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Hey. Stop. Scrolling. We made you a WRX
video. It’s Sunday and you’re driving your mom home from a nice ass brunch in your STI. You pass another WRX going the opposite direction. He waves. You wave. Your mom is like… “Do you know that young gentleman, honey?” Yeah I kinda do. Little does your mom know, that you’re part of another family. You’re part of the Subie Nation baby. A
nation birthed in the mountains of sweden and the planes of Africa. One nation, under
god….Colin be thy name. And your mom looks at you and she’s just like…”You passed
our exit.” Pffff…parents just don’t understand. (Laughing) This is everything you need to know to get
Up to Speed on the Subaru WRX. Inhales. Coughs. (8-bit music plays) At its inception in the 1950s, Subaru focused
on building small “People’s Cars” with an emphasis on suiting the needs of Post-War
Japan. In the early 80s, they decided to expand their global image through motorsports, and
their sport of choice–RALLY. It’s a sport so bad-ass that you can’t even do it alone.
You need a sidekick. You need a navigator. Like Han Solo and Chewy in the Millenium Falcon. But
you are not in a galaxy far far away. You are in the f***ing woods. You got dirt, you
got snow, you got real ass roads. And there is a chance that you might crash into a tree. Or a f***ing person! When you think of basketball You think of the Yankees. When you think of
Rally you think Subaru. But from 1980 to 1990, they were sorta the MIghty Ducks before Gordon Bombay Showed up. They literally only had one podium finish. In 1987, some dude named
Possum Bourne got third at Rally New Zealand. Possum Bourne, Jason’s dad. But, in the early 90s, the gears started turning
and Subaru started winning. They signed Colin McRae. Ever heard of him? And halfway through
the 1993 season they ditched the bigger Legacy and debuted the Impreza. The team was sponsored by State Express 555
tobacco, and wore the brand’s colors of gold and blue. McRae and Ari Vatanen drove
their new WRXs to place Subaru fifth in the team championship. Not bad! While the partnership
between State Express and Subaru eventually ended. The WRX will forever be associated
with that color scheme. The Impreza was a shortened version of the Legacy formula, a recipe of which all WRXs are based on to this day. Four doors, all wheel drive, and a flat
four Boxer engine. The Impreza went on sale in Japan in 1992,
and Subaru offered a special package for their home market. Buyers had the option of a turbocharged
model called the WRX. Or World Rally eXperimental. Get it? Alongside that, the Japanese could
also get the WRX RA, which was even more hardcore. It had no power windows, no A/C, and no
anti-lock brakes. . The states got the Impreza a year later, but we didn’t get the WRX…
so…fuck us right? 1994 was a big year for Subaru and the Impreza.
It marked the first year Subaru participated in every round of the World Rally Championship,
and they introduced an even better WRX. The STI. It had carbon fiber strut tower braces,
a better intercooler, and forged pistons. The STi also has some funky looking pink badges
on it. In Japan, Pink is associated with Cherry blossoms which symbolize a time of renewal
and the fleeting of natural life. Well let’s put it on a racecar! Subaru won the WRC title in 1995 because Toyota
was caught cheating. Colin McRae won his first WRC title that year, and Subaru
went on to win two more consecutive championships. To celebrate the hat trick, they introduced
the mother of all STI’s, the Impreza 22B. It came with a functional hood scoop, flared
fenders, fog light covers, a massive AND functional rear wing, and of course, gold wheels. The
22B was truly a rally car for the street, and Subaru only made 424 of them. I would
do terrible things for one of these, unimaginable things. After ten years of holding out on us Americans,
Subaru finally gave us the WRX in 2002, and it changed the entire landscape of the American
auto industry. Not only did it become one of the most popular cars in tuner culture,
it proved to every car company that there was a market for fun, affordable–i.e. Turbo
cars in America. Look at the options in the American market before the WRX. An Eclipse. We spent the 90’s wondering why Japan didn’t send the best they had to offer to the states
and with the WRX we finally got it. Lancer Evo, Focus RS, Golf R, and just this year
finally the Civic Type R. None of these would be available if it weren’t for the WRX. The New Age Impreza or “Bug Eye”, made
227 horsepower and had comparable performance to the Audi S4 and BMW 3-Series. Which Subaru
made a big deal about in their advertising for the WRX. Of all the Impreza’s it’s the
cutest, and it’s one of the best looking wagons ever. In 2004 they gave the bug eye a facelift and
America got the STI, this time powered by Subaru’s EJ25 two and a half liter engine.
The turbocharger made 14 and a half pounds of boost and pushed the engine to 300 horsepower.
The exterior was designed by Peter Stevens, who was responsible for the Lotus Espirit
and McLaren F1. His resume is almost as impressive as mine. Huuh. The WRX got another refresh in 2006 with the
release of the new “hawk eye” models. OR as I like to call them the pig nose WRX.
