Strong wind alert in the capital remains until tomorrow

now let’s connect to our Michelle park
at the Weather Center for more details on typhoon ling-ling
we shall how far has a typhoon come up on the peninsula
well the 13th typhoon of the season Ling Ling has moved up into North Korea
however we are still under the influence of typhoon with strong winds and rain
now it will continue to head north almost at 50 km/h now at this rate the
typhoon should Bank his way out of North Korea later tonight and dissipate
tomorrow morning over in Russia now as a typhoon moves out further up north Jeju
and the southern regions have had their alerts lifted
however the northwest of the country including the capital remains under a
typhoon warning while the northeastern regions are under an advisory now until
Sunday morning the northern half of the nation will receive between 5 to 20
millimeters of more rain accompanied by some gusty wind blowing at around 125
km/h so stay safe and that’s all for me and back to you

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