well?
    The problem is not your price preference, but the historic role of the state to criminalize competition for decades causing this current (state-originated) monopoly. Adding more state control instead of less is ridiculous.

  6. @rbairos1 so long as a few large companies have a strangehold on Internet service in this country, the gov't has to stop them from raping consumers. It's as simple as that. Do you deny that $1/GB – $4/GB is RAPE? I agree with you about 1 thing: the lack of true competition in the marketplace is the root issue. To solve that root issue would be ideal, until then let's at least keep some kind of leash on these assholes.

  7. The problem with us Canadians is that we are not totally practising democracy. We boast about our democracy and even send out our military over to Afghanistan to "introduce democracry" to the Afghans. We need to PRACTICE democracy by protesting on the streets like how the Egyptians most recently did, literally pouring their blood on the streets to fight for what they believe, we need to boycott Rogers Pressing the like button on fb or joining a group wont do shit, atleast majority of the time.

  8. @vonkruel "until then let's at least keep some kind of leash on these assholes."
    By legislating even more regulation you give them even more material to convert to lobbied state preferences. A century of examples is not a coincidence. Inevitably this will mean an even higher artificially high flat rate, and the voters will still cheer how they 'fought the man'.

  9. @rbairos1 "legislating even more regulation" ?? I opposing this new CRTC ruling, I don't advocate some new legislation that didn't exist before. Are we even talking about the same thing?

  10. @vonkruel The CRTC is ruling that the state does not have the right to impose how service providers can charge for their product. To say anything else, would be to have the state impose price controls, where none existed before. And they shouldn't in a free market. However, the real problem is that the telecommunication industry in Canada has not been a free market for decades. Imposing price controls would only exacerbate thing. To put it simply, two wrongs don't make a right.

  11. @rbairos1 generally, people and companies have the legal right to do EVERYTHING except what is explicitly prohibited by law. NEW legislation ADDS RULES, it doesn't REMOVE them. Anyway, oligopolies do need to be kept under control or they WILL rape the consumer. When there ISN'T a free market, the government has to protect the consumer. With this ruling, the CRTC has said, "go ahead and rape their anus, we really don't care."

    "Laissez-faire" doesn't work when there's no competition.

  12. @vonkruel No, a free market means 'free from goverment intervention' generally. And monopolies do not exist in a free market. When you claim laissez-faire does not work, you have to first explain why you think the Canadian telecommunication industry is at all a laissez-faire free market system. I would strongly argue it is anything but.

  13. @rbairos1 You were arguing the companies should be allowed to do what they want, and that the gov't doesn't have the right to interfere. This sounded to me like the a "laissez-faire" attitude ("let them do as they will"). Minimizing gov't intervention in markets is OK if there's actually competition in the marketplace. Since there's a telecom oligopoly here, the consumer has to be protected.

    If we could have some real competition, then we could keep gov't out of it.

  14. @vonkruel and yes, I did say "free market" when I should have said "properly functioning market w/ COMPETITION." I realized my error after posting, and I knew you'd seize upon that.

    Now have the last word – I spent too much time talking to you already.

  15. @vonkruel If people keep ignoring the root causes as to why we have a telecom oligarchy in the first place, (beginning a century ago) further piece-meal govt intervention like this will never work and only continue to add to the problem.

  16. @rbairos1 I wasn't going to reply again, but I do agree with you about the root issue. I think you and I aren't the only ones who realize that.. Would you admit that in a competitive market, you'd NEVER be paying $1/GB – $4/GB ? That price is fucking NUTS man – I just won't be paying that.

  17. @rbairos1 by the way, a "free market" requires that there be low barriers to entry, so I may have used the term correctly (even if by accident 😉

  18. @vonkruel Yes I think $1/GB is insane. I would demand alternatives. The alternatives being the CRTC getting out of the way of new players from entering the market. I finally got off Bell, to a new Toronto startup and am paying half the price for twice the service, literally. The only reason they werent an option earlier was because of CRTC red tape, protecting the incumbents with bogus foreign ownership stipulations.

