delicious “tamales” Hi, “garnacheros”. Welcome to a new chapter of “la ruta de la garnacha”. I’m Lalo Villar, and today we came here to “Cuatitlan Izcalli”, in “el estado de mèxico” (the state of mexico). We are walking through “Toluca” avenue. Listen, this street is very popular here in “toluca”, coss the people know this place as “la calle del hambre” (the hunger street). On this street that starts from there, “primera de mayo” avenue and then all to the end, you can find an amazing amount of food “churros”, “burritos”, seafood, “tacos”, crepas, hamburgers you can find everything you can imaginate of course there are some places to drink, cocktail bar, joints, it’s a paradise, it’s an oasis. Something that you can rarely find in “la ciudad de mèxico” (mexico city). Well, this is not “la ciudad de mèxico”(mexico city), this is “el estado de mèxico” (state of mexico), but everything is to together now days so we are like 1 and a half hour away from the city. like 50 minutes with no traffic, but yeah, it’s kind of far. What we’re going to do on this video is to go through some places from this famous “calle del hambre” (hunger street), so we can check how good, how good is the food. We can get some drinks, why not? we’re on weekend so it’s valid and lets enjoy the wonderful things of this beautiful country. Hey, they told me that you have a monstrous burger here. -Yeah, that’s right.
-Is it real? whoooaa, yeah Look at this, is pretty heavy. Don’t be afraid do you want a piece? No, no thanks. Look at this, this is an insane burger. This could even be a pillow. It’s a monstrous burger and this is just the beginning, how is this going to end? how is this going to end? They give you 3 plates so you can split it however you want.
Just look at this. Well, it’s a good amount of bread. Bon appétit. It’s a lot of bread, eh. A lot of bread. But it has a good taste like “chipotle” and onions pretty good. -Here you go, buddy. serve yourself.
-No, thank you. Why not? -Here you have.
-Go ahead, Omar. I’m not that hungry. There you go, serve yourself. Listen, what I really liked about this are the onions with “chipotle”, those are pretty good. This have a lot of bread that sometimes I say this is a lot of bread and where’s the beef. To be honest is kind of thin, but look at this, is a big bread and it have a lot of stuffs. But what is really wonderful about this little diamond is that all this cost only $194.00 pesos This piece is perfect for one person. How many times you have spent the same amount for only one person, and this is food for 6 for only $200.00 pesos We are located on “colonia Cumbria, Cuatitlàn Izcalli”. -And from what time are you serving? We are open all the days from 1:30 pm to midnight. -All the days?
-yeah, all the days. -And how much for “la hamburguesa gigante” (the giant burger)? The normal one costs around $144.00 and the rodeo burger with bacon, ham and cheese costs $194.00. -Thank you so much, bro.
-No problem, have a nice day. -What do you offer my brother? “Pastor” we offer “pastor”, “suadero”, “longanisa”, “tripa”, “campechano”, “cabeza”, “lengua”, “sesos”, “gringas” and “quesadillas”. -Pretty good. I want one of “pastor”, “suadero” and “tripa”. -With everything?
-Yeah. “pastor”, “suadero” and “tripa” with everything. Well, we are on “la calle del hambre” (the hunger street) so we have to eat, right? That burger was pretty, pretty good. My respects to anyone that can eat all that. Lets try “un tridente perfecto” (a perfect trident), “pastor”, “tripa” and “suadero”, here on “taquerìa los gueros”. here on “taquerìa los gueros”. You guys said that is one of the most famous here on “la calle del hambre” (the hunger street). So let’s check them out. I’m always going to say it. Even thought a lot of people complain about adding lemon to everything. Some drops of lemon make the different, just a little bit, there’s not necessity to exaggerate. Great “suadero”. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I just looked at that beautiful “trompo de pastor” and I said from where are this budies? I asked to “el wero” and obviously they’re from “Arandas”, why? ‘coss this recipe is from Jalisco. You can look at the quality, you immediately know “this taco is going to be a good one”. Right now I’m beyond satisfied, but who cares, here we go! “garnachera” that’s watching this video, get married with someone from Arandas, Jalisco, San Diego, Jesus Maria. You are going to fall in love with this tacos.