For some reason, in 2005 and 2006 the WRX was also offered as a SAAB in the form of
the 9-2X Aero. It’s essentially the same car but had different sheet metal and only
offered as a wagon. The next Impreza, released in 2008 got another
redesign, and this time around it was less edgy than previous cars. Subaru wanted the
Impreza to be a little more similar to the mainstream competition like the Mazda 3. The new WRX had softer suspension and less aggressive looks. Also, the STI was only offered as a
hatchback, and fans weren’t happy about it. Honestly, if I were to get an STI it would
be this one. I think it looks awesome. Subaru admitted that they went too far trying to
gain mainstream appeal with the WRX and upgraded the next’s year model with new suspension
and 265 horsepower. At least you admit you are wrong. In 2011, a little company called Cosworth
got their hands on the STI, and they did something magical. They gave it 365 horsepower and 380
pound feet of torque. It did 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, and had brakes so good, that you had to duct-tape
around your eyes to keep them in the sockets when you stopped. The Cosworth CS400 was a
monster. Unfortunately only 75 were only produced. So I guess quality over quantity. Subaru continued to make the hatchback WRX
until 2014, when they debuted their newest sedan design. Some fans say it’s way too
tame for the WRX’s heritage, while other people argue that the old ones were ugly anyway
and this is a step in the right direction. Whatever your opinion is, it’s a good car. The 2015 model got a new twin scroll turbo
making 268 horsepower, and a six speed gearbox. Subaru proved its potential the next year
by taking a modified 600 horsepower STI to the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is one of
the most batshit races on earth. The drivers and motorcycle guys fly around the island’s
37 mile course. It’s freakin nuts. The psycho Subie did it in just under 18 minutes, setting a new world record. Despite the WRX’s frequent design changes
through the years, one thing remains apparent: It’s just fucking cool. It made it acceptable
to offer hood scoops. Big wings. And noisy brakes from the factory. They brought companies
down to our level. They listened. And sometimes that’s all it takes to make a huge impact. Dad. The WRX has earned such a devoted following
because it strikes a unique balance between niche focus and wide appeal. It attracts a
driver who wants something a little funky but familiar, ostentatious but accomplished.
You want a rally inspired ride Colin McRae would feel right at home in? No problem. Wanna
slam it to the ground and rule the car meet vape boy? Go right ahead. You can go as crazy
as you want to because at the end of the day, the WRX can back it up. It’s a really great
car. Even if your mom doesn’t get it. Hey guys what’s up, it’s your boy James Pumphrey. We get a lot of messages asking “Hey how do I work for Donut?” And that’s awesome because we are always lookng for new people. We need editors, writers, business-dev people. Guys who know about data. Graphic designers. Animators, Illustrators. You might be thinking “Ugh I really like doing those things, but I don’t know if my skills are quite up to par.” I’ve been there but luckily there is a little thing called Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with over 16,000 pro AF and easy to understand classes in film writing, design, illustrating. It’s all the jobs that we need here at Donut and it will teach you how to be good at ’em For example this class by Wild Rabbit Productions. They will teach you how to fly a freakin drone. People need drone operators and these Skillshare classes can show you how to do it without crashing a million drones. I’m not just pushing this on you guys. I freakin use it. I’m learning how to make logos right now. All you have to do is click the link below. The first 300 people will get a free 2 month trial to Skillshare. You know how much cool stuff you can learn in 2 months? You can start your own freakin channel and then we’d be enemies! Just do it. Click the link. Get skilled with Skillshare. I freakin dare you dude. I dare you to come work with us.

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  1. As a Subaru owner I can indeed confirm that everything in this video is 100% factual. Also I've watched this video like 10 times now and it still makes me laugh

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    "Hiroshima and Nagasaki flashbacks"

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    AE86: I can beat everyone.
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    Subaru: Now where's my cigarette…?

  7. I'm sorry, but ,i wanted to slap you stupid, when you said, "never heard of him" in regards to COLIN MCRAE… !!! The flat/boxer engine and all-wheel-drive became standard equipment for mid-size and smaller cars in most international markets by 1996. The first of these was the Series McRae, introduced in 1995 to celebrate Colin McRae’s victory the year before on the RAC Rally.
    If it wasn't for him, Subaru wouldn't be what they are today.. i do hope you were being sarcastic ???

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