  19. @rbairos1 as much as we disagree about this ruling, we agree on some important stuff. The CRTC isn't helping anyone, and I don't think it ever really has. We need some basic rules, but if you look at the CRTC's original mandate – it's an organization founded on the idea of destroying competition.

    CRTC: Continually Reducing Telecom Competition

  20. Charging you more for less

    Good by net-fliX good by online gaming downloading games through steam no way
    MMO’s like world at war craft will die if this will is allowed to fly.
    Usage is a scam, ISP's pay for bandwidth not usage. Users should also pay by bandwidth.

  21. This is actually good, LOL did anyone see the talk between the big folks at CES? They talked about this very thing, it improves efficiency for internet use.

  22. @BellTollsForThee your a fucking robot no its not its very cheap to host internet less then a penny per gig and they want you to pay 60 bucks for 25 of it and an additional 1.90 per gig or a 40 dollar insurance for an extra 40 gb

  23. @BellTollsForThee lol this shit would have been fine if it was the 90s when dial up first rolled out! broadband and dsl and the new modern connections do not get choked up with traffic the new tech robbers and bhell have can handle a shit ton, its just these companies are being greedy and anti competative

  24. @deadeyeselh give the vote to NDP and green they are the only ones making any sence and they are the only ones listening to the general/working class public. yes canada is now a backwards country in the terms of tech, politics and gobalization ( i do not support this monetary system in place)

  25. I got an email from my provider about this.. and once I signed the petition I got an email saying Liberals will oppose it and Stephen Harper will "consider" it and everyones talking about Green and NDP now… so… WHO DO I VOTE FOR FOR THIS NOT TO HAPPEN??

  26. To all those who support this you are kidding yourselves. If you think the average "low" usage customer wont go over you are kidding yourself. The average website is getting larger every day, watching a youtube video still uses a lot of bandwidth, just casually surfing will have you paying $2-$3 dollars extra a month. Gamers and NetFlix users are screwed, Shaw is a horrible company. They are mad that a competitor (NetFlix) is stealing from their Shaw On Demand

  27. The big companies always make huge profits so there was no excuse for them to want to jack up prices like that. It's one thing when costs go up a little and it's another when you're allowed to download a third or less than what you used to but and you still have to pay more!

  28. @FawkesUniverse
    no broadband is not limitless, and the more people use it the slower it becomes for everyone else relying on that same connection, it also build up traffic for servers and all these things operating wastefully for "boredom surfing" and other wasteful internet activities thus waste broadband speed and vast amounts of electricity that comes from operating such computers/servers, also maintenance.
    Government agencies, businesses and other important activities that

  29. PART 2:
    protect our lives and keep the wheels of our economy turning are then chocked by such wasteful use of a LIMITED resource. ITS JUST ECONOMICS. The tragedy the commons almost.
    Also why this hate for companies? Greed is good; also econ. There is this natural fear/hatred for cooperations that is based on ignorance and i feel the only true remedy for this is education, please read up on some Economics to get a better understand of why WE SHOULD PAY FOR EACH GIG WE USE!

  30. @BellTollsForThee so are you saying you would gladly pay up to 5 dollars a GB.? heres the thing that broadband bandwidth you talk about do you kow where it comes from and how it goes from one to place to another, the source of the core bandwidth is from those servers and super computer which are updated yearly with bell and rogers run at about 256gbs per server! now take that and mutiply that to a 6 story building or even bigger… continue

  31. @BellTollsForThee the 256gbs is the main ram they use to run the internet service and bandwidth. Now then on to the other part of this bandwidth talk the other part comes from your computer my computer any ones computer that is connected IE its called uploading as in sending out a portion of what you have taken in, in terms of bandwidth its one giant circle its data that basically is consitantly moving no stopping. it costs 1 cent to 3 cents to handle a gig on the current servers and ISPs.

  32. @FawkesUniverse
    what my main point is that its wasteful, and the more traffic there is for wasteful browsing not only is bad for everyone.