Magnificent. -What do you think about the tacos, Sir? They’re pretty good, delicious. I’ve coming here since years. -How many? Years, lots of them coming with “los güeros” and they’re “jalisquillos”. That’s why they’re “los güeros” “jalisciences” we get mad if you call us “jalisquillos” hahaha, sorry. We are here on avenue… Valle de México, avenida Toluca #9, colonia Cumbria, know as “La Calle del Hambre” (the hunger street) -And for what time are you serving? We are open all the days of the year, from Sunday to Thursday we serve from 2:30 pm to midnight, and on Friday and Saturday we serve from 13:30 to 1:00. -And how much for a taco? It depends, “pastor”, “suadero”, “longaniza”, “campechano” and “cabeza” costs $11.00 pesos, “tripa” costs $15.00 pesos and “lengua” or “sesos” costs $20.00 pesos. Guys, the body is giving up, is saying that’s enough, you are going to far lalo. but we are going to a last place a last place that a sir that knows pretty well this place recommended to me he knows this place since lots of years and I think it is going to be a good place, so let’s check what we get “Las Vacas Locas” (the crazy cows) we serve chicken on the afternoon and on the night we serve burgers, hotdogs, ribs. They serve this kind of chicken on the mornings. you can ask for the half of a chicken or an entire chicken, this depends on how many friends you invite to “La Vaca Loca” (the crazy cow). On the nights they serve burgers, but we already ate a big one so why ask for another. We better asked for “un pollito” (a little chicken), it smells so good. our chicken is served “al mojo de ajo” (to the garlic sauce) it has “rajas verdes”(grilled chilli), onions and sausages to be honest my body is saying “please no more” I have to admit it, but this one goes for you “garnacheros” ‘coss I love you and I want you to know and appreciate all the wonderful food that we have all thanks to this amazing country, México. let’s check it out I really like “pechuga” (chicken breast). I do love “pechuga” (the chicken breast), even thought a lot of people says it’s kind of dry. I like it but “el muslo” (chicken thigh) is another history a lot of people like it, I don’t It’s good. this could be perfect with some “tortillas”. We have this sauce with us this is going to be a good “taco”. “Cebollón” (grilled onions). Don’t know if I’m going to be able to sleep this night, but this goes for you guys. bon appetit. It’s to soft, the garlic sauce is delicious a really good place to eat. And the place is pretty nice aswell. It looks to good, is a nice place to just lay for a moment You can eat your chicken with friends. pretty nice. I really do like this place, I approve it! We are on “la calle del hambre”, Cuatitlán Izcalli, Atelco avenue, close to Toluca street. We are open from sundays to thursdays from 10:00 to 19:00 and on friday and saturdays we are open from 19:00 to 22:00. -nice.
How much for a chicken? It depends on if you are going to eat here or is just take away If it’s take away, it costs $190.00 pesos and if you wanna eat here it costs $220.00 pesos both of them include the entire chicken and two fittings -Alright. That’s all for this video, “garnacheros”.
God bless you all, have a nice day. Today we really ate a lot, but was a pretty funny day If you’re from Cuautitlán Izcalli is almost for sure that you already know this place Enjoy it, eat a lot, travel all the time and if for some reason you are around here I think is a nice place, so you can come to dinner spend some times with your friends, have a nice meal with your family on an excellent place I’m Lalo Villar and this is “La Ruta de la Garnacha” Let’s keep on touch on the next video.
Eat a lot, travel a lot. Today was a tough day, if you don’t think so just listen at this. Today I got the idea of recording two shows. You can check the other video at the end of the video so you can check how much we ate today. Was a tough day. Just check at this, from “Zanya Design” Check it out. Yeah, thank you so much, it’s amazing. Thank you so much to all the people that send this kind of gifts. Thank you so much.

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