  33. @FawkesUniverse
    My main point is that the more wasteful browsing there is just leads to a wasteful world for everyone, making people pay for what they use, nothing wrong in that, take for example the ocean's fish stock. No really owns that its just out in the open for anyone to harvest, then boom! we have this bad situation where many of our fish stocks are dwindling and our oceans our polluted. Making people responsible for the resources they use and help pay for their negative effect out our

  34. @FawkesUniverse
    help pay for the negative effect they have on our limited resources. Overpriced internet? Dont worry, competition will eliminate that, but letting people get away without being responsible for the things they do is not the way, i feel bad about this stuff but i know it must be done, just like eating veggies or taking your vitamins. We all got to do things we dont like

  35. @HelghastSon and 30 dollars for the the main bandwidth of 3gb cap! its still very much overpriced even with the assurence bull crap

  36. what that i think is: first, they CAN'T monitorize customers usage because is privacy violation, AND they CAN'T apply a usage based BECAUSE they doesn'T OWN internet.
    THEY are JUST a phone company that gives you the access to the web and NOTHING MORE, that should be the only thing they take care and charge for it, the
    internet access.

    usage based charge is something like to get appropiated of everyone else work on the web and charge for it, and this is absolutely unfear.

  37. more….why they do not gonna use usage based billing with the traditional tv too???
    ubb for the tv too IF ubb for the internet, in canada!!!

  38. @HellisListening1
    Internet speed and connection is a limited resource, why else would one have to pay for it? there is maintenance and all other kinds of stuff that has to be paid for, its just that man people don't think of these things or either dont want to

  39. Its simple, they are overcharging some people right?
    Well thats bad, then this is where other companies are suppose to step in and fight with them to lower prices, or the government is suppose to split them up in separate entities like US did with AT&T.

    BUT this is not the way to correct things, like putting duck tape on the Titanic's leak.
    Let companies charge us per the gig, nothing wrong with that, just as you pay per gallon of water or watt from the utilities, its just simple ECONOMICS.

  40. Some say that this company is not offering you the internet service, just a connection to that service, well the company is the one who has/should pay for those servers and upkeep.
    If not then who pays for these servers? customer support when people can't get their internet working or a myriad of other things?

  41. @fusedblue
    The right to pay for stuff, is a privileged, something that you should be proud of, that you live in a capitalistic nation.

    With each purchase, its like a vote, you are tell the economy what you like and you are supporting those who offer you what you like to keep doing what they do for you so THEY can provide for themselves also and continue to make and improve the things you like.
    Look at video games, only the most popular get squeals cuz they make money!!! money is your vote!

  42. Now the bandwidth cappers are getting together to launch a campaign… they are saying that everyone who signed that petition is a moron and being emotional and can't read, nore did we understand what we signed and they find it insulting….

    Rogers, Bell etc… are now insulting our intelligence and our ability to read and understand.

    These internet Nazis are gonna try to confuse the public just remember your stupid and you can't read… that is what Rogers and Bell thinks of it's consumers.

  43. Bell, Rogers….. remember you said that…. your not gonna last to long attacking our intelligence and understanding of simple facts….

    Your trying to rob us at gun point for bandwidth… those of us who left your service from to the little guys left because we were not gonna be robbed… then you didn't like that so your attacking them…. trying to force us once again to pay for your bandwidth caps… we switched, we know why we signed the petition…
    It's you who are insulting us.
    F U!

  44. And anyone who is pro-metering is not a real person but a propaganda troll… only an absolutly stupid ignorant person would want the internet run like cell phones are.

    So Could you go troll somewhere else? Save it for people who still think the government is honest, there is no corruption and everyone is good decent people..

    Like get lost, your not fooling anyone.

  45. These jerks are gonna put thousands of us small business owners out of business. They have no right to do that cause they wanna be a bunch of Nazi goofs. Between Cell phones and internet your gonna take over half our revenue Your gonna cripple internet based business Your taking our already fragile economy and make it worse with your greed that has no limits.

    I worked hard to build my business, Unlike you who are rich screwing us. Get a real job you lazy nazi scam artists!

  46. We need to find away to build a wireless internet that does not run threw these nazi punks…. and we need to do it fast before they cripple us. Also in doing this they will force the stolen internet and pirating issue to a whole new level…..

    All so they can drive fancy cars put their kids threw the most expensive college, eat raw fish eggs and snails and feel importants off our hard working backs.
    If the government lets this happen then you know what that means and I don't need to say it.

  47. 500 000 of us have spoken, the fastest government intervention in history. If you wanna push the issue and lie to the people and tell us we are stupid and can't read….. I'd stop if I was you… were not as dumb as you think this is why we made history boot fucking your companies. I wouldn't push it… it will not go good for you.

    Are you stupid?

    We will not allow this. Many Canadian hackers against this… your even dumber then you think we are.
    The people have spoken sit down and shut up.

  48. We're proud to make history again and again and again. How about you give it a try and care what people think instead of trying to screw us.

  49. Plus forcing us to pay this bullshit I am positive we will work on allowing foreign internet companies who will give us fair internet pricing… as Canada is the only place doing this as Bell, Rogers etc have absolutely no ethics or respect for their customers.

    The choice is yours…. But you won't like the end results…

  50. Harper has already said he will look into this before March 1st and possibly overturn the CRTC's position. It's time to email your MP and Harper and demand that UBB be stopped.

  51. @Bizziboy
    attack your intelligence?! Please don't put words in my mouth. I am not questioning your mental ability nor implying so, i am merely stating that fundamental economics explains why this is a necessity. Look into this stuff, mainly what is called "Tragedy of the Commons". Think about how this applies to limitless internet, and i know you will be intelligent enough to agree with me, and be just as concern about issue as i am. I DO NOT WANT TO PAY PER GIG! But i will, its whats right.

  52. @Bizziboy
    my customers?
    Just several months ago my family was on welfare, and we are not barely recovering from a difficult financial situation, i can almost guarantee that you much better off then me, though i could not be certain; an assumption so please dont be offended.

  53. @BellTollsForThee It's not right…. not even alittle. Whats right is the internet not becoming so expensive it becomes like cell phones… Cell phones are a rip off and me and pretty much everyone else will fight to make sure internet does not follow the cell phone root…

    To give half my profits to the cell and internet companies is not right… when they have done nuthing to earn it besides try to steal it from me….

  54. @BellTollsForThee Not offended… I grew up in foster care and then the streets, put myself threw college, learned, worked my ass off, I was using the "internet" before it was internet when it was us the people who hosted domains, and we had to dial into it. Where was bell and rogers? Charging me to much for a basic service, Then the internet got bigger… and more people got into it, Then dialing into peoples server was a thing of the past. Websites went up, p2p etc..

  55. @Bizziboy I started making video games and hacking…. it was all of us the mnay people who maxde the internet what it was and what it is… I have seen core parts of my code from when I was young… in future generations of programs… Bell said "Were gonna give you fibre for better speeds." then gave us nuthing…. ever… then all of a sudden they want control of how we use the internet making them billions?

    I am not… pissed at you tinkerbell..

  56. @Bizziboy I done more and contributed more to the internet from it's very beginning… then bell ever has.. or rogers… but they are gonna make billions of all our hard work?

    And your dumb enough to support it? Since I'm not in the room with you. could you please smack yourself for me?

    Bell took all the profits from phone and put it in their pockets, same with cable… thanks to them all altering a law.
    They are holding up the Internets growth. So they can make 1000% profit of others work?

  57. @Bizziboy And I am being "emotional" as well as everyone else is being "emotional" for saying:

    "The hell you will!"

    And you like them think in your great arrogance I care about you and what you think? And actually think my anger is towards you? Lol…. you wish your that important.

    Greed kills us all in the end. You can't take the money with you when you die…. but you can take something much more important. But you'll never know what that is while your blinded with greed.

  58. If we let the corporate greed mongers do this to our internet for their own personal gain we will kill the one great thing we as a people built with out there help, They have tried to get in and dominate it but it's a sad stae of affairs for them…. OUR content rises above theirs… the average joe. So in order to do this they are gonna cut us off. Stop us from our free activities and make us pay so we can't compete with them.

    This means if:

  59. @Bizziboy We can only upload 25 gigs before we post share etc.. and are billed more… we stop posting as much where they have unlimited funds and their share of over all content becomes dominate in essence cheating if you will. If this happens here this will spread to other countries… and the corporate win control of the internet. The voice of the people truly snuffed out by the corporates. The government is also a corporate entity,

    Think about that…. do be so small minded.

    It's ours.

  60. I have seen this all from the very beginning… to what maybe it's very end.. or the beginning of …… don't let them kill your internet… you worked hard to make it what it is… YOU not them. All they ever done is gouge us and give our money to other places for cheaper labor. Taking jobs from Canadians and sending our money out of Canada. So they can make MAX profits… and now are sinking even lower…. instead of being innovative with the billions and billions of profit they made——

  61. @Bizziboy in the past that they all pocketed etc… and wanna further gouge you and lie to you and insult you…. so they can start making back all the money they lost from the internet. The money they think you cost them by not being Nazi streamlined ads etc…..

    Fist it was the news papers.. then the radio….. then tv now the internet….


    They cut you out again and again and again. Your real voice…. not some corporate/government elected official's voice.

  62. If your a bell or rogers or cogeco customer right now you are being throttled and capped. Unless you switch to the little ISP and that won't change despite the outcome of this issue being resolved . And thats is whats happening right now.
    500 000 of us and some… and more counting have switched …..

    Think how much profit they are losing… and for once in history for them to compete they have to become reasonable like the smaller ISP or become an extinct victim of their own greed.

  63. What we are witnessing is a bunch of little rich spoiled kids kicking and scream foul cause they don't want to have to play fair with the rest of us…..

  64. we? made it what it is, naw industry made it what it is today, gave you the tech, built those resources for people to code and hack, offered computers at competitive prices so the average joe can now afford one, its industry. Industry demands that everyone be accountable for their use of industry. You might have helped popularized but you did not make it, no that belong's to industry.

  65. @Bizziboy
    play fair, how can you talk about fair when you propose that everyone abuse the system? Fair is to pay what you use, simple as that, no need to write multiple post and insult people, and calling people nazi's. Understand that nothing is free. If its overpriced, that is where competition is birthed and thus lower prices, but this is not the way to combat high prices.

  66. @BellTollsForThee When did I say everyone abuse the system…? They are corporations…. not the system. If your gonna try and twist words do it with some skill my friend.

    I said I am not gonna pay 1/2 my profit out of the blue because the big telecoms are feeling the squeeze of competition. Innovation due to competitive business world has brought us amazing things. Now Bell and rogers need to get off their ass and be competitive. Bad service equals people switching. Get over it.

  67. @BellTollsForThee When we have a choice we have freedom. Take that choice away and it's the nazi way of doing things. To pay for a service… I have no problem… as long as it's fair.

    Think family of 5.
    Mom watches movies from Netwflicks.
    Dad, games etc
    Kid 1 youtube and chat and video game updates
    Kid 2 Facebook moves from netflicks xbox 360 updates.
    Kid 3 youtube free to watch series etc.. chat video chat and gaming.
    25 gigs in 2 weeks tops how is that fair?

    It's BS and you know it.

  68. So get lost pro-meter propaganda troll…before you do more damage to your cause then good. The truth is like a baseball bat…. taken to opinions, it knocks them right out the park.

    Cheers… good try though.

    UBB = Nazi Internet (And only in Canada because our telecommunication giants are goofs and dumb people like below believe anything they say) Just to have something to argue about…lol…..

  69. @Bizziboy
    i think you yourself are doing more damage for your cause, your speak as if your uneducated, you do let your emotions get the best of you and cloud your judgement, and the family of 5 you spoke of is very typical of most families who enjoy the internet. Its very fair that they pay for what they use, im not sure about the price, that is something else. shoot im a heavy gamer earning a max rating of 10 on steam, and why would someone like me ever want to pay per gig? Think about that?

  70. @Bizziboy nope, i did no twisting, just repeated your meaning in clearer words, its abuse. To use without proper compensation, the old ways of the internet just do not work anymore, maybe it was ok before its youth when there was no real demand compared to today, but we must change and there is no point in fighting, it is right, it is proper, and it will happen, no amount of protest can stop without adoption of a different form of economy. One way or another we all pay; through tax or upfront.

  71. @BellTollsForThee
    count me done i wont reply anymore, there is no use, nothing constructive has come from this. Good buy and i hope you find peace and happiness in whatever internet payment situation you find yourself in. Good Luck

  72. @BellTollsForThee LOL…. blah blah….. your opinion is only that your opinion. As mine is only an opinion.
    But the reality is… 400 000+ people share the same opinion and made history sharing that opinion in a online protest. And we will do it again and again until they come up with something reasonable. That is democracy in action. The way your talkin and suggesting we have no choice you sound like a Nazi.

    Yeah I wouldn't say no more if I were you as well. Good choice.
    Sure you can?

  73. And so you know if you don't like being capped…. you switch… to a company that doesn't cap. That is the wonderful thing about choice. And a competitive market place. Bell owns all the lines rogers most the cable… monopolizing the internet in Canada. Which is against the law. So they were forced to wholesale their lines to competitors.
    Now they are losing to their competitors so to ensure they make max profit they want to monopolize the prices so their is no competition.

    Again a Monopoly

  74. They are out right trying to break the spirit of the law to make mass money and give you what they always gave you shitty crappy slow choppy service. It's funny as soon as I switched I have not had to call my ISP and ask why is my internet not working, after spending 10 minutes making sure it's not on my end.
    Rogers is like a party line the more people on the slower it gets, bell is like using the internet with a blindfold and a pair or shoes with spikes on the inside.
    My ISP is working internet

  75. If the UBB goes threw I will cancel internet in my house… I don't need it that badly. Free to air sat TV is back up and people have once again found away to access to paid channels… woot!

    I was against pirated tv and satellite. But it's hard to feel that way looking at how they are screwing us in the face. I say they screw us they desrve whatever they get in return… after all the bible says and eye for an eye. And the golden rule… do onto others as you would have them do onto you….

  76. The laws of man mean nuthing when they have been corrupted to the point they are today… the law was ment to protect us, to help build a better tomorrow and govern us and keep us moving into the future in a organized and civil fashion….

    But the rich and corrupt have perverted it and used it for their own personal ass-wipe…… and now use it as a means to make them rich and you poorer.

    Bell, CRTC, Government,judges lawyers, the rich all the same circle.

    The rich get richer while we lose.

  77. This UBB is just a symptom of a much larger and sinister problem coming over the horizon, Corruption…. mass corruption and Degradation of democracy and free will and fair market. When greed controls the hearts of man you can't help but see it in their greatest achievements, government, technology, and world wide communication. I will not stop using the net but I will stop paying for it… I will not support corruption and nore should any other man with a shred of integrity.

  78. A few weeks ago I did what some might deem impossible or unthinkable: I cancelled cable TV. In retrospect it was long overdue. With today’s technology and high speed internet connections, I can watch most of my favorite shows on-demand with little or no extra cost. Ditto for movies, news, and even some sports.

  79. @deadeyeselh Lmao I enjoy your comment on us Moving Backwards… Could it be because he leads the Conservative party? If you want to move forward vote liberal.. but what if moving forward means paying by the bite? i think really.. the only way anything is going to be changed is if all us Canadians acctually stand up and do something about it.. sign the petitions.. and quit bending over.. we need a politician thats for the people.. a good ol "Tommy Douglas" type to put us on our feet again…

  80. @robbcarson
    You don't get it aren't you? Internet billing was already based on metering gigabyte transmissions on a neutral basis (that of 1GB = x $). However with UBB, we will have to pay more for a gigabyte from youtube or facebook while paying for a gigabyte from a small website will cost twice what we already pay now (while being the cheapest among all). And if you dare use more GB than allowed, you will have a lot more troubles. Well, you really should try to research more on the subject.

  81. @robbcarson Isn't internet a different resource than electricity and natural gas? it's not exactly limited in the same sense. It would be more like suddenly charging by the minute for cable tv wouldn't it?

  82. I use (turbo) roadrunner through Time Warner and it is now 45.00 a month and it is slow as hell….waiting for a window to open feels like sitting in my car and waiting for a long ass train to pass by before I can proceed to where I have to go.

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